January 15, 2010

What a week.

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I had to spend two days in Pennsylvania, a half hour out from Philadelphia, running a bunch of web meetings for some colleagues and some other people. It was about two hours of work spread over seventeen hours. It was mostly dreadfully boring, with a few moments of excitement, like when one presenter’s computer refused to stay connected to the web meeting, and another presenter’s Powerpoint refused to open. (The first issue was solved by emailing everyone the presentation, and the second issue was solved when I force closed Powerpoint in the task manager, which made it want to open again. I felt a little clever after solving issue number two. Just a little.)

I have 200 things to do and all I feel like doing is playing first person Tetris. Even if it makes me a little nauseous.

Yay three day weekend! I was hoping to meet Twin D in Atlantic City but I did not book a comp room in time, and they’ve all disappeared. It’s probably all for the better anyway. I’m going to find a table in NYC somewhere instead on Sunday night, since it’s unlikely we’ll have our normal Sunday night game with D being away. . .

Tonight I’ll be heading to Ikea with PSB to buy a few things for the Polenbaby, then meeting Axelrad for a quick drink, then heading out to the Village to see the Scientists of Industry play. I know the drummer. He’s pretty good.

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