February 28, 2006

The Conspiracy Continues!

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Yesterday I found myself in a Duane Reade, buying a few things before my trip. I noticed all the Easter Candy was laid out on the shelves, and got very excited - you all recall my complete fascination with Creme Eggs. I decided to splurge a little and pay full price for a four pack.

I looked back and forth and back and forth, and there were none. NONE!!!! A few bags of Mini-Eggs (not even remotely the same) were all I could find.

Has Cadbury’s stopped making them? Is Duane Reade not carrying them? What’s going on???????

Nice catch, DKNY!

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I just found this in my inbox, courtesy of our friend DKNY:



February 27, 2006

Back from the cold.

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Apparently Twin A’s building lost power last night, so the blog was down for a while.

Now we’re back, just in time for a major kvetch attack from yours truly. Hooray!

I had the shittiest day at work today - mass hysteria in the office. I was so bombarded with e-mails I somehow missed a request from my (more important) manager to add two people to a meeting in the afternoon. I had to beg a bunch of information from people for a team meeting for my (slightly less important but much more demanding) other manager, as well as set up a project estimate in a web program I had only a little training on - I messed up a number of times and had to keep fixing it and asking other people for help. Manager number 1 also has a rather complicated organization chart that I kept having to make corrrections on (although I did figure out at one point how to move an entire branch of people at once, which I didn’t know how to do before, saving myself a good chunk of time).

And it’s fucking COLD!!!

You may remember some references to “meat rage” found here and here, for example. Well, last night I had duck rage. The Roving Gastronome is back in town after all her health difficulties (she’s looking great), and her friend Tamara (infamous for her Moth story last year) threw a monthly dinner party in her honor (RG, her hubby, Tamara’s beau, and her friend K [infamous for being part of Twin A and Kissyfur’s NYC wedding bash - lying on the banquet table, dressed as Cleopatra and topless] were among the cooks), and the main course was roast duck, stuffed with red rice, sausage and oysters. I could not stop eating it. The duck was so succulent and tasty. I kept attacking the carcass in front of me long after everyone has stopped eating, searching for just one morsel. . .

Two more nights before I’m on the plane. PSB leaves tomorrow. She’ll be home shortly to pack.

February 25, 2006

Poker Excitement!

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Send me good vibes, kids. I just sattelited into a $100,000 prize pool tourney, and I won $150 in the process! I managed to come in first - top nine made the big tourney, 45 slots got cash, but I got the most.

The top prize in this tournament would be a large incentive for me to quit my job. Actually, I’m hoping I win enough to cover the Vegas trip. I’ll take whatever I can get.

UPDATE: out, way out of the money. Some dumbass won his coinflip. I played well, only made one bad call, but was pretty card dead.

February 24, 2006

Liftoff, bitches.

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I’m out.

I’m meeting up with our intern from last summer and a few of my old coworkers for a drink. How cute!

No big plans Saturday, fun yummy dinner party Sunday.

What are YOU up to?

T-Minus 3 hours and 25 minutes

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until escape from the cube.

I neglected to blog about what an amazing Moth there was on Wednesday night - the theme was Law, and the stories were top notch. A retired cop named Steve Osbourne stole the show with a story about being recognized years later by someone who he had arrested but shown kindness for years earlier. The story itself was pretty interesting, but his manner and his relationship with the audience was really really outstanding - he had everyone hooked from the start with his sense of humor and his timing. In a strange twist, in the story he was recognized while in Washington Square Park while his girlfriend at the time (now his wife) went to the dentist a block away. We haven’t confirmed it, but I am pretty sure that the dentist is my uncle, who’s office is right there! Small world. Another “small world” moment - another storyteller, Liz Tuccillo (who talked about how she got herself arrested during the NYC RNC and not having the experience she expected), wrote the play “Joe Fearless”, which I saw years ago downtown and loved. The coincidence: my friend Jesse, who I didn’t meet until years later, came in during the run and took over the sound booth, which was apparently a mess until he fixed it. The Moth show also featured Barry Gibbs, who had a very moving story about being framed by a crooked cop and convicted of a crime he didn’t commit - he served 19 years before being exonerated; David Feige, a public defendant who talked about when he pushed the envelope a little further than usual while standing up for a defendant’s rights; and Peter Canby, who had a few run ins with the law in Mexico when he was younger, with amusing results. Hooray, PSB!!! You did it again, and this time while suffering from the plague (that I most likely gave you)! Wonderful job!

