February 9, 2010

Babywatch continues. . .

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and nothing is going right here today at the office. As I just kvetched on Facebook, while I was in the middle of doing three different things in three different programs, my computer decided to randomly reboot, making me have to wait for it to come back up and running before starting everything over. I can’t look up information on various internal programs - they’re all not working. One of my coworkers is acting like a two year old because a reservation I correctly made for him does not list the exact room type he wants, and another hotel tried to put him in a room with a double bed. Perish the thought. Unless you’re having an orgy while on your business trip, and I guess anything is possible, what freaking difference does it make if you get two double beds or one king or queen? You’re a skinny man, you can fit in a double bed. I have better things to do than explain to you that hotels do not guarantee room type. I know this. I worked in hospitality for years. Fuckface.

PSB had some pre-contractions last night while watching Avatar. It might have been that PolenBaby #1 just wanted to ride on the back of a birdie. We will do our best to not have him sit on Hamilton.

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