November 29, 2008


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Who’s a good little bird?

We picked up our caique from the breeder just two hours ago, and he seems to be doing well - he’s calling out a bit, probably looking for the other birds he grew up with, so it’ll take a little time for him to get settled. But he’s eaten and drank already, which is great - he’s going to town on the millet we got for him.

The transition from car to car was very smooth - we had him out in the breeder’s car at first, so he could meet PSB and me and chomp on us a little, and the breeder loved on him some while giving us some tips on how to take care of him. If you are ever considering getting a parrot, I highly recommend East Coast Exotics as the breeder. They were just a pleasure to work with, every step of the way.

As you might recall, PSB and I had agreed on Quincy for the name, but she took one look at him and decided his name had to be Hamilton (the name I had originally liked the best) - so please welcome Alexander Hamilton Polenbird! Many more pictures to come.

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