July 21, 2010

The false start at the beginning is my favorite part, I think.

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July 20, 2010

Back from Maine!

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We had a lovely week of spruceball and mussels and hikes. And horrible but incompetent flies. Very cute picture of Harry to come soon. I just have to hook the new external drive I got with my old dead drive data on it up to my new computer to get all the pictures back in before I start loading new ones. (It cost WAY TOO MUCH MONEY to have this done. More than double what I thought I was going to pay, even with taking a less expensive route, or so I had thought. Twin A, you were so right. Moral of the story: BACK EVERYTHING UP. EVERYTHING.)

July 7, 2010

Off to spruce things up. . .

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PSB, Harry and I leave for Maine tomorrow, for another week on Great Spruce Head Island. Because Dirty Harry isn’t supposed to ride in a car seat for more than a few hours at a time, we’re going to make the trip in two days instead of just one. We’ll be staying outside of Boston, near Salem, and visiting with two friends of mine from acting school. I’m very excited to get to see them.

Twin B is graciously watching the Mighty Chomper while we are gone. He and B get along really well. The amazing woman we hired last year was very disappointed to not get to spend time with him though - we’ll have her over once we get back so she can see him again. . .

Have a wonderful week and a half or so!

July 3, 2010

Poor, poor hard drive. And poor, poor Twin C.

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My hard drive decided to take a trip to Crapsville on Monday. After a lot of internet consulting and some advice from Twins A and D, I picked up a new hard drive, got it installed, and then did my best to get the old hard drive to somehow come back to life long enough to get some data off of it (most importantly, a bunch of pictures of the kid, PSB’s trip to Tajikistan, her and my trip to Puerto Rico, etc. etc.). Unfortunately, and even with Twin A coming over today and trying almost every trick in the book, nothing has worked. Twin A has one more trick up his sleeve, involving putting the hard drive in the freezer, then quickly accessing it and grabbing whatever he can off of it. He claims it works. Don’t ask me. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that it does. I feel terrible for not having backed anything up. I was lucky enough to get almost all of my music and most of my documents from really old drives that I’ve kept - they both worked when I put them in USB connected case I have for them. . . A big thank you to Twin A for trying so hard in general, and helping me get back up and running with new drivers and stuff on the new hard drive.

The PolenMom is coming over today (since it’s Saturday already) to hang out with the polkies, and later I think I’m having dinner and drinks with a fellow kvetchnik. We will have fun, and kvetch! Oy, the kvetching!

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