January 15, 2009

C and D at work via e-mail

Filed under: IM Madness — Twin C @ 11:18 am

(talking about an expected promotion, possibly two, from my job)

C: i’ll get a merit raise within a month i think, and then the promotion to the higher admin level should also come with a raise.

D: sweet. and hopefully some sanity.

C: i don’t know if i’m going to have any left. it’s just about gone. i’m going to stab the woman across from me. i HATE HER VOICE SO MUCH AND ALL SHE DOES IS TALK.

D: I don’t want to visit you in jail, so please don’t do it. Plus my e-mail is monitored so they have the evidence here.

C: it’s been swell, buddy. don’t forget to send me the materials so that i can make a fifi bag.

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