July 14, 2008

Evite Embarrassment

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On relatively short term notice, I’ve sent out an invite for a pre-birthday party this Saturday, using Evite, and I’ve started obsessively counting the number of attendees (”Yowza!”) vs. non-attendees (”Negorative.”).

I have a history of not being able to put parties together. My senior year of college, a few weeks before I graduated, I invited a whole ton of people over for a happy hour one night - I put a sign up on the theater bulletin board, and told everyone I knew they should stop by for a few drinks before their plans that evening - I myself had tickets to see “The Heidi Chronicles” that night. Two people showed up. I drank so much in disgrace that I was horribly hung over during the show, which was awkward since I had second row seats, and my head hurt so badly I could barely look up to see the stage. Hopefully the cast didn’t really notice (I knew them all, and was friends with a few of them).

So ever since then, I’ve always been nervous about trying to get friends together - even last year, when I had a wonderful turnout, on a weeknight, no less. I still get scared that people aren’t going to come. So every time I open up the evite, I hope and pray that the attendees will outnumber the non-attendees.

So far, so good.

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