April 7, 2010

The Creme Egg Test

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As you may recall, last year I was given a very generous gift.

It’s a year later, and, um, well, I still have some. Well, maybe more than some. A third of the box, maybe? I did bring a bunch of them to FryerFest a while back, but for the most part I have just horded them. What can I say, I love them so much, I can’t bear to eat them.

However, I was curious as to just how long they stay good. They’ve been in the fridge, in a drawer, in their own zip lock bag. When recently asked by Twin D about what condition they might be in considering they’re a year old, I usually respond, “They probably have a shelf life of 1,000 years anyway”.

Today I grabbed one from the bag, and a fresh one graciously given to me by Axelrot (should I say famous author Axelrot?) just a few days ago, brought them to work, and after lunch, having no idea which was which, tried them both to see if there was a difference.

Surprisingly(?), there wasn’t. They were both scrumptious. Neither tasted anything other than delicious. They looked identical as well - no difference in textures or anything. (Sorry, I meant to photoblog it, but I was too busy eating.)

Maybe that 1,000 year shelf life estimate isn’t off by that much? ;)

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