April 24, 2008

Administrative Professionals. Bleak.

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Our magical week is coming to a close.  I usually get depressed this week no matter what, but this year has been worse.  I’m feeling even more trapped than usual.  The golden handcuffs are tight, and chafing.  Not nearly as chafing as the horrible woman on the other side of my cube, talking as loudly as possible through her nose to some manager about all the upscale restaurants she goes to, and how she really wants to sleep with Jake Gyllenhaal, but Reese Witherspoon beat her to it.  I can’t imagine why anyone would EVER want to sleep with this woman.  She is average at best, and as soon as she opens her mouth people should run away, from both the sound of her voice and the stupidity of her conversation.  It’s a real pleasure sitting next to another Master of the Inane, now with kung fu grip (on my slowly shattering psyche).

My two managers gave me an orchid this year.  It’s very pretty.  And my other orchid, that I rescued from someone, is about to bloom.  I will take a picture of it when it does, and post it for your viewing pleasure.

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