September 21, 2006

Future Perfect, Saturday September 23

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Yo, if you’re not Jewwing it up this weekend, come out to this! Space Station Prog on the roof! 20000 sq ft of craziness inside! Huzzah!


This Saturday, September Twenty Third
TheDanger (formerly Complacent Nation) presents:

Future : Perfect
What is the future you dream of?

This Saturday we offer you a landscape of art, video and
music mixed with dozens of visions of the future we
deserve. Expect one part future fantasy mixed with two
parts performance perfected.

Your Future Sounds Like:
Mission on Mars : Global-Electronic band mixes live
Breakbeat rhythms, Indian sitar melodies, space-jazz
guitar, middle eastern drones, into a funk chilled crater
of moon walking beats. Sci-fi fans revel and dream what
could be possible one day.

Chin Chin : Combining an eclectic electric group of
performers with an electric eclectic range of styles, this
is a groove you haven’t heard. Be prepared for the hoe
down of a new generation.

DJ Dance and Future Sound Featuring:
Deep House from Turntables on the Hudson’s Nickodemus &
Mariano; Moving Techno from Halcyon’s dj Dirtt and Anthony
Parasole; Eclectic Dance Mash from $mall ¢hange and
Shakey; the laid back techno lounge by Image Node; and
classic hip-hop from dj Grimace.

Your Future Looks Like:
20,000sqft. of raw Brooklyn loft, courtyard and rooftop
broken into touchable manifestations of our future dream.
Experience the Image Node rooftop plush dome - a womb of
lofi techno and future visuals; climbable sculpture of
wood and shadow by Thomas Beale; new work of future
indelicacy by Ryan O’Conner; flights of fancy by Bunny;
live art battles by four of NYC’s finest; grammar games
and robot dance by Action/Direction; retro-future video
projections by Sebastian Patane Masuelli; and installed
art presented by 3rd Ward Brooklyn.

Your Future Is:
Cheap drinks and surprise gifts, costumes and spontaneous
acts of affection. Experience a dozen visions of the
future perfected - spread across six areas of a rebuilt
and reconfigured raw space. For those that have been to
3rd Ward before, be ready for a new experience, we’ve torn
down walls to make rooms larger and add new areas of

Come early, at 9pm the Miss Rockaway Armada will be
hosting a multi-media presentation of their experience
building an art-raft of refuse and floating/performing
down the Mississippi river. This is a vision of the
future perfected, imagine a weeks long art party of pirate
living with 30+ artists and dreamers directly engaging the
middle of this nation. See more about it here:

Stay late, at 2am (or later) the Champagne Ritual will
swarm the space with libations, flowers and exposed skin.
Expect a spectacle of stilt walkers, drummers and hoopers
that makes the future feel possible, presented by Anya

Our present is perverse but our future is perfect.

@ 3rd Ward Brooklyn
195 Morgan Ave. : East Williamsburg
The space has been redesigned for this event. Walls have
been torn down to create larger rooms and more
exploration. Come discover the changes.

$10 : 9pm through sunrise
Free kisses for costumes.
The paddle for the rest of you.
Your future is perfect.

Spam at work.

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We used to have better spam control. Now I get a lot more. Most of it gets caught and sent in a report, but every once in a while, something slips through. Here’s what I just got - no links, just text:

From: Maria Brandt [wjfn *at*]
To: Twin C *at*
Subject: dated scorching

There were yet wonderful ethereal dawns which she andRae shared together I WONT have quarrels at Silver Bush, she said. Shetwitched the shade to pull it down and shut out the insultingsunlight. But shejust made allowances as I advised her. At times adjustmentseemed almost impossible.
I think I have SOME rights surely, she wouldsay to Sid, with a toss of her sleek head.
It had not been an easy spring at Silver Bush despite its beauty. As Pat had foreseen Silver Bush was overrun with the Binnie tribe. Id always wanted to be wedded in a sky-blue gown,the hue of Gods own heaven. Even our correspondenceis dying a natural death. And I hope hes going to marry some onewho is nice enough for him. I like companybut not too much, was all he would say.
He killed the chickens, dug up Pats bulbs, chewedthe clothes on the line =

Should I be googling “Silver Bush” as a vacation spot? Buying relationship books? Painting my house sky blue? Visiting Nobody knows.

Two Things of Note:

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1. It’s both Steven King and Bill Murray’s birthdays today!!!! Happy Birthday Bill! Happy Birthday Steve! You’re two of my favorites.

2. Did you wonder what was going on with the whole spinach scare? I did, and found some answers here.

September 19, 2006


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My website exists:

Annoying Coworker!!!!!!!

Playa Nightmares?

