September 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Twin B

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aka Brother Bacon

Have a super mega awesome day!

And get on Facebook already like a normal person.

September 9, 2011


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I was due an upgrade on my Droid original, which was barely functioning as anything other than a phone, and so I waited and waited for a new mega-awesome phone to come out on Verizon. The Playstation phone seemed okay but not quite what I wanted (despite being a huge gamer), and the Droid 3’s reviews did not make me excited.

So I took a chance, and picked up the Droid Bionic. On the day it came out.

So far, I LOVE it. I’m still getting it all set up, but it’s super fast (Twin A was right - my Angry Birds WAS really slow before!) and battery life seems to be pretty good. . .

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