February 7, 2007

A Joke I heard on Monday Night

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I met a girl named Jess on Monday night at a gathering in Brooklyn, who told me the following science joke, which I thought was pretty funny:

“If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitant!”

(UPDATE: It’s “precipitate”, as Jefe points out in the comments. Oops.)

I had a great night Monday - first I got to attend the DVD release party of Candida Royale’s “Under the Covers”, courtesy of my favorite sexplorer, who happened to produce and co-write the film. I’ve never been to any sort of adult entertainment party, and this one was quite tame as far as parties go, so there wasn’t much to “see”, so to speak, but it was super fun to be there (a bunch of friends were all invited), and I was very happy to be invited. I also had to leave early for the second half of the evening, so perhaps I missed some extra frivolity.

The second half of the evening was a belated millenium party/welcome back party/late birthday party/celebration for surviving coming home from LA (and perhaps being there in the first place) for Lee Aaron Blair (aka Axelrot, who’s been commenting lately), at Black Betty in Williamsburg. This is where I heard that joke, as well as two others that I can’t quite remember. One was about noble gases, I think. (My contribution was that I yelled “beryllium” for no reason.) It was a party filled with other friends, and also quite enjoyable.

You may be wondering “Twin C, shouldn’t you be doing work right now? You should at least clear your inbox of messages, right?” Well, I’m home at the moment, but about to go out, but not for a good reason. Our cat, Marilyn, is having trouble breathing, and I’m very worried. PSB called a vet who makes house calls, and he said we should bring her right to an animal hospital. Fortunately, there’s one 10 blocks away, but we’re going to take a cab since it’s so darn cold. We’re going now. Please send good wishes. I’ll be at work later.

February 6, 2007

Check this out, yo.

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Aw shit. I’m an HTML master.

Different directions, even. Yeah boyee!

a must watch

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most disturbing fable ever

February 1, 2007

Time to Jew it up.

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The Polenboys are off to Baltimore tomorrow, ladies in hand, for our nephew’s bar mitzvah. We used to be a lot more fond of this nephew when he was much younger, and much less bratty. Now he’s a bit of a terror, even though he’s about to become a man. His dad is also a little too smug and sanctimonious for our taste, but he’s Mom’s only brother (her other brother, our uncle, died in 2002 of a pulmonary embolism, pretty much out of nowhere - it was very very sad), so we pay him respect. It’s also the PolenMom’s birthday tomorrow, so we’ll be going up extra early in order to make her as happy as possible. We’re probably going to arrive before my parents do!

The synagogue where we have to go is perhaps my least favorite synagogue ever. It’s very arrogant in its piousness. Although it’s supposed to be a conservative synagogue, men and women cannot sit with each other - there’s no separating wall, but we’re on one side, they’re on the other. Completely stupid. And at the same time, they allow little children to run around the sanctuary, screaming and crying during the services, as if that’s such a wonderful thing. It’s loud and annoying, and isn’t it distracting from the VERY IMPORTANT CEREMONY that’s happening?


Also, regarding my bratty nephew, there’s three nephews in their family, and I imagine we could do some study comparing the dynamic of the three brothers to each other versus the four of us to each other, and how each of them relates to the world versus how the four of us relate to the world. However, I have no such interest in doing it at this time. Instead, I’d like the other Twins to chime in down in the comments, and perhaps I’ll join them if I am struck with a particularly pointed observation.

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