January 30, 2006

Inflated, then Deflated.

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I’m wondering how many times I’ve already blogged about the same situation:

Holy crap! I’m doing amazing well on poker!

followed shortly by

Holy crap! I’m getting REAMED on poker!

That’s right. I lost everything I made last week at the same tables, and then some. Big hands were demolished by bigger hands, or smaller hands that turned huge. The neighbors practically called the cops on Sunday morning from all the screaming I was doing (fortunately for PSB, she was out). I did okay at last night’s table game, but it’s not really a consolation. The only thing I have going is that I still have lots of bankroll - it’s not like I’m out of money, I just lost a good chunk of it and will need to re-earn it, again.

On a more exciting front, I’ve started to contact career counselors to get some rate quotes and ideas about who I might work best with. It’s time to be moving on - the illusion of this job getting better is just that.

Off to a Moth slam at the Bitter End tonight (break from poker needed, although not necessarily wanted). . .

Happy Birthday Twin A!

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Yesterday was Twin A’s birthday.

Everyone was too lazy to blog about it, or all partied out from A’s little shindig the night before.

Twin A, hope you had a great day!

Please post a comment telling your favorite Twin A story. 100 words or less fewer(???).

January 27, 2006

Definitely worthy of mention:

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I found this off of one of the poker sites I can access at work (SUCKERS!!!!), in an “off-topic” section:

The BEAST 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2005.

EDIT: now with new and improved spelling of the word “definitely”. Will someone please tell me when there are typos? I won’t be offended, in fact I’ll be gratified.

January 26, 2006

What to do tomorrow night?

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Why, help out with a Moth mailing, of course!

Fantastic Volunteers: start your Friday evening here with us!

The Moth’s spring calendars are going to be delivered tomorrow afternoon and we’re having a mailing party!
Stop by for wine, labeling and laughs - even if it’s just for an hour or two.

Where: The Moth office - 330 West 38th Street, Suite 1403 (between 8th and 9th)
When: Tomorrow - 4pm until the sun comes up
Added bonus: You’ll get to meet our new Program Associate, Cameron!

*** Please e-mail sarah@themoth.org to RSVP.

See you soon and thanks!

Sarah Austin Jenness
The Moth

Good ole Fafblog.

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I’m always amazed at how good it is. And how funny. And how scary.

A conversation with the President.

Why My Coworker Annoys Me.

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Allow me to start this kvetch by saying that I just deleted the first version of this entry, completely by mistake, and now I’m even more annoyed.

The woman sitting across from me is driving me insane today, and it might be due to a lack of sleep (went to bed too late/loud pinging noises from the radiator in our room kept waking me up), but I’ve figured out why.

It’s not because she’s not nice, because basically, she is (despite previous/current(?) backstabbing, which I am choosing to ignore).

It’s because she can’t have a normal conversation with anyone. Not due to what she’s saying, which is invariably banal, but how she says it. Every third sentence out her mouth is an over-exaggerated reaction, three emotions too big. It’s overly loud and totally fake and I don’t understand why people like it. Sometimes she doesn’t even respond with words - she makes some huge “Ehhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaah?!?!?!??!” noise at her manager. It makes me CRAZY. Sometimes she’s quiet about it, but not today, and I’m not in the mood to deal with it.

Last night was a beautiful and touching Moth, featuring what has been regaled as the Best Moth Story Ever - Anthony Griffith spoke about how at the same time as he was being called back to perform stand up for Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show, his two year old daughter relapsed and died from cancer. It was sad and powerful, and very brave of him to be able to tell it. Also featured: Edgar Oliver telling a story about how his mother kept him and his sister a little too close to her when they were younger (the mom sounded, shall we say, rather intense), and how they plotted to fly away from France to get away from her; Linda Ellerby talking about how she got into television - she got fired from her first journalism job by typing a letter on a computer linked to an early version of the internet - the letter somehow ended up with every newspaper in the country, and contained some rather personal comments about her job and her boss; James Braly with a story about his sister getting married while in a hospice; and Pamela Yates, telling about how she almost got killed while shooting her first documentary, but how the experience led her into really finding the meat of the film. There was also a send-off for Katy Cox, the Moth musician/timekeeper, who is moving to Austin. She and Jefe will be hanging out in the near future, no doubt.

