January 23, 2007

Austin Ticket Purchased

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What a jetsetter I am.

The Moth will be playing at the Alamo Drafthouse on April 19th, and I will be in attendance.

PSB and I are hoping to make it a long weekend out there, but she may need to go back to work on another show going up the following week.

Either way, we both have good friends out in Austin, including the infamous Jefe, the lovely sisters Smith who we met at Burning Man two years ago, and a little further out, my friend Tracy, who I happened to meet during some reality TV pilot I shot a while back. . . so we’ll either get a hotel room somewhere, or I’ll couch surf for a day or two if she has to leave.

See y’all soon! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

January 22, 2007

A long lost goal, suddenly attained.

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I don’t know why, but for years I thought that They Might Be Giants’ “Shoehorn With Teeth” would make a great ringtone. I wanted to buy one of those phones where you could manually punch in the notes to make your ringtone, but I could never seem to find one. Then I figured I’d eventually get one of them fancy MP3 phones and do it that way, but I don’t know if I really want one (that’s right, you heard me correctly, I don’t think I want an iPhone). Today, RJ over at Procrastinet told me about a website called MyxerTones, where you can download a song and send it to your phone to save as a ringtone. Brilliant! I think it only uses the first twenty seconds of the song or so, so I edited a portion of the track after ripping it from my CD (it’s so nice to bring out Lincoln!), loaded it up, the site sent it over, and it’s saved. So easy! And fun!

Someone call me!

January 20, 2007

Even Better Than the DDR Workout

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Time to get in shape!

January 19, 2007

A Show For You to See

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I went to acting school with Michelle Matlock, and she’s amazingly talented (and an amazing person, as well). She’s putting up her show, The Mammy Project, which I’ve seen a number of times in different iterations. It’s fantastic.

(Yes, yes, I know I’m superlativing up the wazoo, but at least I’m not qualifying the superlatives.)

You can find information about the show at the Round Table Ensemble’s website.

My favorite song on Lumines II

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I don’t know why I like it so much, but I do.

Aspen Ticket Purchased

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The Moth has been asked back to Aspen this year, and once again I am lucky enough to be able to tag along. I got to go with them two years ago, and at the time I was very hesitant to puchase an $800 flight, so instead I flew in and out of Denver and took a van from Denver to Aspen. Four hours each way. It blew, but it was worth it - I had an amazing time at the festival. I took care of the Moth girls when they needed a gopher, and they took me to parties and got me into shows, and I got to see Kung Fu Hustle before it got released to the public.

This year, once I found out I had the green light to go, I didn’t want to take the van, and figured I was going to have to suck it up big time. As it turns out, however, it was bad, but not atrocious. It was $510 round trip, and I fly out of LaGuardia (but back into Newark), thanks to some random sale United was having. . .

As I remarked to PSB a few minutes ago, who would have ever thought I’d be excited about a $500 flight? Regardless, I’m psyched.

Mike Daisey interviewed on Gothamist!

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Last night PSB and I went to Mike’s new show, Invincible Summer, where, as usual, he was amazing.

I just opened up Gothamist to find they’ve interviewed him!

There will also be an article on Mike in this Sunday’s New York Times. And their review should be out shortly. If it’s anything but stellar, I promised Mike I would hunt the reviewer down. I doubt I’m going to have to get my stalk on, but I’m prepared, just in case.

January 18, 2007

Meat Rage Hangover

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I’m stuck in a horrible depression after coming down off of my meat rage. It’s compounded by the fact that the woman across from me managed to talk for an hour and a half straight, and the fact that I have to finally just deal with the fact that the folders I’m putting together are going to look like ass and there’s nothing I can do about it, and the fact that my manager is going 45 minutes over schedule with her first meeting, which is going to mess up everything else she’s supposed to be doing today, and she’s sounding irritated with ME after I needed to speak with her about a meeting she wants but isn’t set up for later today.

Peter Luger’s was quite delicious as expected. PSB was supposed to come but had some major work issues, so I brought a different date - Twin B, who originally thought he wasn’t going to be able to come. Twins A, B, and C split steak for three and just about gnawed it to the bone, as well as various appetizers and desserts, including something I’ve never had before - a Bavarian Crepe Cake - twenty thin crepes or so piled on top of each other with tiny layers of whipped cream inbetween each, with fudge on the side. Yum!!! I brought home a little sampler for PSB, who sweetly split it with the Beast, who now, in her own meat rage, refuses to eat her regular cat food.

Back to the folders. They really look bad. Maybe I’ll get fired.

January 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Twin D!!!!

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Twin D turns 29 today.

He’s the last Polenberg Twin still in his twenties. But not for long.

Tonight we feast at Peter Luger’s, where meat rage will encompass us all.

January 16, 2007

My Letter to Gothamist Gets Answered

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