July 22, 2008

I am going to kill someone,

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and it’s 32 minutes before my mid year review so the timing isn’t great.

One of the extra people I am supporting, while I was away on vacation, has decided to make me as miserable as possible. While I am relatively sure it’s not on purpose, I am not 100% convinced.

The man sends in an expense report for $90, which is totally unnecessary to begin with. And he creates it totally wrong - adding two smaller charges together into one charge, which makes the expense reporting system ask for a receipt. Except that he’s lost one of the two receipts he needs to show that it’s two separate charges put together into one larger charge. And then he asks me to fix it. And the really dumb part is, he rounded the expense up! It’s only by a dime, but when you’re already jocking the system and doing things incorrectly, don’t you want to do as little wrong as possible????!?!!?!?

He also had a bad BlackBerry, which I tried fixing for him a number of times to no avail, and while I was on vacation, instead of calling up the warranty line and getting a replacement for free, as he was supposed to, just goes and buys himself a new one, then leaves me to call AT&T and asks them if he can send back the broken one, under warranty, and get his money back for the new one. Everyone know that’s not how it works, but there I was, spending an hour on the phone, at least 15 minutes of it on hold, with AT&T. We ended up getting a replacement for the broken BlackBerry, so we can at least use it for a new colleague, so it’s not a total loss.

This is a fricking DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY ISN’T HE SMART??????????????

And, our network printers were all messed up yesterday. I think they’re back today, but it was still super annoying.

I’m so glad I’m leaving again in two days. At least the horrible yacker/sneezer is still out. It’s still nice and quiet.

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