May 31, 2009

Star what?

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May 27, 2009

IIWOTIWT: (remember what that stands for?)

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Everyone stared at my lunch today: a salad and a strawberry smoothie. What they don’t realize is that in two hours I’m going to eat a half a box of girl scout cookies.

May 26, 2009

Dealing with that pesky mouse problem

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May 24, 2009

The Conquest

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PSB and I went and saw all three of The Norman Conquests plays yesterday, and they are brilliant. Very well written and extremely well performed, cleverly staged, fantastically directed. It’s really worth it to see all three, especially as they are presented on weekend days, since they’re all interlocking, and you start to piece things together. . . if you’ve got the dough, I highly recommend it.

I still want to see God of Carnage (fat chance getting tickets to that), Waiting for Godot (PSB has seen too many productions of it, so I’m going to go by myself, or maybe with Twin A), Exit the King, and The 39 Steps.

May 22, 2009

Guess who I saw today?

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Yakkity McSneezywhore!

She was wandering the floor, looking for someone. She was all nice and friendly with me, which leads me to believe that she somehow never figured out that I despise her. Ultimately, I think that’s a good thing. I don’t even want her cubicle to accidentally fall into pieces and crush her anymore. I guess that’s because I don’t have to deal with her every day.

The woman who sits in the cube near me is warming up to me, which is good. The woman on the opposite side of my cube and I still haven’t exactly met. She’s been singing to herself a little bit, but nothing terrible.

I’ve been wondering how much noise I make - during lunch time, I’ve been getting soup and crumbling up saltines to put in it (as far as I’m concerned, soup is just a medium for consuming saltines). The neatest way to do this is while they are still in the wrappers, so I guess I’m making a lot of squeaky plastic noises. I try not to slurp my soup, at least.

Last night’s Moth was really fantastic. PSB did a stellar job with the direction. Malcolm Gladwell was the “headliner”, but the whole line up was top notch - Sarah Jones, Steve Osborne, Jessi Klein, and Peter Zilahy. We sat with Peter after the show - he is fascinating. He has been to numerous countries going through revolutions and in some cases civil wars, and has played in a rock band, but found the storytelling to be quite frightening. . . he was great though. Everybody was.

Going to wrap things up here, water the plants, and head home to Chompy. . . enjoy the long weekend! Are you doing anything fun?

May 18, 2009

The good news: no tack on my chair

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The bad news: they didn’t unpack me, or anyone else. But now after slogging through all of my e-mails, I have to unpack myself, which is a humongous pain in the ass. I think everything is labeled in the crates though, so it shouldn’t be too hard, just annoying.

It’s a little quieter here so far, but I feel a little exposed. We’ll see what happens when everyone is in the offices around me that are currently empty.

May 14, 2009

Dear Upper and Upper Upper Management,

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Is there anyone you haven’t pissed off yet with the move process you’ve shoved down our throats?

I understand you think it’s important that we should all be sitting with our own business units, and it takes a little shuffling to get us all together. However, I don’t think you put much forethought into any of it. It’s like you decided, “All right, everybody switch locations! GO!” My new location has been moved at least once, as has, for example, one of my colleagues, who happens to be a vice president. Not a super high up vice president, but pretty high up. (I think having 100 people under you has being pretty high up.) He is moving out of an office the size of my living room and into an office that’s maybe a little bigger than my bathroom. Sure, some vice presidents higher than him are moving to small offices, fine. Here’s the thing. He’s got lots of stuff. Where am I supposed to put it all when he asks me to find a place for it? All of the cabinets on the new floor have already been reserved by all the people you moved last week, as well as the people who didn’t have to move. I’m not sure if I’m going to have any cabinets for myself, let alone all the people I support. Plus, the section where I am now moving is already occupied by an entirely different business unit. Why are they on our floor? Why don’t they have to move? What was the purpose of moving us if not everyone is doing it? Why am I being yelled at by the admin from the other business unit, who’s telling me “You’re not supposed to move there! That’s for the other people in MY unit!” when all I’m doing is looking at where I’ve been assigned. I’m so glad we’ve started off on the right foot, now that I’m going to be your neighbor. Please don’t put a tack on my chair. Would you like a Creme Egg? Or some girl scout cookies?

Also, having workers paint our floor last week was really a pleasure. Work becomes so much more fun when you’re high on paint fumes the entire time. My lungs and brain thank you for the extra stimulation. You’re already dumping so much money into this, you couldn’t hire night painters instead?

The ONLY good thing is that I will no longer be sitting near the biggest fucking whorebag bitch in the universe. But it also means that I’ll have new people to annoy me instead. Oh, I also don’t have to go to work tomorrow, since you’ll be moving all my crap. I appreciate the slight reprieve from this hell hole. As for everything else, YOU SUCK. Nice going.

Twin C

May 8, 2009


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Everyone is moving to different floors today, in part to try and put departments together, and in part to ensure that our company wastes even more money than necessary, because in six months they’re going to move us all again. The only good thing about this is that I thought Yakkity Sneezywhore was going to move today, and I’m moving next week, so I’d have a solid week without her before moving to my new space. (I’m pretty sure she’s moving to an entirely different floor, so hopefully I will never ever see her again.) However, there are no crates outside her cube, and sure enough, she’s there. At least she’s quiet at the moment. I give it ten minutes before I’m going to hear her slam something down or mutter “Lord give me strength” or sneeze extra loud. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even want to hear her fingers typing, because it reminds me that she exists.

I think I may have an anger problem.

Wiki or not wiki. . .

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(Twin A and his campmates were talking about creating a wiki for Image Node. I lurk on the list.)

Twin A:
tell me what to download and i will do it. it would probably be good to
have a wiki for the whole camp anyway, right?


Twin A penis:

tell me what to download penis and i will do it. it would probably be good to
have a wiki for the whole camp anyway, right penis?

just to let you know ahead of time, if we have a camp wiki i am going
to vandalize it penis. it’s beyond my control, but i thought you
should know.penis if you can find a way to set it up so that edits
with the word “penis” in them are automatically rejected, that would
probably help a lot.penis


Twin A:
is there a tech term for a wiki that everyone but JC can add content to?


Twin A:
You see, everyone, this is why we can’t have nice things.

May 7, 2009

Twitter posts.

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I am not joining Twitter. I have no need to join Twitter. I don’t need to tell everyone every time I am going to sleep.

However, sometimes I want to write about something awesome, but don’t want to give every little detail.

So maybe I should make a new category, “If I were on Twitter I would tweet:”, or IIWOTIWT.

My IIWOTIWT: Saw Kooza last night. AMAZING!!! Go get tickets immediately. There are discounted tickets on Goldstar. . .

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