June 19, 2006

Casting Info!!! (???)

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Twin D and I play poker with Andrew, who has written a show that will be in the Fringe this year! They are beginning casting. Here is all the info, if you’re interested or know someone who is.

Cast Breakdown for Only a Lad

Only a Lad is a new musical featuring the music of Danny Elfman’s band, Oingo Boingo. It is a dark comedy about Johnny, a punk teen on the edge of 1980s high school culture, who fights against the man and falls in love. Equity showcase (pending approval) for NY International Fringe Festival, 5-7 perfs, Aug 11-27. All singers must have strong pop/rock voices. Ethnicity Open.

Johnny: (18+ to play HS) Baritenor. Charismatic, straight-edge 17 y.o. drop-out.
Mary: (18+ to play HS) Alto w/Strong Belt. Cheerleader caught between the Quarterback and the rebel.
Ray: (18+ to play HS) Baritone. Malevolent and street tough.
Frank: (18+ to play HS) Bari/Bass. Loyal friend, comic presence.
D Minus: (18+ to play HS) Tenor. Scrappy runt, comic presence.
Linda: (18+ to play HS) Pop/Rock Soprano. Mary’s sarcastic friend.
Brett: (18+ to play HS) Baritone. 80’s Ken Doll, HS Quarterback.
Wolf, Judge, Principal: (35-50) Bari/Bass. Versatile character actor to play hardened criminal, judge, and principal.
Sam Riley: (25-35) Baritenor. A lazy, but crafty, public defender.
Male Ensemble: (18+) All voice types to play diverse roles.
Female Ensemble: (18+) All voice types to play diverse roles.

Please send headshot and resume to: casting@onlyaladthemusical.com or Jennifer Westin, Producer Only a Lad 305 W. 89th St. #3R New York, NY 10024

IE Report!!!

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Did anyone go to the MP3 Experiment?????

I want to know how it was!!!

June 16, 2006

Caught in the Act

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So the snorer started up again. I went over, and it was who I thought it was - head slumped. I decided to not be mean about it - I tapped on her chair gently and asked “Are you alright?” She woke up, dazed, and said, “Um, yeah, I. . .” and I said “Just closed your eyes for a second.”

Hopefully she is mortified enough to not let it happen again. I know I would be.

June 14, 2006

Suggestions for the Snorer

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Holy shit. She’s at it again.

What should I do?

A. Set off the fire alarm.
B. Throw paper clips over the cube wall.
C. Send her manager an e-mail.
D. Nothing, just sit and stew and kvetch about it on here.
E. (your suggestions)

It’s like the worst concert ever - Twin D’s favorite song “Photograph” by Nickelback on the radio, puncutated by snoring. Yesterday I mentioned to someone that I was sitting at my desk wanting to poke my eyes out. Today I think I’d rather puncture my eardrums instead.

June 12, 2006

A Plea for Tickets. . .

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My friend Matt “Count Rockula” Schwartz won the LA regional Air Guitar event and is competing for the US National Championship next Thursday night at the Bowery Ballroom. I found out he won too late to get tickets - they apparently sell out like wildfire. I would love to go - know anyone who has extra tickets? I’ll bet Twin D would want to go too, and we have other friends interested. If you hear of anyone, please e-mail me ASAP. Thanks!

MP3 EXPERIMENT III This Saturday at 3 p.m.!!!

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From Improv Everywhere:

All of the information you need on how to particpate in this weekend’s latest Improv Everywhere mission, The Mp3 Experiment III: The Search For Steve, is now available online:


Please read the downloading directions carefully as there are four seperate Mp3’s this time around. Be sure to download the one that matches your Birthday and show up at the corresponding location.

This was one of the best things I did last year. Unless there’s two days of horrible rain and they postpone for a week, I’m going to miss it. GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO GO!!!!