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Anyone who’s been to Burning Man has had a playa dream. They happen frequently right when you get back. They’re not so much that you’re dreaming about the playa, but when you wake up, you think you’re still out there, and your mind tries to go along with it, so it tries to process what you’re seeing in a way that makes it look like tents, domes, playa, etc. (I think this is the same way that some people think they see ghosts - they wake up in the middle of the night, and they see something that looks vaguely human, and their mind processes it so that they see a human figure in front of them that then disappears - a ghost! It’s been happening to me recently with a combination of a fan and a light shade.) I got a lot of these my first year, and some every year after.

This year, I didn’t go, but for the third time in the past few months, I have a playa nightmare. It’s a bit like an actor’s nightmare, where you dream that you’re on stage in a play (or about to go on) and you have no idea what your lines are, or sometimes even what play it is. Instead, I dream that I’m on the playa, and have no clothes, no supplies, and have no idea where I’m supposed to camp. Usually Image Node is not in the dream, but last night I dreamt that although I was somehow schlepping the Node’s stuff (to 3:00 and Esplanade), I was not allowed to camp with them. (Thanks, Twin A.) PSB was nowhere to be found. In my dream, I actually started sobbing. I had no idea what to do. I had NOTHING.

Then I woke up, and saw the guy in the living room again. Then he disappeared, and everything was okay. Until the cat started poking me, looking for breakfast. I was too tired from the night before to get up and feed her.

Last night I met up with Sneeker and seeJ (who was awesome enough to get us comped) at the Spiegeltent to see Dewanatron play, as well as catch whatever else they were going to show. The show didn’t even start until 10, and we had no idea how late it was going to run. (Thinking we didn’t want to be late, I got there at 9:30, but after calling seeJ in a panic when I couldn’t find the tent [hidden behind the mall!], he said they always ran late, so I decided to get a bite at one of the outdoor restaurants. Sneeker had to settle for a nastini [a gross panini - I made it up] that he bought on the way there.)

Fortunately, we were in for quite a treat - Leon Dewan awesomely synthed out for us on two or three homemade instruments with filmstrips behind him shown by Mighty Robot, in between three amazing shows. The first was the Found Footage Festival, with a hysterical half hour show featuring song and dance numbers. Next was Lovid (as in lo[w] vid[eo]), with a piece involving modulating frequencies and their effect on the screen and the noise being made - pretty and interesting. Finally, AV Geeks showed “School-a-delic”, “school films that aren’t about
hallucinogenic drugs, but were certainly influenced by them”, which were amazing. One of them featured Charles Strouse’s dirty secret - Strouse wrote the music and lyrics to Annie, and a film about the relationship between adults and teenagers featured a song that was only slightly different than “Tomorrow” (same musical structure for the lyric, different for the bridge, no chorus).

Check out everyone’s websites for better descriptions about them - all I can say is, I walked out with two AV Geeks DVDs and was close to getting one from FFF as well. On the way out I also got to say hello to Leon, who said that he’s read the blog! NICE!

The only bad thing about the night was that it ended past 1 p.m. I got home after 1:30, after a scary cab ride - at some point some jerkoff threw a beer bottle at the cab, I guess trying to hit the driver, and hit the side mirror, completely smashing it. Fortunately the driver and I were both fine, just a little freaked out. I gave him a little extra tip as he was going to have to replace that mirror immediately.

So late Monday night + playa nightmare = an extra cranky Twin C.

(Really? He actually can get crankier?)

September 17, 2006

By request. . .

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Olga sent me an e-mail saying “This should go on your blog”, and I think it’s neat, so up it goes:

A time lapse movie of when the corpse flower bloomed in August at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden!

September 15, 2006

Off to Boston

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PSB and I are hopping on a train in a little over an hour, to head over for a friend of PSB’s wedding. We’re staying at the Four Seasons - fancy fancy!

As I played hooky from work on Monday (I had a headache. Really. I did.), and am missing today, it was a three day work week. Sweet.

Back Sunday, just in time to play some poker.

Monday night Sneeker and I are heading to the Spiegeltent to see Dewanatron. Want to come?

Have a good weekend!

September 13, 2006

MySpace requests are out of control!

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I’ve received over a dozen bogus friend requests today, the majority of which are from webcam girls or rappers from the Bronx. What gives?

(Yes, PSB, I denied them all.)

Anyone else have this problem?

Just When You Thought It Was Safe

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to return to your cube. . .


Rated R. For really really annoying.

Fortunately, the snorer is getting moved to a new building. I won’t have to see her for a while, if ever, nor will I have to listen to LITE-FM, unless I’m jonsing for a fix. (Not likely.) In fact, tomorrow will be the last day I see her, as I will be out on Friday - PSB and I are heading to Boston for a wedding. And ever so slightly to her credit, she’s sick, and took Sudafed, and I know how that stuff can make you groggy. . . regardless, I called her and asked her if she needed to go home. She said she’s okay.

September 11, 2006

Back to Vegas, pronto.

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To go here: The Pinball Hall of Fame.

I had no idea this place was there, otherwise I would have gone last time. It looks absolutely incredible.

I am a huge pinball fan, and am heartbroken that only one company is still making them. They’re not easy to find in NYC. . .

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