April 10, 2008

The Ides of April

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I’ve always gotten my taxes done early - the Polendad’s accountant used to do them for me until we saw how much he was charging (hundreds of dollars for just one W-2 to process???!?!?  Jerk.  Dad’s gonna charge you extra for your contact lenses now.), and lately, using TurboTax Online, which has always been easy.  Really easy.

But this year, everything’s gone awry.  First of all, now that we’re married, PSB and I were going to file jointly, as you usually get a lot more money back.  PSB was missing some of her paperwork though, and after kvetching and complaining she finally got it yesterday.  YESTERDAY.  Six days, sure, we’ve still got time, but isn’t it, like, against the law to not send tax information to people by the middle of February or something?

So we have her information, and I’ve already put all of mine into TurboTax, and she gets hers in, and I’m looking over everything, and there’s some sort of inconsistency about our address, so I go to change it, and then I accidentally click on my name somewhere and it disappears, so I re-enter it, and it looks like we’re totally good to go, until PSB says “We’d get more money back if we file separately!”  So we file separately.  She gets her e-filing in, no problem.

But there’s now something wrong with mine.  It’s giving me an error.  Except, after doing a little TurboTax research, it’s an error that online users shouldn’t be getting, only people who are using the actual program, which I have never done.  I search all the help features and can’t find any way to fix it.  I try to delete the file, and it won’t let me.  I give up, and call the help number.  I get someone very nice and friendly immediately (surprising since the website said it would be a 30 minute wait), and I tell him my problem, and he says “What?????”  I tell him again and he says, “That’s crazy.”  45 minutes later, he’s still completely baffled, and the resolution turns out to be that I get a free copy of the federal and state programs, as there is no other possible fix.  (I downloaded the federal program onto my work computer and installed it, but got nervous as we’re not supposed to have any sort of extra software on our machines, so I uninstalled and deleted it.  Now my Outlook is acting funny.  I’m really hoping it’s a coincedence.)

So when I get home, I’m going to download the programs, upload my current tax info (that I pulled off of the online program), and finally get my taxes done.

At least I don’t owe any money.

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