March 22, 2006

Phone Transplant

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So I had to get a new phone grafted in — the old one was getting wonky, and then I lost it. The new one is Finnish and silver and shiny. Also there is some nice blue backlighting on the keypad. And a camera! Oh, I have entered modernity!

Also, I will be able to have MP3 ringtones, so I can have it say “Many Americans in search of acid cannot get it” in GWB’s voice whenever it rings. Huzzah!

As it turns out, even if I hadn’t lost my old phone, I’d still have had to re-enter everyone’s numbers, as AT&T bought Cingular and Cingular was like ‘Fuck backwards compatibility with our SIM cards, yo!’. So everyone, please either call me sometime today or tomorrow, or drop me an email with your phone number(s).


Anyone Else Remember These Songs?

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I’m not sure why, but the songs that Miss Cross taught me in elementary school seem to be ingrained in my head. While Senor Don Gato was definitely high on the list, my favorite has to be Kookaburra. Let me remind you of the lyrics (here is the first verse):

Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree
Merry merry king of the bush is he
Laugh Kookaburra, laugh Kookaburra
Gay your life must be

Ok, let me get this straight… his life is gay, but he is the king of the bush? hmmm…..

Anyone else curious about how they got away teaching us this?

March 21, 2006

catching up

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03 18 06 Martin Dockery at the I heart Danger Party

03 20 06 Harrison, NJ American Justice Shoot

March 20, 2006

New Category!

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I’ve created a new category, PolenPoker. This way, those of you who might not be as interested (or not have any idea what I’m talking about half the time), can sort of gloss over these entries, if you so choose. But then you’d miss my acerbic wit!

And by the way, speaking of poker, allow me to just note for the record one more time that I hate losing, and even more than that, I hate losing to fucking idiots who have no idea how to play and get incredibly lucky over and over and over against me and make me crazy. These are the people that good players make their money off of, and usually I do too, but sometimes they get the best of me and I get really really mad and almost put my hand through the monitor a lot.

Okay, kvetch session over.

Le Weekend Update, Abridged

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I have a two hour conference call to take minutes on today, and a baby shower for a coworker I don’t especially care for, and I have to be in at 8:30 two days this week (yes, I know, that’s not so early, but believe me - for ME, it’s early). Not exactly the week I’ve been looking forward to, but at least the ending will be nice - PSB’s birthday is on Friday!

Friday night was spent swearing at the computer playing poker (although I think I ended up alright in the end), and then some good quality TV. USA’s lineup on Friday nights - Monk, House, and L&O SVU - is quite entertaining. If you threw in a CSI (which I think actually plays on Spike at around the same time) I’d be completely set.

Saturday PSB and I along with a few lovely lady friends went to see “Bodies” at South Street Seaport. Yes, I know it’s morally ambiguous at best (their body source was mostly from Chinese prisons, and possibly not donated with permission), but I’m not going to Philadelphia any time soon (where a similar exhibit is, with no moral quandaries). Regardless, it’s an amazing exhibit. It’s not really creepy, as it doesn’t feel quite real - everything looks a little plasticy. But you know what you’re looking at, and it’s quite fascinating. My favorite was the room showing all the blood vessels in the body, with nothing else - beautiful intricate red lace. . .

Saturday night we hit the Complacent party in East Williamsburg, which was fun. The space was cool (although we wished there had been more places to sit - we ended up on the front porch of a “shack” for a lot of the evening), B’s video was great, Seen’s video was great, Seej’s video was great (really, they all were), and A rocked the house with his music set. We loved everyone in their shirt and in their pants, but only a little bit.

(Some day I will explain this joke on the blog. . .)

Sunday PSB went off to a birthday brunch that I had planned on attending, but my half vowelege was still enough to knock me on my ass, so I stayed home and vegged. I fired up some Razz, again being a dork and playing way higher than I should, but the opponents are better, and my play improved greatly within the session - I ended up winning $200. PSB came home and we watched “Ghost in the Shell” (I had never seen it before - awesome!) and ate some Chinese food (different from smelling the Chinese food - another imbibement story for the future). I mustered up enough energy to go to poker (a mere two blocks away) where after quite the roller coaster of an evening, I won $5. Hooray!

The good news - now I don’t have to go on that conference call and take minutes.

The bad news - I have to put together 16 folders with printed and collated materials that are being sent to me as I type for a very important 2 p.m. meeting. Gooooooooooo, administrative professional!!!!

March 17, 2006

Back to back doozies on BoingBoing

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First, a link to find bars by address or subway stop in New York City - just punch in the address, and a bunch of local bars come up. Very very handy! Click here to try it out.

Then, someone combined a Nintendo Light Gun (gooooooooooooo Duck Hunt!) with a Sony Dream Station clock radio (I think EVERYONE had one of these at one point!). . .

