October 28, 2006

What a wookie!

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Via my friend Jesse,

Chewbacca’s blog.

October 27, 2006

Intanet Trouble

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Twin A lost his service yesterday afternoon, plus the server he’s using is giving him major problems. All this equals spotty blog. But now it’s time for a nice kvetch.

I bought Guitar Hero on Tuesday night, brought it home, and rocked out for a good two hours. At some point I must have been rocking a little too hard, because I somehow yanked my PS2 out and it hit the ground kinda hard. Next thing I knew, I couldn’t turn it off, and so I unplugged it. Then I plugged it back in, and I couldn’t turn it on. At all. I had to call Sony the next morning, and they told me I needed to send it in to be fixed. BLAH. I’ll have it back within two weeks. Annoying, now that I’m actually excited about playing a game again it’s gone.

I haven’t been playing too much poker - a series of losses has made me want to take a little break. I was messing around with tournament blackjack a little, and it’s fun but I keep messing up strategy (betting too much when I need to slow down and let other people crap out instead), and there’s even more luck than poker involved, so it can also be frustrating.

Not much to do this weekend but relax, and then hit a Halloween party on Saturday night (we are hopefully going to make it out to Third Ward as well). A bunch of us are going as different holidays - PSB is going to be Chinese New Year, and I am going to be. . . brace yourself. . . Administrative Professional’s Day! Easiest. Costume. Ever.

What are YOU going to be for Halloween?

October 24, 2006

Corporate Madness Taken to a New Level.

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My team is having a meeting right now, and we’re all going out to dinner in a few hours.

One team member, who can be pushy when she wants something, has gotten it in her head that we should all take a PartyBike from the office to the restaurant.

If you have never heard of a PartyBike, imagine a large, slow moving, idiotic looking half bike, half death machine, with seven seats, that tourists love to ride but real New Yorkers scoff. Whatever you envision is close enough.

She sent an e-mail about it on Friday after I left, and between then and now I would have thought that she’d let it go, but I’ve gotten five e-mails about it this afternoon. “Can we get one?” “How’s the research going?” “How much is it?”

The rest of the team is not that enthusiastic about it. (I am TOTALLY not. I am lazy, and it’s cold.) Fortunately, it’s not that easy to just reserve one. . .

Just got an e-mail from her saying “Looks like it won’t be in our future tonight. Maybe next time.”

That’s fine with me. Theoretically I won’t be here “next time”.

Farewell, Shackleton

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PSB has had an albino catfish named Shackleton for seven years or so, which is a good two years longer than they’re supposed to live.

Unfortunately, Shackleton died this morning.

I can’t say that I had a huge emotional attachment to her, but I thought she looked pretty (for a catfish), and I liked that she got cranky, especially when she used to have to share her tank with a golden gourami - the gourami wanted to be friends with her, and she was always like, “Piss off, beeotch!” (The gourami got transfered to Twin D’s tank, where she made lots of friends but then got sick and died a few months after the move.)

I hope she was not in pain, and died peacefully.

October 20, 2006

Great Site!

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Since I can’t get onto DailyKos at work anymore, I’ve been hitting up the others, mostly Crooks and Liars.

They have a link today to go here: The War of the Words, a documentary about the 101st Fighting Keyboarders, aka all the conservative bloggers and their loyalty to the Preznit. The first three chapters are up, and it’s really amazing. Mad props to the creator, Paul H. Henry.

Completely unrelated but also very cool, www.jinx.com has t-shirts for game players/computer nerds/overall geeeks. I love them all.

October 18, 2006

Hell House, anyone?

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I’ve been meaning to check out Les Freres Corbusier’s Hell House in Brooklyn (NYT review here), and now I’ve got even more reason - Mike Daisey will be playing Satan for two nights next week, the 24th and 25th!

Anyone want to go with me? I hope PSB will, but I fear she will be far too busy with work. . .

UPDATE: The Moth has a show on the 25th, so I can’t go on that night. Anyone up for the 24th?

