November 7, 2008

A few little things.

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1. America - FUCK YEAH. Still not perfect (Ted Stevens getting re-elected??? Michelle Baughman getting re-elected??? Cripes, man, do these people literally have to take a dump on your head for you to get them out of office?), but for the most part, nicely done.

2. I’m on a nice little run at some live poker tables - I’ve played live twice recently and both times come away over double what I’ve started with. This negates the ass kicking I’m receiving online, where I am constantly getting it in with the better hand and being sent packing. I completed 1000 mini tournaments at $7.50 a piece, and made about $600. Now I am trying 1000 mini tournaments at $15 a piece, and so far, not so good. I’m only 100 games through though - a lot can happen fast.

3. I have to go to an admin focus group survey in two minutes. AWESOME. I’ll make sure to list how I blog and read liberal websites and poker websites all day. They will totally be into that. And I have to start working on my year end assessment. Plus, I have to do three expense reports today. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

4. After ODing on parties last weekend, PSB and I are doing nothing this weekend. NOTHING, I tell you. Really.

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