July 13, 2014

Summer Check In

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I don’t know who might be reading this anymore, but I remembered something from a while ago that it’s really good to keep a journal, and this kind of is one. Granted, it’s not as personal as a journal, and it’s also modified in some manner to try and make it remotely funny/interesting to read, but it’s still a good tracker of my mood and state of mind, as well as a glimpse into what’s going on at the moment in my life. Another one, anyway, after my Facebook timeline. So here are a few things:

1. I’ve been noticing that my dress shirts have been feeling a little big, especially in the arms. I was about to buy some new dress shirts online and got a little nervous that I was buying the wrong size, so I googled how to take correct shirt measurements, and measured myself, and in fact, while I’ve been buying myself 16 1/2″ neck 34/35″ sleeve shirts for the past ten years, I should have been buying 16″ neck 32/33″ sleeve shirts. The neck is not such a big deal, but the sleeves? I must have had a shirt shrink on me a long time ago and then decided that I needed the bigger size. . . I’m not sure. Of course, with my luck, these new shirts will show up and they will be too small. :)

2. We were unable to make the trip to Maine this year - PSB had a conflicting business trip. After waiting way too long to book something, we finally were able to find something we’d both be happy with - a little cottage almost right on the beach in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Close to Mystic so we can go to the aquarium, close to Mohegan Sun, close to the beach so Harry can run in the surf all day. . . there’s no AC but there will be lots of fans (I might pack one as well), and otherwise it looks cute and will hopefully be a fun, relaxing week.

3. My extra assignments with a different department are coming to an end in a few weeks. It’s been challenging and not much fun, and I’m really glad that it’s over. I know that everyone is very appreciative of the work I did, which is great, but it’s still very frustrating that I did $30,000 or $40,000 worth of someone else’s salary, and I’m going to get $500 if I’m lucky as a bonus. I’m ready for a new position. We have our National Meeting in September this year, and after that I’m going to start looking again. Fortunately my manager is totally on board with the idea. I’ve been incredibly lucky with the bosses I’ve had throughout my life, I can only think of two that I really did not like, and one wasn’t even my boss, she was a sub-boss. . .

How’s your summer going?

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