October 31, 2007

I love this video.

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Very Important Research At Work

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Last night was a private Moth event in the West Village, and afterwards I went out with PSB and a few of the storytellers.  At one point PSB talked about wanting to make out with Gabriel Byrne, and I shook my fist at her.  A little later, a very attractive woman walked by, and I did the Squiggy “bite my palm” thing from Laverne and Shirley as a joke.  Someone asked what I was doing, and I said “Oh, remember in the intro to Laverne and Shirley, a hot girl walks by and Squiggy bites his palm?  Hmmmm, what does Lenny do?”

I went to YouTube today to find out, and boy, was I surprised:


Lenny’s doing the palm biting!!!!  I always thought it was Squiggy.  Squiggy’s doing some sort of groping thing.

Here’s the whole video, just in case you were itching to watch it:

Happy Halloween!

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What are you dressing up as?

October 26, 2007

So, um, no more Honeymoon stuff yet.

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I took a sick day yesterday, as I think I had some sort of stomach bug.  I was up at 4 a.m. with a horrible bellyache, and never really got back to sleep.

Today was spent actually working for the most part.  I couldn’t even take advantage of the last “early Friday”, as I was there until 4 pushing e-documents around. . .

We’re off to Boston this weekend for a wedding - an old friend of PSB’s.

Honeymoon recap continues upon our return. . .

October 24, 2007

The Honeymoon! Day 1

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It’s only been three weeks, but the memories are starting to fade a little, so I want to get this down already. PSB will have to help me remember any details I forget.

Monday morning, after a scant four hours of sleep (if that), PSB and I grabbed a cab out to JFK and took a Jet Blue flight down to Cancun. We had no problems with getting there, no problems with getting checked in, and our flight had 25 people on it. It was like a ghost town. I think Jet Blue offers their movies for free if you’re on an international flight, so I got to watch “Live Free or Die Hard” (not amazing, but not terrible). I could have dozed, but never really conked out.

We got into Cancun, got our luggage, and began to make our way to where we thought the shuttle bus was, but were quickly sidetracked by someone who I thought was an airport employee providing us with information, but it became apparent very quickly that he was only interested in selling us a timeshare, or at least making sure we went to the presentation. PSB has no patience when it comes to hard sellers, especially when we’re on vacation - she was good at ditching all the ones we kept running into down in the Bahamas - so she led the barrage away from the barkers and got us to the shuttle desk quickly. I stopped to convert some of my cash into pesos on the way - the exchange rate was around 11 to 1, so i had over a thousand pesos, which was sort of mind boggling, until we started seeing how the prices worked.

We found the shuttle bus, which took us out to the Hotel Zone. If you’ve never been to Cancun, the Hotel Zone is where all the college kids go on spring break to drink too much and flash each other all day and all night long. It’s a gigantic strip of hotels shaped in a “7″ pattern. The actual city of Cancun is past the upper left part of the 7, and the hotel zone is the entire 7. (Is there a coincedence that there are seven deadly sins?) Our hotel was about a third of the way up on the slant, starting at the bottom of the 7, a property called the Grand Melia Cancun. PSB and I were a little apprehensive, wondering if it was going to be cheesy, or nasty. We were very pleasantly surprised - it was a gorgeous property, with gigantic atriums with tons and tons of plants, and comfy furniture. We found the check in for the timeshares (as our hotel stay was the wedding gift from PSB’s step dad), and after a little wheedling, we were able to get a room with an ocean view. (As you may recall, I sent the hotel a request for an ocean view in Spanish a few months ago, but totally forgot to print a copy of the e-mail to bring with me. Duh!)

We headed up to our room, which turned out to be quite lovely - it was all marble, with a nice, big bathroom with an awesome double showerhead shower, and our own private patio. We rested for a bit, and PSB got out all of the notes that our friend Leslie had researched for us, so we could figure out what we were doing for the week - there were a bunch of different islands nearby, and some dolphin swims, and ruins.

We then heard a knock on our door. Our bags were already delivered, so we had no idea who it could be - it turned out that it was a woman named Carola said she was here as our guide during our vacation, and if we needed anything during our stay we should come see her. We thanked her for stopping by and said we’d try to find her tomorrow. PSB immediately thought that she was trying to sell us a timeshare, but it didn’t seem like it to me, so I said we should just go and find her tomorrow quickly, and if it’s obvious she’s selling, we’ll take off.

We headed out to one of the hotel’s restaurants to get a bite to eat - there was really an excellent variety of food, including a sushi bar, and everything was really inexpensive, especially for being in such a nice property.

We decided to make it an early night since we were both still pretty zonked from the wedding and the lack of sleep, but we did decide what we were going to do, and would ask Carola about it in the morning. PSB went to sleep pretty quickly, but I stayed up for a bit for a good dose of television, Mexican style. Some channels were completely in Spanish, but a surprising number had shows in English, but the commercials still in Spanish. We got an NBC channel from Florida, but most of the English channels were more like studio channels: Sony, Fox, Paramount. . . and they all had a mishmosh of shows that would all be on different American channels.

Day 2 coming later today. . . stay tuned!

EDIT: Okay, well, it’s not.  Too much work pouring in at prime blogging time.  Hopefully tomorrow.

October 18, 2007

I’m a sucker for stuff like this. . .

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Apparently a craze in the UK, now here:



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Original Website:


The full headcrest extenion/headbang at the end is sooooo cuuuuute!!!  And I love that on the left, the bird in the cage does a little dancing too.

October 17, 2007


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Stupid next gen video game consoles.

The newest Katamari game is out. . . currently, only for XBox 360.


I don’t think there are plans for a PS2 version.

October 16, 2007

Awesome Job T!!!

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T, of T’s Spot, took 24rd place in the Blogger Tourney!  She won herself a big honkin’ iPod, and some pretty good bragging rights.

She placed about 220 people higher than me, when I decided to gamble with a donkey, and I lost.

October 13, 2007

Shopping Shopping!

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Improv Everywhere had 105 men go into Abercrombie & Fitch this afternoon, and in the midst of browsing, all remove their shirts.

I was one of them.

It was extremely funny, and really fun to be a part of.  I think my favorite moment might have been pre-shirtlessness, wandering around the store, seeing all the guys, a lot of whom were dressed similarly (shirt and jeans, nothing else, to make disrobing simpler), and not knowing who was involved and who wasn’t.

They’ll be putting the mission up on their website within a few days - go check it out!

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