April 18, 2008

Grab your rabbit’s foot,

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and your four leaf clover,
We’re going to have matzah
for Passover!
Oh boy boy boy b-b-b-b-boy boy boy boy boy boy b-b-b boy boy

(with accompanying beat box)

Ah, the old Passover rap. Created back in high school by a friend, it still comes to my mind every year. I hope it comes to his as well. I found him a few years ago on MySpace, which was really fun - we hadn’t been in touch for years before that. We haven’t really been in touch since then either, but as someone who deals with but hates the fact that people are transitory, keeping as many old friends as possible on MySpace and Facebook and Friendster and LinkedIn and whatever other social websites I can find makes me happy. Even if I’m not constantly communicating with them, just knowing where they are pleases me. There are a few old friends who I can’t find, and may never find, and that’s okay, but I’ll be happier when I get the friend request from them.

In the off chance that they google themselves (and who doesn’t? My question is, do you wiki yourself?), here’s two people I’d love to hear from:

Tara Potter - we were in college together at Binghamton, she left after my junior year, we spoke on the phone a few times and then lost touch when her number out on Long Island went bad (this was before the days of widespread e-mail. Yes, I am old.)

Elizabeth Beaumont - we were residential advisors together for a summer at CTY (which Twin A went to and also was an RA for, and which “nobody” was one of his campers, and which RJ of Procrastinet was an RA for and actually got me the job) and became very good friends - she was from Arizona, and went to England the following semester, where we exchanged a lot of letters (again, before e-mail). We lost touch after that.

So Liz or Tara, if you read this, you might not remember me, but hopefully you do, and you should say hi in the comments or something. We used to have the “Twin Communication” section, but when we updated WordPress, for some reason it won’t keep the e-mail addresses - it puts them into http:// form and makes them all wonky.

I’ll be heading upstate this afternoon to the PolenParents for Passover, although I’m not sure how Saturday is going to go. Our last remaining grandparent, Grandma Sylvia, has unfortunately broken her leg after a fall, and is going into surgery today. Her prognosis is very good, which means that tomorrow we’ll go to Princeton University Hospital to see her, and then go home and have a seder, or maybe just have dinner. Or maybe I can convince the PolenParents that the best thing to do, since we’re already in Jersey anyway, is to go to Atlantic City for a blackjack seder.

On Sunday, PSB and Twin A and Twin D and Jax are coming upstate as well (Twin B might be coming up with me later, or coming tomorrow - I have to talk to him), where we’ll have our big traditional family seder, hopefully with the ancient hagaddahs with the horseradish stains and the typos. It’s not a good Passover unless we can yell “BRUNING!” a few times.

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  1. I am going upstate for both the Seders. I just can’t make it to the video slots hospital.

    My friend Zeke is good friends with Jason Smith, who originated the Passover Rap. He has a kid now. I bet that kid loves Passover.

    Comment by Twin A — April 18, 2008 @ 2:09 pm

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