February 27, 2008

Two Days

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until the move.  The apartment is filled with empty boxes and filled boxes and packing supplies.  Our bed becomes more and more difficult to find.  The neighbors have placed a very large box right where the movers will probably need to go.  This will need to be remedied by Friday morning.  Probably earlier, as we’re going to have to start to put boxes out there - there’s just not enough room.

We’ve done an okay job of getting rid of things we don’t need - videotapes that have remained unwatched for the past two years, books that are never read - but we still have SO MUCH STUFF.  I don’t know what we’re going to do with it all once we get to the new place.

Leslie was super-mega-awesome and helped us pack some stuff up earlier in the week, and Jon L. has been hoarding boxes for us - I stopped by his office to get some on the way home with my daily hoard.  I hit the jackpot today (fortunate as I’m off for the rest of the week) and ended up with a rather huge, heavy bag of boxes.  I foolishly thought I could walk it from my office to Jon’s - ordinarily a 20 minute walk - but it soon became apparent that it was a terrible idea.  Fortunately, I was able to hail cabs without too much trouble. . .

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