January 27, 2010

Executive Incompetence

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I’m home sick today, but I’ve been given a way for me to check my email from home, via a SecurID. I checked in at 9:00 am, and again at 12:30 pm, thinking I couldn’t have missed much. Boy, was I wrong.

Last week I was asked to set up a meeting by a person I don’t support, for a bunch of people I don’t really work with, because one of my coworkers used to be part of the project. It was a teleconference and web meeting, with appropriate links and dial in information, that I distributed properly. The leader of the meeting and the two other people were sent all the proper leader codes separately in their own email, marked “important”.

At 10:00 am this morning, when the meeting was supposed to start, I get an email from the leader, as well as six of the attendees, asking why the teleconference hasn’t started. The leader is also asking where the leader codes are.

Oh, that’s funny, sir, because I SENT THEM TO YOU DAYS AGO. Maybe check your email? Did you think that maybe I might have already sent them to you, in an email marked “important”? I wasn’t supposed to run the meeting, just set it up, which I did. Now how about you open your freaking eyes and look at what I sent you?

It’s just so irritating when you make something so easy for someone, and they still mess it up, and then you’re the one who looks like they made a mistake.


Now I’m going back to the couch so the bird will stop yelling at me.

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