June 30, 2007

Final Prep

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I’m tapping out a quick entry from L’s lappy in our Best Western hotel room. We had an awesome drive yesterday. I’d tell you more, but I’m typing one handed and holding my “pastry of the year” cinnamon roll in the other hand, far away from L’s keyboard. . . I was threatened with death if any roll fell into her lappy.

Have a lovely week, everyone!!!

B and D - try and post!

June 28, 2007

Almost out.

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Less than a half hour before I can get out of here. Run home, pack, play some poker, and try to get some sleep (I tried to stay up until PSB got home last night, thinking 1 a.m. at the latest. Apparently she came in at 2:30, and I was fast asleep). Tomorrow - the big drive!!! I won’t have e-mail while I’m there, but I do get cell phone service, which is good.

Looking forward to the Big House, warm fires, living blinkies, white russians, mussels, and Idiot Scrabble.

Wow, we haven’t done the Idiot Scrabble post yet. We’ll have to do it when we get home. Part of the problem is it’s been hard finding something to photograph the screen of my Palm Pilot, where the games have been played. My cell phone camera isn’t quite good enough, and scanning the screen doesn’t work (go figure). Perhaps I can borrow someone’s digital camera at some point. . .


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The Spice Girls are getting back together to go on tour.

I feel so much better.

June 27, 2007

Strangely enough,

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Mom didn’t need a new electric broom, so the Moth is getting a new P-Touch. Hooray!

June 26, 2007

Looking a gift horse in the mouth.

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A few weeks ago my company had Great Adventure day, which was awesome. During the day, they hold a raffle, and any employee who is there is eligible to win - there are first prizes, second prizes, and third prizes. I actually got picked for a third prize, which would be totally awesome, except what am I going to do with any of these?

Excel 286 Upright Fan Bike by Fitness Quest - we don’t have room in our apartment for it
Bulova Ladies or Men’s Watch - these are cheesy, and I already have a nice watch
Oreck Electric Broom - we have a canister vacuum and are asking for a new canister vacuum on our registry - electric brooms aren’t great when you don’t have a lot of room
Brother P-Touch Electronic Labeling System - no home office, and I’m not going to get all Monk on everything in the apartment
Dome Tent, 2 Sleeping Bags with TV/CD Player - as I’m never going back to Burning Man and I don’t plan on doing any camping, no thanks
Golf Bag by Dunlop - no golfers in our apartment
4-Piece Luggage Set by London Fog - this would have been what I got, until I searched online trying to see what the set would be like. London Fog only has a few four piece sets, and all their reviews are horrible. Apparently, the luggage smells terrible - like nasty plastic and dye - and the smell doesn’t go away no matter what you do. And then, as if that weren’t bad enough, all the pieces break very quickly. Thanks for nothing, London Fog. I used to love your ski jackets, but now, you’re dead to me. (Also of note, apparently London Fog is in Chapter 11 right now.)

So what do I do? Get the P-Touch and donate it to the Moth? Get the electric broom and see if my mom wants it? (What can I say, she loves electric brooms.) What do you think?

June 25, 2007

Not even close.

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I didn’t get to meet Adam Savage, as our timing was all off. The Mermaid Parade was fun, but as the day was beautiful and many many people feared this would be the last parade due to all the upcoming changes to Coney Island, there were a ZILLION people there, and we did not get there early to hold a spot. We started our day in Carroll Gardens, having a lovely brunch in honor of R. Ooghe’s upcoming birthday, not realizing the madness that was awaiting us. After getting off the subway, we had to fight against the crowd just to move to locations that weren’t completely swamped with people. We also had to fight against our cell phones, most of which weren’t working very well, making separation and relocation a bit trying. Eventually we found a spot on the boardwalk at the beginning of the parade, where we caught the last 45 minutes or so.

Here’s a shot of me and PSB, before we waded into the sea of people.

Everyone likes a man in uniform.

After the parade, there was some wandering and some confusion, and then a little skee ball, but finally we were gathered enough to walk down the boardwalk to Brighton Beach where we ended up at a Russian beer garden/restaurant, where our service was odd but the food was delicious. Twin A ordered short ribs that were quite succulent, and I took advantage of the authentic sushi bar (don’t ask me why it was in a Russian beer garden/restaurant, but it was really really good).

We then headed back to Coney Island, where we had tickets to the Mermaid Ball, but when we got there it was really crowded, really loud, and the beer/water was really pricey, so we bailed almost immediately. We wandered around on the beach a little bit, and then stopped at Nathan’s for a snack (I was unsuccessful in my quest for clam strips - I worked at Nathan’s years ago upstate [as did Twin B], and let me tell you, the service at Coney Island is ATROCIOUS. I was on line for 20 minutes, and the only reason it moved is because people in front of me got tired of waiting and left, as I did. I got onion rings from the place next door instead. Mmmmmm, fried.), and then headed back to Manhattan for a somewhat exclusive Burning Man party that we got invited to through a bunch of our friends. We got to go to a similar party about a year and a half ago, where I got drunk and started singing “Marian the Librarian” to Maid Marian, who fortunately never heard me. Maid Marian was there again, but I didn’t get drunk enough to start singing to her. I was really really close to getting groped by her, as some girl at the party was being very cute and flirty with me in my costume, and she tried to get Marian to grope me, but Marian was too preoccupied with getting ice for the party. Oh well. At some point I met Ze Frank, internet superstar, who was pretty cool. Eventually PSB and I headed home and promptly passed out.

Perhaps A or B will give a quick write up of the Third Ward Party, which we never made it to.

We’re off to the island in four days!!! Hooray!!!

June 23, 2007

A LOLcat for the Polenbergs

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wonders if i has evil twin??

Off to the Mermaid Parade!!!

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I’ve never been before - I’m very excited.

I somehow convinced myself to rent a sailor costume from Abracadabra, which was way too expensive, but it’s going to be really cute. I will hopefully get a picture posted tomorrow or Monday, assuming someone has a camera. (Doesn’t someone always have a camera?) I will hopefully also get to meet Adam Savage, the parade’s King, as he is one of the two Mythbusters, one of the only TV shows I watch. He’s awesome.

June 22, 2007

Beware, I Live!

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This is 1/6 of the final project. Sorry about the shitty cameraphone pic, but I can’t find the charger for my digital camera. Noooo!

June 21, 2007

But. . . no. . . it can’t be!

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Via BoingBoing, with lots of riffs on it going on all over teh intarwebs.

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