May 27, 2005

From Now On,

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if I tell y’alls that I’m going to a concert and you live in the NYC area, you should come with me. Corn Mo rocked me harder than I ever would have thought possible. “Hava Nagila Monster”, “The ByeBye Girls”, “The Day Jason Klein Cried”, “Maybe Tonight”. . . I could go on and on. Corn Mo can write huge, epic songs and yet you can completely identify with them. Just fucking awesome. I’m on his mailing list now, and will see him again post haste. The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players also put on a hell of a show (despite some jackasses who had to push into the two feet in front of Twin D, D’s Squeeze, and me, and then repeatedly stepped on my toes and/or backed into me), and Mr. Mo joined them for a few songs to boot.

I met up with Olga for a late night birthday sushi feast after the concert (I also had sushi the night before with PSB before she left - hey, I believe Twin B requested a sushi expose. This is officially the first installment), and got to bed laaaaaaaaaaaate. Not being very productive here at the day job. Killing off a few more hours (love them early Fridays!!!!), and then I’ve got some DVDs to rent. Yessssssssssssssss.

As you know, PSB is off in a forest outside of Austin, Texas for Flipside, a regional Burning Man event, but she’s getting a cell phone signal so I’m able to keep in touch. I’m glad. She needed the vacation, but I’m happy that we’re not incommunicado.

Hey, remember those 156 Starbucks cards I ordered last month? Well, I got a package today, with an unrecognizable return address. When I popped it open, it was. . . a Starbucks Card Corporate Sales notebook. Nice, try, Starbucks. You would have been better off sending me a $5 card. I have enough bound paper in my cube to last me for years. I don’t need your stinking notebook. So I’m going to give it to Twin A.

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