March 27, 2008

Twin C’s Home Improvement Lesson #6327841

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You can’t use regular drill bits when drilling tile.

I found this out last night installing a wall mount mirror by our kitchen sink, which doubles as our bathroom sink.  (As I’ve been told, we have a European bathroom, similar to a water closet, except we happen to have a tub in our water closet.)  If I had been clever, I would have researched this before attempting, but after a few minutes of not getting anywhere, I could tell I needed a new bit.  I hopped online and called Twin A, and fortunately he happened to be home, and even more fortunately had a whole bunch of the correct type of drill bit - masonry bits.  As he’s now just a 15 minute walk away, I headed over to get the bit, as well as some masking tape, to follow a tip suggested by the website.  (Twin A, for the record, has about 50 rolls of tape.  The only roll of masking tape was the 49th roll he looked at.)  I grabbed the bit and the tape, headed home, and drilled through that tile like a champ!  The mirror is now installed, and looks a tiny bit crooked (I did my best to keep it even, but it wasn’t easy) but pretty good.  PSB is pleased.

We had also hoped to install the somewhat overly priced shelving system from the Container Store last night - they were supposed to deliver anywhere from 7 p.m. to midnight.  At 12:04 a.m. the doorbell rang, just as I was leaving a disgruntled message on their voice mail.  It was far too late to start working on it, so I will do it tonight, after a jaunt with Axelrot to Barcade, where I will get schooled in any number of old timey video games.  I can’t wait!  I need to go pick up some more drill bits today though.  And a tape measure.  PSB has one from her grandfather, but it’s only six feet, and over the years it seems to have picked up some sort of horrible stench - we’re not sure how.  We call it “the stank measure”.  It’s just a little too short and a little too stinky for future needs. . .

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  1. Stankmeasure! Totally. The thing would be great, but it smells like someone was measuring nothing but really old cheese with it.

    Comment by Jon — March 27, 2008 @ 12:17 pm

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