December 31, 2008

Happy Holidays From My Pervert Iphone

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All I did was hit ‘new game.’ I swear.

You Sunk My Testes!

December 30, 2008

It’s like they read my mind.

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A few weeks ago, I was searching for classmates on Facebook, when I suddenly came across my arch nemesis, someone who made my life miserable for three years in high school. I was taken aback, to suddenly be confronted with the image of someone I loathed, someone who was a complete asshole to me for no reason whatsoever. I will happily admit there were reasons not to like me in high school - I was standoffish and at times I came across as stuck up, I was insensitive to my friends sometimes, and occasionally just dumb. But this guy and some of his friends were incredibly cruel for no reason other than because they liked to be. I never got beaten up, but was threatened quite a bit, called a fag constantly, and generally made to feel like shit on a weekly if not daily basis. Gym class was particularly horrible.

(I just read what I typed and then thought to myself “Poor baby. You had it easy.” And I did, really. Regardless, this guy was a douchenozzle. And there he was, on Facebook.)

I was a little tempted to send him a message asking him if he had finally come out of the closet, considering he was so infatuated with everyone being a fag, it was likely he was gay himself. Instead, I clicked forward, and searched for people I was more fond of.

Skip to today - while slacking at work, I came across this cartoon:

It made me LOL.

While I have no interest in ruining his life, nor do I have any interest in contacting him, I would like to know what his fucking problem was all those years. I always thought he must have had a bad childhood or something. . .

Back from the South

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Good morning! I’m back from a little time down in Alabama - PSB’s aunt and uncle celebrated their 50th anniversary on Sunday, so there were three days of dinners and visiting and there was a big music jam with dulcimers and fiddles and guitars and a stand up bass, and I got to see my old friend Speedy the bantam chicken, and I met the horses Classic and Leprachaun and fed them peppermint, and we got woken up by a false alarm the first night in the lovely condo that PSB’s dad owns and spent the rest of the weekend making “*WHOOOOP WHOOOOP* ATTENTION ATTENTION” jokes, and I forgot to pack jeans and now own three new pairs of Calvin Klein jeans that apparently make my ass look amazing (you’ll have to judge for yourself, all I know is that PSB now wants to throw out all my old pairs of jeans), and I also ended up buying eight things at Old Navy and paying $75.

Pre-Xmas, I got to see an old friend from acting school who was home on Long Island for the holidays - we got drunk and wandered around midtown and did a little last minute shopping for her family. Then I headed over to Twin A’s for a few movies - Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas (beloved childhood entertainment) and Duck Soup - I haven’t seen any Marx Brothers movies since I was a kid (way too young to appreciate it), and while there were moments of sheer brilliance and utter hilarity, a lot of it was very forced and unnatural.

I’m back in the office today. There’s three people here on our floor. I love how quiet it is. And tomorrow is a half day, and then I don’t have to be back until the following Monday. . . hooray!!!!!!!

December 22, 2008

Happy Chanukah from the Polenbergs!

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Oh, it’s fine, don’t worry, I’ll make you some latkes, no, it doesn’t matter that we don’t have any potatoes, I’ll just run out and get some, it’s fine that you didn’t bring any when you were on your way over here, and I’m going to have to walk in the cold all the way to the store just for the potatoes because I already did all my shopping before the goyim could clear out the market, and sure, I usually cut myself on the grater somehow, but that doesn’t matter, don’t worry about me, let me just go head out and, oy are my feet killing me, and my sciatica is just a mess, but you wouldn’t know about that, and tell me why you haven’t (gotten married/had some babies/found a real job), what are you waiting for, you’re not a schlub, you should do something, you’re still young, stop wasting time, oy get me a little water would you, oh no it’s fine I’ll get it myself.

P.S. You look skinny. Are you eating? You should eat more, like your cousin Pete.

December 18, 2008

A true representation of my relationship with cookies

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December 15, 2008

Even better than pictures!

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Our digital camera works as a tiny camcorder. I figured out how to use it.


Here’s one where he does a trick. Kind of. Watch closely.

December 12, 2008

The Seven Levels of Christmas

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They were made for you and me, after all.

Sneeker co-directed, and Amy of Amy’s Robot has a pie fight.

Nice job kids!

UPDATE: Now embedded for your viewing pleasure! (I don’t know why I didn’t do that when I first posted.)

December 10, 2008

Poker Web Comic!!!

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“Ante Up, Human!” on Wired.


December 4, 2008

Banana Bird

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What’s in my bowl?

Oooooh, a tropical fruit!  I like tropical fruit.

Can I be any cuter?  Really?  I don’t think so.

December 3, 2008

If every nap I took was this good….

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