It’s really such a fringe benefit of being PSB’s boyfriend to get to go to all the Moth shows, meet the storytellers, crash parties, etc. etc. Sorry, suckers, she’s mine!!!

Last night we had dinner with Mike Daisey and his wife at the Market Cafe, around the corner from the Moth office. The food was tasty and the conversation divine. Mike has some shows coming up in a few months at Galapagos that sound like they will be fantastic - keep your eye out.

Now it’s t-minus three hours. I’m starving - time to get lunch.

February 23, 2006

Funny link on Procrastinet

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Procrastinet’s got a link to Monkey Disaster, which is a blog by a Seattle DJ. He’s got jokes created by his five year old, Charlie, that are really really funny. I think my favorite is:

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Dinosaur who?

This also makes me think of a Polenberg joke we came up with years ago:

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Jeffrey Dahmer. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!

We were older than five. But it’s still funny.

Honesty and Loyalty on the Polenblog

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It’s crossed my mind a few times that Twin A and I both know all four of our login passwords, and B and D could probably figure them out prettily easily. I sometimes log in as Twin A after we’ve been spam attacked, as his security level is highest, so I can delete the pesky spams that get through our first levels of defense. I did this yesterday, then forgot to log back in as myself, and left a comment today. I saw it under A’s name, realized my mistake, fixed it, and then logged in as myself. But think of the mischief!

Twin B: “BACON SUX!!!!!.”

Twin D: “I am in LOVE with ketchup! I’m going to take a bath in it later. I bought 50 bottles from the supermarket and I’m going to put them all in the tub and just roll around in it for hours. I can’t wait!”

Twin C: “So I’ve decided to stay at my job forever. Everyone is always so pleasant to be around, and I know all of my skills and talents are being utilized in the best possible manner. I’m also never playing poker again. It’s boring.”

Twin A: “I’ve sold all of my music on eBay, and bought the entire Barry Manilow collection instead. It’s all I’m ever going to listen to from now on.”

February 21, 2006

The Mammals, and What is Wrong with Corporate America

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Why should I blog at home, when I can be playing poker/watching CSI reruns? It’s much better to do it at work. Perhaps that is the first thing that is wrong with Corporate America.

The concert on Saturday night was exquisite. Tao, Michael and Ruth (the three “original” members of The Mammals) have never sounded better. They played songs almost exclusively from their new album, “Departure”, which is really fantastic. They’ve retained their very bluegrass/traditional sound, but applied it to songs that border on pop. I highly recommend getting the new album, as well as their older ones as well.

I ended up at Joe’s Pub much earlier than expected, and managed to grab what I think is the best table in the house - the huge round table on the first level. Twin D and squeeze showed up with some friends, as well as sneeker and sneekerlady, and we all squished in. The Notorious Ed Stern showed up later with D’s roommate Lisa, as well as Big Mike and his lady friend, but alas, we were already filled to the max. I really like Joe’s Pub, but it is expensive. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been drinking the Lemon Drop Martinis, or perhaps I should have only had two of them, but I ended up blowing a lot more money than I expected to. Oh well. It was still worth it.

Sunday was a lazy day with PSB and a tumultuous night at the home poker game. After being in for $30, going up big, and going back down big, I ended strong and left up $9. Twin D left early after cleaning house - he was up $20, at least. He and Squeeze are in Arizona, but are heading to Las Vegas for the day at some point during the week. If we’re lucky we’ll get a road report.

Speaking of Vegas, it appears that PSB’s job there is back on, saving us from a lot of inconvenience. I’m getting very excited. Jonny Z., I’ll be calling you soon.

Today’s work misdaventure involves my two managers, one of whom neglected to tell me that she needed to fly into a certain LA airport because she has meetings there, and she’s traveling tomorrow, but neglected to tell me that until this morning, so I had to rebook her into the new airport with less than a day’s notice. Somehow, the flight is cheaper. The other manager is now unable to fly (due to some top secret problem that has yet to be disclosed - medical issue?), but has a meeting next week in Charleston, South Carolina. This is not an easy place to take a train to. A very helpful Amtrak employee did figure out that you can leave Penn Station at 6:45 a.m. and get to Charleston at 6:45 p.m. I’m not envying her 12 hour train ride, although I’ve heard rumors that such rides can be fun.

February 20, 2006

Hooray for President’s Day!

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Our current president notwithstanding.

I’ll post about the Mammals concert later, if I haven’t destroyed my computer from the poker beats I’ve been taking/allowing myself to take.

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