To My Amusement. . .

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I was sending a text message to Twin B on my cell phone, and it auto completed “Sucker!”, complete with exclamation point.

I was duly impressed.

October 17, 2006

69 Minutes and Counting

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That’s how long I’ve been on the phone with Continental Airlines, most of the call consisting of three horrible Muzak songs and lots of tips on how I can save time and money with Continental (my favorite part is when they tell you “If you can’t figure out how to check yourself in online, get your kid to do it for you!”). I’ve been on this call because my manager had to buy a ticket at the airport a few weeks ago and somehow didn’t get a receipt, and I called last week to request it (I didn’t have to wait last week. . . hmmmm. Conspiracy?). Her card has been charged for it (because of course it’s not free) but I haven’t been sent it yet - they were supposed to either e-mail or fax it, and I think I said fax. So now, I wait and wait and wait. The sad part is, I’m probably going to have to call another department to get the confirmation number from my request, as I thought I wrote it down but I can’t seem to find it - there’s one number that I think is correct but for some reason I’ve crossed it out, but that might have been collateral damage from when I was crossing something else out and not paying attention. But if it’s not correct, and I’m thinking it’s not because now it’s 75 minutes, I’ll have to call the other department, and then call this department back, and then wait another huge amount of time just in order to get the receipt sent to me so my manager doesn’t get hit with an extra charge from AmEx.

I put 49% of the blame on my manager for not getting the fricking receipt in the first place, 49% of the blame on Continental for not making this process much easier and faster, and 2% on me, for not keeping better track of the confirmation number that would have made this ordeal a little faster.

Actually, I think it should be 99% of the blame on my manager for not getting me a receipt (what was she thinking??? She knows how stupid our expensing system works!), .99999999% of the blame on Continental (this should still be a lot easier than it is), and .00000001% of the blame on me.

79 minutes.

The girls in the other cubes are laughing at me.

Sadly, as horribly annoying as it is, it’s more interesting than the nonsense I have to do this afternoon - copy some CDs and print a whole bunch of crap off of some website.

OK. Done with the first call. I do have to make the others. I’ll be right back.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Well then. I had to redial about 20 times to get through to the refunds department, and another 5 minutes once I finally got through in order to get the woman to understand what I was looking for, but she found the confirmation number. I called the first number back, only waited 8 minutes to speak to someone, and they looked up the confirmation number and told me, “I’m sorry, it’s still being processed”.

Nothing like wasting two hours for nothing. Hooray!

As it turns out, I don’t have to copy those two CDs - they are the same thing, and she wants a copy here and a copy shipped to her home office. I can’t believe she didn’t realize they’re the same thing. She really is a dingbat sometimes.

Especially when she doesn’t get receipts. Bah.

October 13, 2006

Gooooooooooooooooo Joy!!!

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Our cousin Joy is featured in Time Out New York this week.

Recently Twin B was catching a ride with a good friend of ours, a stylist who is often doing work for Real Simple magazine. Her asked her if she had ever heard of Gryson. She said “You’re holding one on your lap right now.”

We’re very very proud of you Joy!!!

P.S. Please make me your office manager soon. If I have to be somebody’s bitch, I’d rather be yours.

October 12, 2006

Updated Moth Website!

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Go check out The Moth’s new website. It looks great.

I thought there was supposed to be a hot pic of PSB on there, but I can’t find it. . .

Also, if you’re looking for a laugh, check out Really Small Talk, a new addition to the Friends of Polenberg. Dan Kennedy (a Moth Story Slam host) and friends (including Lucy Baker, a Moth regular) wax comical on all sorts of topics. Very amusing.

In waaaaaaaaaaaay more exciting news, I’m currently working on a wedding shower invite for a coworker. It’s boring but also annoying, as I’m trying to make it look nice and cute, but I’m feeling entirely uncreative at the moment and it’s coming out, in my opinion, totally lame. Bleah.

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