January 30, 2009

Another good show, that you can’t see!

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At least, not until he puts it up again - Martin Dockery, who recently paid the Polenblog a visit, workshopped a new monologue last night called The Bike Trip, about LSD and Albert Hoffman and San Francisco and dancing and “feeling okay”, among other things. Martin is an excellent storyteller, and kept us highly entertained. He is putting up a different show, called The Surprise, in a few weeks. I would highly recommend going. It seems as though he needs to fix his webpage though - I clicked on the link in “Friends of Polenblog” and got some weird error. Fix, Dockery, Fix!

Last night was also my first visit to the new Galapagos, which is AWESOME. It’s a gorgeous space. I think The Moth is doing an event there this spring - I’m looking forward to it.

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