November 30, 2007

Rockin’ Out Tonight

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Ween is playing tonight at a (relatively) new club called Terminal 5, and Twin B and I will be there!  I haven’t seen Ween in a really really long time - it should be great.

Earlier in the evening, I will be heading down to a comic store to meet the author of the Perry Bible Fellowship and buy his book and tell him how awesome he is.  Information is on his website, linked under “Bestest Sites Ever”.  As if you didn’t already know that.

November 27, 2007

Thank you Twin A! And, thank you Verizon.

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There were some DSL issues over at A’s for the past few weeks, and that’s why the blog was down.

But now we’re back.  Back, and um, yeah, not really better than ever, I mean, it’s really just me bitching about my job a lot.  And poker.  And whatever else I’m thinking about at the moment.  Like Facebook.  Wow, Facebook is fun.  A lot less annoying than MySpace.  But I’m not sure about the whole giving out your personal information to everyone else thing.  Is it true?  I have to research it.

Have I mentioned my job sucks?

We Are Back, Beeyotches

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Well, somebody pulled or cut the DSL line, and a week and two days later, it’s back. Huzzah!

November 15, 2007

More about the new cube.

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I didn’t note yesterday that there are no cubes directly opposite of me.  However, through the wall on the other side is another row of cubes, most of which are occupied by other admins, all of whom are older women, and all of whom DO NOT STOP TALKING THE ENTIRE DAY.  Someone just had a baby, so there’s been a lot of cooing as well.  AWESOME.

November 14, 2007

The New Cube

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So they finally caught up with us a few weeks ago at work, and demanded that we move.  I made the necessary arrangements with Facilities, and this morning, I came in and sat down at my cube for the first time.

C's New Cube.  Yes, that's a lava lamp.

The movers did a good job putting everything in the same drawers, more or less.  I unpacked the rest of the things into nearby cabinets, noting that some selfish prick already took cabinets that were supposed to be for me, and just for laughs, decided to see how obvious it would be to people walking down the hall near me that I might be slacking:

Walking down the hall

It’s pretty obvious.

You are SO busted.

And just to show you how much they really suck, here’s a picture of the entire row of cubes - fortunately none of the others are occupied at the moment:

The Row of Admins.

You can see my plants sticking out at the end there.

Who thinks that this is a good way to have their support staff?  Yes, I know back in the old days there were no cubes, everyone had desks and everyone could see what everyone else was doing and hear what everyone else was saying all the time.  I just think if you’re going to put people in cubes, everyone should have the same kind, AKA the kind with sides, so you at least feel like you have a little privacy, even if you really don’t.

I know I’ve said a thousand times that I need to get out of here, but I’m actually doing something about it now.  I’m working with a friend of mine on Sunday who is going to revamp my resume to make me sound a lot more important than I actually am, so I can send out my resume to companies without feeling that they’re just going to want me to be an admin.

In the meantime, I’ve ordered a privacy screen.  Fuckers.

November 13, 2007

Moth Ball!!!!!!!

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Here’s Gawker’s review, and a photo gallery:

Unfortunately, no pictures of me listed as “some guy” next to PSB.  Maybe next year.

The Ball was fantastic this year, as usual!  Great job PSB!

November 3, 2007

Liquids 2, Messenger Bags 0

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Years ago I ruined a messenger bag when I brought home a bottle of Downy in it, not realizing that the cap wasn’t on well.  The bag became permanently April fresh, along with whatever was in the bag at the time (mostly headshots and resumes, I think).  I bought a new bag and swore that I would never make the same mistake again.

Last night, before going out to a party, I mixed a special drink for some friends of mine, poured it into an Arizona green tea bottle, tightened the cap as hard as I could, put it in a plastic bag, and tied the bag.  I thought, “I’m golden!”  Nope. I wasn’t golden.  The bag leaked, soaking everything in the bag, including the digital camera bag, but fortunately not the digital camera.

I’ve already been out and picked up my new bag, at an unlikely place - a leather shop on 34th Street called Tannery House.  The woman who assisted me was awesome - I’m very finicky when it comes to my man bag, and she found me something perfect right away.  Nice simple style, lots of pockets, and excellently priced.

I will never carry liquids in it.  I will never carry liquids in it.  I will never. . .

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