March 30, 2006

text message fun…

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Message: Sucker?

Recipients: Twin A+C+D


Twin C: What up?

Twin D: What is up?

Twin A: Awwww

Twin D also placed a follow up call
to find out what was going on.
Just prey to my mindless afternoon
experiments. I love being a freelancer.
More doughnuts please.


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Deep Fried Creme Eggs.

Sneeker, Twin B and I headed over to A Salt and Battery on Greenwich Ave. last night to get us some tasty fried dinner, but more importantly, to allow me to try my favorite candy, kicked up a notch (my apologies, Emeril).

Before we get to the egg experience, I’d like to say that dinner was quite excellent - All the fish was fresh and tasty and their batter is really light and crisp. The onion rings were especially good, as were the chips (I’d never had chips before, and while a bit surprised they were basically fries and not “chippier” for lack of a better term, they were still good.)

And then, the egg. Oh, the lovely lovely Creme Egg. All I can say is, I took my first bite, and started laughing with glee. The crunchy batter coating, with the slightly melted chocolate shell and the almost liquid center, was truly exquisite. I didn’t even think it was going to be as amazing as it was.

Sneeker commented that from now on, I’m going to have to differentiate between normal Creme Eggs and Deep Fried Creme Eggs - “Honey, I brought home a few Creme Eggs - the non-deep fried variety.” I think he’s right.

I shall return, A Salt and Battery. Oh yes. I shall return.

Melts in your mouth, and on your hands.

P.S. Thanks to Sneeker for the pix!

Shout Out!

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Congrats to Polenpal Jonny Z, who was in the top three of a $3 rebuy tourney on Poker Stars, having outwitted a field of over a thousand people, and chopped for a MASSIVE profit!

Drinks are on you on your next NYC trip! Unless I can catch up to you first!

March 29, 2006

Pretty good start.

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I’ve become part of an online poker league through a great website, Full Tilt Forum. There was a draft last week, and as I’m mostly a lurker and have never played in the league before (this is their fourth season), I was drafted in the tenth round.

Fortunately, I’ve already proven myself - the first event was last night - a no limit hold em tourney, and I placed fourth out of 37th! Not too shabby.

It was actually an extremely easy tourney for me to play, as I was getting WHOMPED by the deck. I was looking at strong hands over and over and over. At one point, I had pocket aces, then a lame hand, then pocket aces again! (As one would hope would happen with aces twice in three hands, I doubled up, and then doubled up again, putting me into first with lots of room to spare.) I do think I got too passive once I had the big stack, as I should have started bullying around smaller stacks (I did take a few players out, but had strong hands when it happened - KK vs. 1010, for example). I also executed a Harrington “squeeze play”, but probably a little too hard, and I had a strong hand to boot. At the final table, my cards turned mostly to crap, but I was able to hang on, steal some blinds here and there (but not from teammates, unless I actually had a hand - then I would raise, and show them when they folded that I wasn’t being a jerk), and went out when someone wouldn’t let go of their pocket threes, all in preflop against my KQo - they flopped a boat and I was done.

Next week is a Razz tourney, which I’ve been playing a buttload of lately. Unfortunately, I’ve been losing for the most part, but mostly not from bad play. Or so I hope. I’d like to place high again, to make sure my team knows I’m a good, solid, well rounded player. (The captain is already under this impression, as she has placed me in eight of the nine tourneys!)

If you’re actually interested in following the action, the leaderboard can be found here. I’m DoctorSuckout. (The Doctor is in!) Our team placed third overall, but the second place team got penalized for having too many players in the tourney, so we moved up a slot.

March 28, 2006

Excellent link.

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Via Obscure Store:

I didn’t know you could win one of those!

nice day to blow it up

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job cancled but I still got to bill for it. very nice.

makes me wonder if I am going back to the playa.

March 27, 2006

An Idea

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Sorry, but no abstract poetry from me (at least not today). I came to a realization last week, and want to put it out there for all of you to ponder along with me.

I was staring at my computer at work, playing some dumb internet game to kill some time (it was close to 6 p.m. and I was about to go home anyway, but needed to wait and make sure my manager didn’t need anything done last minute), and I thought to myself sarcastically “I could do this all day”.

While I’m pretty sure that I could actually play Bejeweled 2 Deluxe all day, it’s not quite what I meant. It occurred to me that in terms of employment, I would be really happy if I could find a job where I could play. Not necessarily a game, but something with some sort of structured rules to be followed, and a goal of some sort, and preferably some sort of mental or creative challenge, with or without an element of chance. It could be competitive or cooperative. And of course it wouldn’t be all play, as there’s always meetings and paperwork and dumb stuff. But to find something where I could be engaged like that, would make me want to go to the office every day. I don’t have that in my life, and I know I’d be happier if I did.

The only real analogy I can come up with to explain it is if I was a stock trader - I’m well aware that that sort of position is practically gambling anyway. I’m not sure if that’s the right path for me though.

So now I’m brainstorming. And I’d like you to help. What job could I get where I can play, at least part of the time, preferably most?

Feel free to comment, ask questions if this is unclear, etc. etc. etc. Thanks!

March 26, 2006


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The view from the VJ table.

best skillcrane ever!

March 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Princess Sugar Britches!

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Hooray for my honey!

PSB had a small gathering at Botanica last night, which featured four Polenberg action for a good hour or so (A and B bailed, but D and I rocked on).

Today I am very tired, but somehow not really hung over. Work is very quiet. I’m just waiting for it to be 5 so I can bail.

Boring post. Sorry, suckers!

March 23, 2006

Morning Absurdity

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The alarm went off this morning at 7:50.

Which would be fine, except that I needed to be up twenty minutes earlier, to ensure I’d be to work by 8:30. The cat must have knocked the alarm over, or the battery is dying, or SOMETHING. Regardless, I was late. Very late.

“CRAP!” I yelled as soon as I could figure out what was going on. I somehow managed to shower and dress and get out the door in 20 minutes (facilitated by the fact that I probably should have shaved, but didn’t). I got to work at 8:40 - only ten minutes late. Not so bad. I quickly printed out the information I needed and headed to security, to pick up a candidate for a 9:00 interview.

Normally these candidates show up at 8:30, eager to begin their interviews and meet all the muckamucks. However, this candidate wasn’t there yet. And he wasn’t appearing. I asked security if he had checked in yet - they said “not yet.” I waited more. I stared at the weird blotches on the ceiling. I wished I had drank some of my coffee before running down there. And I waited more.

By 9:10, I figured something was up. I started calling human resources and the various people he was supposed to meet to see if anyone had heard from him.

Evenutally the recruiting people told me they had gotten a phone call - he had somehow gotten trapped in an elevator at his hotel, and no one had any idea when he’d be coming over.

I meandered back to my desk, feeling bad for the candidate, but also pissed at the circumstances - woke up stressed, hurried into work, and then waited around for nothing. BLEAH.

Is it Friday yet?

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