May 28, 2011

The Joys of the Pee Fountain

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I had heard of the mythical pee fountain for ages - a rite of passage for all parents, that ill timing when your baby decides it’s time to let forth a giant stream of urine right as they are on the changing table, diaper off, about to get a clean one on, or getting wiped down. Somehow I had managed to avoid it - over 15 months and I never got directly peed on. Once or twice when he was very small and his diapers were too loose, he’d go and somehow it would shoot out of his diaper and onto me. But never a direct shot at me before.

Last night changed all that.

I should have sensed that something wasn’t right - he was a little out of it, and his behavior eating dinner wasn’t quite normal. Sure, he was eating what he wanted (the mac and cheese) and thoroughly rejecting what he didn’t want (green beans, which he normally likes) by pulling it out of his mouth and tossing it on the floor. But he just seemed a little off, and Hamilton wasn’t helping (he had been good all day when I worked from home, but from 5:00 pm on went into “I will scream because I can” mode). When I went in to change him, the diaper came off, I grabbed a wipe, and suddenly, there was a lot of pee everywhere.

Fortunately for whatever reason there wasn’t a lot of pressure behind the stream, so it remained pretty much in control and didn’t get anywhere near my face or my shirt. However, it did go all over him and the changing table. Also fortunately, this was before I had gotten his pajamas ready. I assessed the damage and briefly considered trying to just use baby wipes, but once I saw there was pee on his shirt, that was obviously going to need to go over his head to come off, I realized it was no longer feasible.

Off to the tub with you, pee machine!

A quick fun bath later, everything was back to normal. He had his bottle and I read him a zillion books, and then, off to sleep.

All things considered, I still got lucky. Another dad I know got pee in his eye. Ewwwwwwwwwwwww.

May 25, 2011

Time for another. . . BLAST FROM THE PAST!

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I heard this in Good Burger today while waiting for my burger, which happened to be really good.

Also, Good Burger, holy crap your onion rings are delicious, but cripes, please give more than five of them for what you’re charging!

May 9, 2011

One week and counting. . .

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until I somehow pull off the resolution I made for myself six months ago: to get off the admin line before I turn 40.

I’ll be moving into a position titled Senior Associate a week from today, working for someone who I’ve known for years (I actually worked as her admin for a few months while she was looking for full time help a while ago), as well as working with some people that I originally supported about eight years ago when I started here. It comes with a really nice bump up in salary, and I move from out of a cubicle and into half of an office (for now, it will just be me, but they’ll be someone else moving in with me within a few months). I’m also going to have to carry a travel credit card, as well as a Blackberry (which I said I didn’t think was necessary but they decided they’d rather that I have one).

I somehow beat out 39 other applicants for this position, some of whom I’m pretty sure are more qualified than I am. Some are staff, or have been staff previously but had to move back into admin positions. I know I interviewed well, and I think the fact that I supported the main manager in the past helped, as well as the fact that I am very familiar with the department, since it’s back where I started.

I never imagined that I would want this sort of job, but I have to say, I am so excited to not be a glorified secretary anymore. Plus, I’ll be able to afford having a baby again. Harry is one expensive dumpling.

May 5, 2011

I’m a twit???

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I am very surprised to admit that I love Twitter.

I’d been avoiding it like the plague - it just seemed useless, some other site that you were supposed to be on but for no good reason. Then, out of desperation to get some more Angry Birds levels, I signed up. I was hooked within five minutes, when I saw that I could follow Mythbusters, each individual Mythbusters cast member, poker players, Weird Al, They Might Be Giants, and some of my more clever friends. And the bizarre thrill you get when someone you don’t know at all starts following you? I’m amused to no end.

I’m converted.

Also, I must give a shout out to Zappos, which I’ve never used until a few weeks ago, and they’ve sent me three pairs of shoes, one of which I’m not super crazy about but keeping because they’re pretty comfortable and I can wear them to work on Fridays or to any function where I should have some sort of shoes on that aren’t sneakers, and two pairs of shoes that are freaking awesome. One of these two pairs I ordered yesterday, and they arrived today - I only requested standard free shipping, and they sent me an email saying “Guess what? We’re upgrading your shipping for free!” How great is that?

Okay, I’m done shilling.

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