January 30, 2007

Dear Pret A Manger (with apologies to O. Dear),

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I like your sandwiches a lot. I especially like your “sandwiches of the week”, which are usually extra tasty. But there’s one concept you need to pick up on: not everything needs mayonaise.

You had a tuna avocado sandwich years ago without mayonaise that was perhaps the best thing you ever put on your menu, but it’s long gone, probably never to be seen again.

This week’s SOTW is bacon avocado, and it’s pretty tasty, but without the mayo I’d be enjoying it about 1000 times more. (Maybe a little less onion would be good too.)

Twin C

P.S. Now that I know about “To Whom It May Concern”, I feel a little guilty about posting these, but I was doing it long before I found out about O. Dear, and in fact, my first “Dear blah-blah” post was a mere three months after she started. So if I get the urge, I’ll follow each title with apologies to her. I hope I don’t start a blog flame war.

Year End Review!!!?!?!?

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In just two hours, my manager and I will sit down and talk about the work that I’ve done this year. I predict it will go something like this:

Boss: Well, Twin C, it turns out that you’re pretty good at typing things, and answering the phone, and making copies.


Boss: I’m also glad you’re making more of a concerted effort to stop coming in at 10:15.


Boss: You’ll be getting some sort of a wage increase - you’ll find out in a few weeks.

Me: Really? Cool. Thanks.

January 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Twin A!!!!

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Cheers, Twin A. I hope you have a lovely day and aren’t soldering the whole time or dealing with the crazy people in the office.

January 27, 2007

My audition tape

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Since I found the Bluff promo, I figured I’d show you what got me on it.

PSB and nobody but yours were instrumental in helping me put this together - thank you again!

Almost NSFW, but not quite.


January 26, 2007

Great (?) Minds Think Alike

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Occasionally I’ll blog letters or notes to famous people or corporations, usually to tell them how awesome they are, or sometimes to tell them how much they suck.

Apparently someone does this all the time, and it’s her blog, and she’s nominated for a Bloggie this year!

Congrats for your nomination, To Whom It May Concern!

Nice job, Souldish!

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A quick shout out to Jonny, Jon L. and everyone else at Souldish who put together a very entertaining and informative evening about a shamanistic medicine/hallucinogenic, ayahuasca. The Ayahuasca Monologues featured Daniel Pinchbeck, our favorite sexplorer, Jonny, our friend Nat, and Bill Kennedy all telling stories about their experiences with the vine. Well done!

Look What I Found. . .

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The Bluff Promo!

WARNING: BIG Quicktime file.

A few of the contestants got to see this back in December 2005/January 2006. It’s OLD. But still fun.

Keep in mind I’m still under the confidentiality agreement (who knows for how much longer?), but I’m pretty sure I could answer questions about what you’re seeing.

UPDATE: Dang, they pulled it!!!! Must have gotten a few too many hits, or the production company found out and made them take it off. . . I e-mailed them asking for my own copy, but they haven’t responded.

January 24, 2007


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I imagine it must get boring for you to read over and over about how great the Moth was, but it consistently is.

Last night’s show was called “From the Wasteland - Stories about Trash”, and it was a fantastic night. PSB worked with five storytellers, four of whom had never been on stage before. She worked like a dog for two weeks, but the payoff was worth it. The stories, in a nutshell: a sanitation worker talking about how he ended up being a sanitation worker and eventually being proud to be a sanitation worker; a woman who’s mom suffered from hoarding syndrome; someone who’s family biz was sanitation who hired him, an english major, to be their PR spokesman; a woman who was at first freaked out by but eventually became a freegan; and a woman who fell in love with a sanitation worker while writing about them.

Mike Daisey hosted and did a splendid job.


I Miss Charlie!!

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Ok, Charlie wasn’t as smart as this bird but she was still cool.

January 23, 2007

there must be something wrong with me

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And all I can think is…..
can I eat it.

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