May 31, 2005

At my desk, y’all.

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Dag, yo. How do the weekends, even the long weekends, go away so fast?

The rest of the weekend was spent playing a bunch of new video games, catching up on sleep, and then yesterday I headed out to Twin B and Seen Kaplan’s abode, in Crooklyn, for a tasty barbecue. We talked about 3D printing and codified systems for seeing auras, played with a hula hoop, and watched a really bad softcore porn movie called “Suck It & See” that was left under Twin B’s bed by the guy who used to live there. More entertaining was the educational film “Suck It With C” that I created for them. It starred me and Twin A, and went something like this:

Twin C: This is an egg.


Twin C: This is a lollypop.


Twin C: This is a milkshake.


Twin C: The end.

Twin A: I feel cheated!!!


PSB is back from Texas, sunburnt and fried. I am hoping she will guest-blog her experiences at Flipside. I went over to her place to meet her last ngiht, and accidentally walked in on her roommate, walking around with no shirt on. (Sorry, fellas, she was still in her bra.) I also did not realize that I had to go take care of her cat on Sunday (no one was home for a few days), so poor Marilyn ran out of water for a bit. I think she’s fine though. She was back to her whiny self at 5 a.m. this morning. I’ve developed a pretty good imitation of her - call or ask me if you want to hear it.

This morning, because I had to get my timesheet handed in as quickly as possible, I made it to work before 9:15 for the first time in a while (except for that one morning I had to be here at 8:30), and no one was around for me to say “look, look!”. Then I realized that (probably due to my own slackiness) the majority of my team comes in around the same time I usually do, between 9:30 and 10. What a good influence I am!

One of the other admins has conjunctivitis and has just gone home. I should have had her rub her eyeballs on me.

How was your weekend?

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