December 12, 2007

Cube Comparison

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I met PolenMom at Grand Central for a half hour today, inbetween her dental appointment with my uncle, the best dentist in Manhattan by far (not that I’ve been to any others, I just know it’s true), and her train back home.  She works as the PolenDad’s bookkeeper and receptionist and prescreener, and has a little cube area kind of like mine.  For a very very long time, her desk has been a gigantic mess of papers - any time I’d ever go to the office I’d always be amazed at how much stuff she’d have piled on her desk - bills and receipts and patient paperwork and mail and junk mail and magazines and who knows what else.  Jokingly I asked her how her desk is, and she said “It’s clear.”  I said, “I don’t believe it.”  She said, “It’s true.  The other women thought I was leaving.”

She has promised me that she’s going to take a picture and send it to me, so hopefully there will be a Polenberg side by side desk comparison.  Twin D, you should get in on this, too.

I have a small pile of crap on my desk.  Nothing even vaguely important though.

December 7, 2007

Twin C’s not so triumphant return to the stage.

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6:15 p.m. last night: I leave work, knowing that I’m late to check in for my 7:00 p.m. first show, but I’m not worried - it’s 20 minutes to the theater - the 4/5 at 42nd St. to the L at Union Square - I’ll be there in plenty of time to get changed and warm up a little.  I call DKNY, our director, and tell him I’m on my way.

6:27 p.m.: I’m on the L train, we’ve just left 1st Ave. and I’m five minutes away from the theater.  Sweet.

6:30 p.m.: The train stops.  The announcer says “Ladies and gentlemen, we have a stalled train ahead of us.  We should be moving shortly.”  Okay, not great, but no problem, we’ll be moving in a minute.

6:36 p.m. We haven’t moved.  I’m still not worried.  Other than the horribly behaved children screaming to my right, everything is just fine.

6:50: We still haven’t moved, and now I’m getting worried.  We’re the second play of the night, so I have an extra ten minutes or so before I’m supposed to be onstage, but come on - I need to get there.  The children have worn through any amount of cuteness they might have previously had and now I just want to kill them.  They are smacking each other and screaming and the adult “supervising” them is not their mother (or if she is, she is the WORST. MOTHER. EVER.) and is making no attempt to control them whatsoever.  I am very tempted to scream at them but attempt to mind my own business.  I take an oath that if PSB and I have a child it will NEVER behave like this.

7:00: I’m screwed.  Totally screwed.

7:02: The conductor announces that we’ll be moving shortly. . . back to the 1st Avenue station.  Not what I wanted to hear.

7:10: We actually start moving back to the 1st Avenue station.  At about two miles per hour.

7:15: We finally get to the station.  I push my way through the crowd, get above ground, call DKNY, and tell him the situation.  He says “Look for Maggie, who was probably on the train with you - jump in a cab and we’ll reimburse you.”  I search for Maggie but can’t find her.  I leave her a voice mail message, call DKNY back to tell him I can’t find her, and he says “Just get in a cab.”

7:25: After seeing about 100 unavailable cabs go by, I see an open one across 14th Street and dash across traffic to catch it.  I become very concerned because I realize I only have $20 in my wallet, and I’m not sure if that’s enough to get me there.

7:26: The cabbie lets me out of the cab, as he admits he has no idea where I need to go (”I don’t really know Williamsburg”), and since I don’t know how to drive to the theater I’m better off looking for another cab.  (Like I’m going to catch one.)

7:27: I call DKNY again and tell him about the cabbie, and ask him if he knows how to drive there.  He doesn’t know either.  Neither does anyone around him.  He tells me he’s going to send someone in to find out, and he’ll call me back.

7:35: I still haven’t heard from DKNY, and I’m hesitant to get in a cab (not that there are any) without directions, but I find a branch of my bank and get some more money, just in case.

7:40: DKNY calls back and says “Abort mission.  Maggie is still MIA.”

Maggie, as it turned out, was on the stalled train.  After ours got out of the way, another train had to come up behind hers and haul it back into the First Avenue station.  I saw her later last night, as Twin B was having some people over for fried chicken (very tasty!  and Kissyfur made an AWESOME blueberry cobbler!).  She said she thought my situation was worse, because I had the vague possibility of actually making it to the theater, whereas there was nothing she could do, but I think it was worse for her.  Regardless, I guess our opening night will be tonight instead.  Apparently there were only three people in the audience for the 7 p.m. show last night.  One was a reviewer.

Well, you know what they say, bad dress rehearsal, no opening night!  I’m considering re-retiring.

UPDATE: I forgot a step!!!  7:32: I call Twin D and say “I was going to ask you something crazy, but then I changed my mind.”  He says, “What?”  I say, “Could you drive me to Williamsburg?”  He says, “I would, except for the fact that I’m already there!”  He was on his way to Twin B’s when I called him!  If I had thought of it when I first came above ground, I might have caught him.  It would have been for naught anyway.

December 6, 2007

Okay, who remembers this? Fess up.

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December 5, 2007

Twin C’s Triumphant Return to the Stage

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The one act play I am in, “A Bender Family Christmas”, opens tomorrow as part of the Brick Theater’s festival “THE BABY JESUS ONE-ACT JUBILEE: Second Coming”.  More information can be found here:

The play is in the Marys, and in the first half, and I’ve heard from a reliable source that you can leave at intermission if you want.

It’s been over three years since I’ve been on stage, longer if you don’t count the Moth slam when I got chosen.  It should be an interesting time, so come on out!

December 4, 2007

Ah, married life.

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I’ve come out of acting retirement (official announcement about the one act I’m doing to follow in the next day or two), and had the following exchange with PSB this morning:

PSB: How’s the play going?

Twin C: It’s going okay. I get to stare at Maggie’s boobs during the entire play.

PSB: That’s good.

December 3, 2007

Doing some Chanukah Shopping???

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stolen from this blog

December 2, 2007

Kudos to PSB

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for the story she told last night at the “Liar” show.  She was great, as usual!

Twin C’s Five Borough Apartment Tour Continues

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This January: Brooklyn!

That’s right - PSB and I are going to be moving to Williamsburg (EDIT: no “h”, it got removed in 1855, I’m apparently behind the times) in January.  Our friend Olga is vacating her apartment, and after checking out the place and meeting with her landlord yesterday, we’re going to take it.   It’s a nice sized apartment, the rent is very reasonable, and although I’ll be moving out of midtown, it’s still going to take me about the same amount of time to get to work.

I’m a little sad that I’ll be leaving The Isle, but it will be nice to live within walking distance of both Twin A and Twin B, and a short subway ride to Twin D.  Having our own space again will be nice, too.  Not that we don’t like living with Jon - if we could afford a three bedroom, we’d bring him with us!

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