October 28, 2009

They finally figured it out.

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After years and years, the ole corporation I work for FINALLY blocked the poker website that I’ve been lurking on as a distraction to all the annoying crap I’m supposed to be doing here instead. We’ll see if they somehow decide to unblock it, like they did with Daily Kos a while back. Probably not, since it really is against corporate policy to browse gambling websites. Even though poker is more of a game of skill than a game of chance. Somehow I don’t see the CEO wanting to argue that with me.

In other news, PSB and I will be moving again, likely within a month, and likely somewhere in our current neighborhood. We love our place but we need something with actual bedrooms once the Polenbaby gets here, as opposed to our railroad apartment now. PSB just saw a place earlier today that she really likes, and I’m going to check it out in a few hours. We’re maybe going to try to move mid-month, which is a little crazy because I’m going to be in Vegas in a week, and The Moth has its gala on November 17th (usually PSB is a lot more slammed, but this year a lot of the work has already been taken care of, which has made it a lot less stressful for her). So in a few weeks I may be putting up posts begging for help packing all of our stuff up. And I know, dear readers, all eight of you, that you will come over and help me pack, right? RIGHT?

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