August 13, 2011

My new computer is AWESOME.

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First of all, Saturday delivery? FedEx gets a huge thumbs up. It came in at 9:30 this morning, so I’ve had all day to get everything reloaded.

Next, it runs like a dream, super fast, and Windows 7 seems to be fine although it’s taking a little getting used to. I did like that when I used my external drive to copy in all of my documents and pictures, it asked me if I wanted to sort them into the appropriate folders.

My only complaint is that the little nubs on the new keyboard are REALLY little, so I’m finding my fingers don’t hit home all the time, and then my typing starts to ;ppl as of o dpm”t lmpw hpw tp tp[e. That, and the “home end insert page up page down delete” buttons are in two columns of three instead of two rows of three, so my attempts at deleting are not going that well. Other than that, I am thrilled.

I have yet to go full throttle with the HDMI 1080P monitor, but I’ll find some way to test it shortly with Hulu or Netflix. And I have to game on it somehow. Perhaps I will pick up Limbo on PC instead of PS3, or Bastion.

Assuming that this hard drive does not die in the next two years, I am 100% satisfied. Nice job, Dell.

August 10, 2011

Random Facebook Observation I don’t feel like I can post on Facebook

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Should I feel bad that I found someone from high school that I would want to friend on Facebook, until I saw that the person has become very religious and is a Tea Party Republican?

UPDATE: A Republican who I did friend before I realized their political views has just taken offense at my most recent post. I’ve responded with what I think is intelligence and a sense of humor. We’ll see how it goes.

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