Hooray PSB for a fantastic show!!!!!!!!

PSB stayed out with the Mothies for a while, but I was tired and wanted to go home before it got too late (I don’t know what time she came in, but I know it was LATE). I ran home, played some more 8/16 Razz for a half hour before bed, and made another $150. Sweet! I might be running a little hot, but this is really hiking up my bankroll! I guess also a sign that I’m playing above my head? I’m just not afraid of the game though - I’ve even gotten to the point where against the right opponent, I’ll call with a big door card, just to catch them stealing if the right card comes on fourth street. We’ll see what happens tonight.

Sorry, I, I, I Can’t Hold It No Longer

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Tokyo pictures are posted! With no explanation of what the hell everything is! Use your crazy and perverse imaginations! Put exclamation point after exclamation point in your head! Huzzah!

Play “Find The Jew’s Ear” Here

Note: I had some weird problems using the back and forth buttons in Firefox — I’m not sure my version of Photoshop is making valid HTML anymore. Going back to the main page seems to fix shit, though. In fact, now that I test it, I click on some thumbnails, and other pictures come up. Dude, that’s fucked up. I’ll fix it soon. Sorry.

January 25, 2006

Dirty dirty dirty, and geeky too.

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This just in from JL, the electronics master:

Electro Fun!

I feel dirty, I mean sweaty, I mean, um, a little weird.

January 24, 2006

The Big Rebound

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I stepped into the higher level razz game again ($8/$16), and came out ahead, big time.

I made $250 in about a half an hour - probably my best profit ever, or close to it.

It’s funny, because I saw some HORRIBLE play - much worse than at the $3/$6 level where I usually play.

I started the night playing lots of hold ‘em, and at one point overplaying aces and throwing away $50 when some jackass caught a second seven to his 7-8 suited. Was my reraise pre-flop not big enough? Perhaps. Still my fault for donking my stack away. I rebuilt, and moved over to razz. When I sat down at the table, I saw that there was a lot of action, and that I’d need to be patient and not get caught in a bad situation. Almost immediately I lost a third of my stack, when I hit my first four low cards against an opponent I was OBVIOUSLY lower than, but bricked out the rest of the hand. (I made some horrid groaning/infuriated noise that amused PSB and her guests.) I tightened up, waited until I got good starting hands again, and let loose a volley of raises. People were calling raises with 9s and 10s showing, and with two big cards up (big no-nos in razz). I got back to my buy in, then up $100, then up $200. Usually this is when I lose a few big hands, lose my profit, and leave even or down a drop. But not last night. It got to the point where no one was giving me any action - I’d raise and everyone would fold. Had it not been so late, I would have stayed on and used that fact to my advantage, but I was exhausted due to the leaky roof incident, so I left with my winnings.

I’m still not convinced I have a large enough bankroll to play at that level, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got the skills to play there and not lose my shirt.

Twin A called in the midst of the madness. I yelled “Konichiwa!” at him a few times. I’m glad he and Kissyfur are home and safe, and glad they had such an amazing trip. Perhaps PSB and I will go there some day too.

January 23, 2006

Fiddledy Fee

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We’re home, and only slightly tired. We’ll see how the jetlag thing goes tonight.

Highlight of our stay at the Narita Excel Tokyu hotel: Watching dubbed ‘The A-Team’ episode on Japanese TV. Mr. T talking in Japanese = priceless. They got the growls right, at least.

Sleeping in a bed (last night) sure beat sleeping on the airport floor (Saturday night), also. Good stuff.

Pictures up tomorrow night hopefully, unless I go out and have NYC-style fun.

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