August 31, 2006

This made me happy.

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“The Scream” was found!

Concert to see!

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Chromeo rocked my world two years ago at Rezfest, when I saw the video to the absolutely 80s-licious “Needy Girl”.

They’s a-coming to Manhattan!

Chromeos and Chromettes, we got a crucial show
before we go back to the lab and wrap up this new
record. So come through. No jacket required, but
dancing shoes might help. Oh, and we’ll be premiering
tracks from “Francy Footwork” too…

@ CAKESHOP 152 Ludlow
w/ Roxy Cottontail and Miss Fairchild

Cool? This album is coming out real trill. You’ll hear
some new joints within a month or so, promise.
Holler at your boys.
Dave & Pee

Even cooler is the fact that PSB and I are seeing a private performance by Aimee Mann that evening as well! It’s going to be a good night.

August 29, 2006

Here’s What We’re Missing

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The New York Times has a little gallery of Burning Man photos.

I imagine it will grow bigger as the week goes by. Nice shots so far! The big statues in the first picture remind me of one of our favorite sculptures from last year.

I hope the Node or Camp Oooooh! gets a picture taken. . .

Nope, I’m still not sorry I’m not there.

UPDATE: yes, they’re adding more photos each day. Either the editor is a tightass or the photographer is lazy. Only six pictures? I’ll bet you could have filled a digital camera by now, and it’s way before everything starts getting crazy! Whatever - beggars can’t be choosers.

August 28, 2006

Excellent Potty Post

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RJT on Procrastinet has a fantastic and hysterical post about trying to potty train his son, Max - go read. It will (ironically?) make you pee your pants.

Nice post, RJ!


August 26, 2006

Safe Travels, Burners!

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PSB left at 4:15 this morning for Reno - she’s going to call me when she touches down. A and B are out there already, running last minute errands before hitting the playa later today.

As for me? I’m loving on the air conditioning.

I’m heading upstate later this afternoon for a visit with the Polenparents, and tomorrow I’m going with Polendad to Mohegan Sun for some good old fashioned blackjack. And maybe some video slots. It should be fun.

August 24, 2006

I Heart Improv Everywhere

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Here’s their latest event. It sounded hysterical, and was appreciated by the employees, which is even better!

August 23, 2006

Catch You On The Playa

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Come visit Image Node @ 6:30 and Esplanade! We should be open for ‘business’ Monday Night, barring tragedy.

See you burners there!!!

August 22, 2006

MidYear Review

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Just got out. As expected, manager #1 is very satisfied. As not expected, manager #2 is ALSO very satisfied, and didn’t even complain that I do such a piss poor job taking minutes. Nice!

Manager #1 has also been informed that it’s not my ultimate ambition to be an administrative assistant for the rest of my life, and told me she’d be happy to help me pursue whatever it is that I might want to be, once I figure it out. . .

Nice to know my slackerdom still hasn’t been discovered by everyone. Except for maybe the IT department.

August 21, 2006

Three Week Late Shout Out!

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Remember when I helped my friend Olga plaster her ceiling back in December?

She made the big time a few weeks ago (sort of), and I never posted about it. I’ve decided better late than never:

Olga’s apartment featured on Apartment Therapy!

August 19, 2006

Karmic Redemption?

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Friday, after hopping on the bandwagon and seeing one of the best horrible movies ever, Snakes on a Plane (truly insanely bad and extremely awesome at the same time), I headed over to the club with E and another friend, G, for some more 1/2 NLHE. First hour and a half: almost exactly the same thing as last week - I’m freezing cold, the only hand I get is QQ, lose when an ace hits the board and a very loose girl (and not loose in the good way) pushes all in - she’s called a raise and a reraise and she’s either got a pretty good ace or a set, so I lay it down. (It’s not E’s girlfriend either [the one who sucked out on him so badly last week] - she’s at the table behind us, not doing well, as we expected.) E and G manage to win a nice pot or two. G goes mighty cold as well. Then some action for me: I double back up to 200 with pocket kings against Big Slick. Followed by: I get pocket jacks, raise it up, and get two callers. The flop is Q and J of hearts, 6 of spades. I put in a decent bet, not to give anyone a free draw, and get one caller who had originally checked behind me. The turn is NOT the card I wanted to see: the K of hearts. The guy still in the pot, instead of checking, bets HUGE. This to me says “I don’t have the flush”. I KNOW he doesn’t have the flush. I don’t know what to put him on. I think at best he’s got two pair, and I’m still way ahead, so I push all in (for just a little more), and he calls. We flip over - he’s got the 9 and 10 of diamonds, and has a STRAIGHT! Shit. I didn’t see it. I flip over my jacks and tell the dealer “I need some help”.

The river is the ever so delicious fourth Jack. DING DING DING DING!!!!! I believe the saying is, “Pass the sugar”.

A $400 dollar pot heads my way. The other guy is steaming. I’m a little embarrassed that I needed to suck out that bad, but hey - that’s poker. People do that shit to me all the time. The guy says “If I had offered business, would you have taken it?” Business means that we would divide the pot into thirds and see three river cards, each of which deciding a third of the pot - I would have won the first one, and he most likely would have won the other two. I had 10 outs total: the three remaining Ks, Qs, 6s, and my J, and hit one - I think it’s one in four that the board pairs during a hand of HE. I can’t imagine though that he really would have wanted to do business with me, since he was ahead, and I’m only winning one in four anyway.

G ends up losing his stack when his Big Slick doesn’t hold up. At least he lost it to E, who beat him with pocket jacks. We decide to bail - E’s up $240, and I end up winning $160. We take G out for free dinner and drinks, where I proceed to get LOADED, get home to PSB, and pass out on the couch at 12:30 a.m. I wake up at 5 a.m. with a horrible headache, and manage to get functional enough to get some Excedrin, and eventually make it back to bed, and sort of dozed, but not really, and finally gave up around 9 a.m.

Yesterday was a lazy day. PSB and I opened join bank accounts (how adult of us!) do deal with wedding payments and presents. Then our friend L came over - she’s going to Burning Man for the first time this year - and we got some sushi and watched some Burning Man videos. They got really excited. It will be a good year on the playa. I’m still not sorry I’m not going. I’ll miss PSB and miss all my friends, and you can see all the art in photos which is neat, but not quite as neat as actually seeing it in person, but ultimately, I don’t want to be there. Too hot, too harsh, and too much energy expended.

Today: SUPER lazy day! I don’t have anything to do but lay around, and play some poker tonight. Nice.

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