June 11, 2006

Fixer Upper

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A few weeks ago, we thought our air conditioner had died. In order to get a new one, I stopped by PC Richard and Son (as I can use my “free money” there), where a very hard sell for a very expensive air conditioner made me uncomfortable (I couldn’t remember how many BTUs we needed), so I left sans AC, and went back home to check. On a whim, I tried the old AC, and it was working. End of story, or so I thought. A few days ago the AC was dead again, and when I unplugged it, the plastic on both the plug and the outlet was burnt. Yipes! Time for a new AC, and also time for a new outlet!

I’m not overly technically inclined, but I am a very good problem solver, and so I figured I could swap it out myself. After researching exactly how to switch an outlet on various websites, I headed over to the hardware store today with PSB to pick up various items needed - a circuit tester and the new outlet, as well as a few other things we needed for the apartment (we also got a new shelf for our bedroom, so we got some stuff to install it, but only got two thirds of the way through installing before my electric drill ran out of power - BAH. It’s charging now).

After checking the outlet with the circuit tester (half of it was getting power, but it still looked very unsafe to use), I switched off the fuse (and a few others to be on the safe side), and checked again. No power - I was good to go. After unscrewing the outlet and pulling it out, I noticed that the wiring was fed directly into the back of the old outlet, and the new one had the same holes, but they seemed too small. This made me nervous, so I ran back to the hardware store for some advice. Not only did I get good advice (don’t worry about the holes - just wrap the wires around the screws like you normally would), I also got to pick up something important we didn’t have - electrical tape! I went home, wrapped the wires and screwed them in, wrapped everything with tape, and screwed it all to the wall. The fuses got switched back on, and there wasn’t a lightning storm in the apartment. I checked the outlet, and it seemed to be working fine. Presto!

On to the new air conditioner: we went back to PC Richard, as we knew exactly how many BTUs we needed - 8,000. We didn’t get the hard sell on the AC, but the guy helping me tried to “give me a discount” on the extended warranty, despite the fact that I had already told him I wasn’t interested. He also somehow managed to double-charge my card, but a manager caught it and fixed it before we left the store. The AC came out after a drop of a wait (which featured me singing “Always” by Atlantic Starr and “Show Me” by the Cover Girls to PSB - HAWT!), and we brought it home, got it plugged in once the outlet got swapped, and everything at last was back to normal.

Except for the shelf. I’ll fix that after poker.

Yesterday I ran upstate to a friend’s graduation party with D and Jax. It was nice to see my parents, and some of the old family friends I haven’t seen in a little while. I somehow managed to cause the most excitement, as I didn’t eat anything at the party. (I wasn’t hungry.) The PolenParents, so distressed that their child did not eat anything, called both me and D later on to make sure I was okay. (Really, I was. I just wasn’t hungry.) Meanwhile, the PolenMom took a spill last week and hurt her knee rather badly. Her doctor thought it could possibly be a torn meniscus, but he wasn’t sure. She’s waiting to get permission from her HMO to get an MRI (why does she need permission???) Please send her some nice healing thoughts if you get a minute. You can send some to Twin B as well, who strangely enough also hurt his knee last week (conspiracy theorists, start your pondering now).

June 9, 2006

For the record:

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Yesterday was a special day.

All four Polenbergs posted!


Enjoy your weekend!

June 8, 2006

Das Throwies

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Auf Deutschland!

Habitrail at The Bunker, Friday June 9

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Ya I going to rock it thumpa tumpa style. With computers!

I am playing with das Nicholas Sauzer, who brings the beef, also. He just rocked Detroit like ja, baby. Now he is going to rock us all. Prepare to have the beef brought to you, like express mail, with COMPUTERS!

Ich bin ein klangmeister, motherfuckers.

I go on at 12:30 AM, ya. It is 5 dollars. 107 Norfolk St off of Delancey. You take the F train to Delancey, then you get out, then you get rocked, ja? This show will be worth all the gold in your teeth, and that belly button ring that you cannot show your mother. Ja.

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