May 28, 2010

Stalking? Or Charming?

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I think I found two very very old friends of mine who I completely lost touch with almost 20 years ago. I’ve blogged about them a while back. Every once in a while I search for them, but I usually don’t try very hard.

This time, I found one of them almost right away - she was on Facebook.

The other, well, I had to do some research. I found out her name had changed, and I couldn’t find anything under her new name, then I accidentally found a newer new name, via a wishlist on Amazon, and when I combined some other information I had also found out, I think I also found her on Facebook. I’m not 100% sure, but I’m pretty sure it’s her.

I friended the one who I was sure about, and just messaged the other one.

Have I gone too far? It’s not like I paid for any information or anything - it was really just all google.

I’m probably just overreacting because I haven’t heard from either of them yet, which makes me think that they are thinking “Holy crap this is weird, how did this guy find me? And who is he again?”

May 7, 2010

At :19 he. . . um. . . just keeps swinging. But he’s cute!

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Alright, 11 weeks in and it’s totally Mama Rose time for Twin C.

Sing out, Harry!

May 2, 2010

At :19, he says “birdie birdie”!

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See, I told you, Twin A!

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