March 2, 2009

A little amusing thing from last week

Filed under: HA! — Twin C @ 5:08 pm

Twins B and D came over one night last week, and B riled up Hamilton so much that he got overly excited and puked on his shirt. I had forgotten that Hamilton would occasionally do that - he gets so exuberant in his “happy dance” that he boots. He hasn’t done it in a little while, mostly because I try not to get him too hyper after I’ve given him food.

Twin A, not having been there, thought that whenever Hamilton did the happy dance he was going to puke, because apparently that’s what his cats do. However, A also noted that when we were little, the PolenMom would tell us to stop tickling D so much, because we would make him throw up. We never did make him puke.

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