I wuv you, BoingBoing.

Saturday Night:

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Saturday night Sneeker, Kissyfur, Brother Bacon, our special PDX guest, and I will be throwing down at this here event.


This is an invitation to the second event at our new space
in East Williamsburg. We’ve been diligently working to
build even more climbable sculpture, intimate nooks, and
immaculate dreamscapes into the new Complacent Nation / crime lab.

Last week 900 of you trekked across Brooklyn, without the L
train, to catch a glimpse of our latest fervent adventure.
We were all pleasantly surprised with the crowd, the
costumes, the spontaneity, the moments of indecency and the
sweat-inducing dance orgy that continued far past sunrise…
but you haven’t seen anything yet. Below is step two in
what we hope will be a continuing amplification of art,
sound and media in the Wilds of Brooklyn. Below is the
party you love, because you love danger.

This Saturday, March 18th
from 8pm through Sunday afternoon
A live exploration of indelicate ideas.

I (heart) DANGER

This is what it is to be alive…

Three zones featuring what your preacher warned of.
Starting at 8pm with live screen-printing by Antimart and
Peripheral Media Project, bring a shirt or panties and they
will show you how to print it with the “I (heart) DANGER”
logo. Learn public vandalism with LED lights by the
Graffiti Research Lab. The Madagascar Institute builds the
Danger Blender live and then makes you drinks in our outdoor
courtyard (weather permitting). And make your own cut/mash
record with Howie Wreckhords’s Fuzzpop Workshop.

These are things we should never do…

The room of Wood features music by:
Subatomic Sound System starting it off with one part band
one part beat blender with songs from their new album On All
Frequencies; then Synapse of Beautiful/Decay bringing
hip-hop to rare groove; Naked Slice of Jungle Terror spins
drum & bass to breakcore; Jason (DANGER) BK of Blackkat
brings electro to hard boiled techno; Joey Jupiter of Atomic
Babies brings a hardware live set of acid house and Kimyon
plays to the sunrise with his solid Detroit sound. Plus
sculptural work from Thomas Beale, hookas by hookaMike
and visual immersion with video and light sculpture by
ImageNode and Will (Nation).

The room of Brick features music by:
Peter Gunn of More Fire with a NYC’s best Grime set;
Habitrail vs. Nicholas Sauser battles live intelligent
techno with live oboe accompaniment by Jen K; Madaro vs.
Amok in a free tekno tag-team; $mall (c)hange brings the
beat down with his trademark eclectic mix; and DJ Ese brings
in the sunrise with beats and rhyme.

Plus fiery surprises in our outdoor area (weather permitting).

$10 at the door
$5 if you arrive before 9:30pm
Come early to see the live creation of Danger Art.

Arrive in costume and get free liquor. Think: the wild, the
danger, the beauty in the forbidden. If your costume lights
up (allot) you drink free all night. Ask for Will (Nation)
to get your drink tickets.

In order to come through you *must* RSVP at:

We have capacity for several hundred revelers, but your
enthusiasm has been consistently overwhelming (we love you
too) so we need to use an RSVP system to prevent
over-crowding. If you came to our last event and know the
secrets of our location please do not reveal it to anyone
else. *Everyone* will need a printed RSVP in order to get
through the door, each RSVP is good for you and two friends
who must be with you.

Alive and livid in the face of a Complacent Nation.

March 16, 2006


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One year ago today, Twin A brought the Polenblog online. Can you believe it’s been a year?

Looking back, we’ve had 468 posts and 737 comments so far. This post will be 469 (69, d00d!). We’re not quite sure how many people are reading us, but we think it’s somewhere around 100 a day. Not bad.

All I can say is that it’s been a pleasure kvetching for you. I look forward to more and more and more.

I also look forward to more IM Madness, more photos from B, and more posts from D (he’s up to 3 now, I think). I look forward to whatever madness the world throws at us, for it will undoubtedly end up here, for your hopeful enjoyment.

For the “new year” (break out the apples and honey, everyone!) I also thought it might be amusing to try an advice column - “Ask A Polenberg” - where people could send in their questions, and request a Polenberg to give them advice, or two of us, or all of us! This would be different than the Polenberg Decision Making Kit, which perhaps A or B will explain in the comments or a different post. In any case, askapolenberg*at* is now live, so feel free to send in a question, and which Polenberg(s) you would like to answer it. We won’t post your name, but we’ll certainly post a funny moniker if you come up with one. Or maybe we’ll just make one up for you. Send us silly questions or serious questions. This has Ann Landers potential, folks. Don’t miss out.

Thanks for a great year!

March 15, 2006

one of those days…..

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I have no idea what is going on

yesterdays shot

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what a good time they are having

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