November 13, 2009

The Vegas Debrief - Part 1

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As I am sometimes bad at posting trip reports (unlike the other Polenbergs, who rarely post anything, but that’s another story), I wanted to give a write up of last weekend. In a word: AWESOME!!!!! Jonny Z, I’m going to rely on you to fill in details that I will no doubt be forgetting about. . .

Friday - my flight was at 9:00 am and I figured I should wake up around 6:30 and get a car at 7:00 to make sure I made it in time (I’ve missed a few flights in my day, and it’s never any fun). Unfortunately, I forgot that I was going to be texted at some point in the middle of the night with my hotel room number, and that text came in at 3:30 am at full volume. I managed to wake up and turn off the alerts without waking PSB up, but I never really fell back asleep. Not the best way to start a trip that was already guaranteed to be sleep depriving! I made it to the airport in plenty of time, of course. I wanted to get a coffee or breakfast or something but the line to the coffee place (not a Starbucks, even) was obscenely long. I watched someone play poker on his laptop and waited for my flight to board.

I was on a Virgin America flight, which turned out to be really great. They have the video screen like Jet Blue, but give you more options. The TV wasn’t quite as good, but you could play games, listen to music (including creating a set list from about 200 different albums), or buy movies. I ended up buying Wolverine, which was pretty good. The food selection was a little sparse, but I made due.

We touched down a little late, and I didn’t manage to sleep much, so I wasn’t feeling great. I bought a huge coffee and got on the cab line, which looked huge but actually moved pretty quickly, and got myself over to the Monte Carlo, where Jon Z and his friend James were waiting for me. Lunch had been ordered - sandwiches from Capriotti’s - and although I thought I should have been hungry, having only had a snack on the airplane, I didn’t want to eat my sandwich. So we sat down in the poker room and played my first session of 1/2 no limit hold em. There was only one table going (a few of 2/4 limit, which I’d rather poke my eyes out than play), but the action seemed pretty good. I was pretty out of it and didn’t want to have to make tough decisions, so I played very conservatively, a little tighter than usual. (I checked with Jon about how to play against each other, and was told we were to try not to bump heads whenever possible.) Jon took a hit - he flopped a straight, but the turn paired the board, and he couldn’t get away from an all in from someone who had a full house. I won a bunch of small pots - people were folding when I was bluffing, and calling when I had a good hand - pretty convenient! I finally got up, up a hundred or so?, when I felt like I needed to eat and take a nap.

I went up to the room to eat my sandwich - the Bobbie - turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. When I first opened it I thought there was no way I was going to eat the whole thing, but after one bite I knew it was done for. I DEMOLISHED it. It was incredibly delicious! I then wanted to nap, but I realized that was going to be impossible. In order to stay awake at the table I kept alternating between Pepsi and water, and my heart was racing. So I just watched television and tried to relax. (The rooms at the Monte Carlo were okay, except that their television reception was really crappy for the most part. Tons of snow - weird for cable!) I gave up after a few hours and headed back downstairs.

I sat down for another session and stuck to my pattern of staying pretty tight and not messing around too much, and again, it seemed to work for me. After a few more Pepsis I switched to whiskey and ginger ale to start to try and get sleepy, and eventually it worked. Without playing any massive pots and without messing around too much, I was up another two hundred or so! I went up to bed at midnight, while Jon and James stayed at the table to try and pry more money out of the donkeys and the fish. . .

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