November 30, 2005

waste a little time with this

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Most of the shorts are really funny, don’t watch
the backseatsman, sucked, but the rest are really

November 29, 2005

The B Dollar

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In honor of Twin B and Sneeker moving, I will tell you all a story about a legendary trophy that now lives in my wallet: the B Dollar.

Years ago when I lived in Astoria, I used to wander around the neighborhood looking for bars to go to, restaurants to try out, video stores to rent from, etc. etc. I was in a Blockbuster once, spending the requisite two hours looking for something fun, when I kept thinking I heard people bowling. “Someone must be moving boxes downstairs or something,” I decided, “because there’s no alley around here!” A few months later I was on a wander, and I past the Blockbuster, and then saw a few doors down was an awning with stairs leading down. Down to a bowling alley!!!! I was so excited, as bowling is one of my favorite sports (barely a sport, but I think it counts), and I went down to investigate. Downstairs was a little on the dirty and grungy side - it didn’t look like they had renovated since the 50s. It was PERFECT. Sixteen lanes, a small bar/lounge with a jukebox and a pool table, a little snack bar - they had it all. The prices were ridiculously low - three dollars a game, and maybe a dollar fifty for shoes. I couldn’t wait to come back and bowl. You were still allowed to smoke inside bars and the like at that point, and once we started going, we discovered that if it wasn’t crowded, you could smoke just about anything you liked, and they didn’t notice and/or care.

On one bowling excursion, Big Mike, Twin A, myself, possibly Sneeker, and possibly Twin B were playing and drinking and smoking and having the best time ever. One of us went to buy something, and noticed that their dollar was from the “B” reserve (Federal Reserve, Bank of New York, New York) (Single dollar bills still have this, but the newer 20s and such don’t) - we immediately grabbed it, wrote a huge B over the B, and declared it the B Dollar. Coincidentally, there was a 16 pound ball with huge finger holes that we had at our alley - somebody was trying to use it - and the name etched into it said “B PARK”. It was decided that whoever could throw a strike with B PARK would win the B Dollar. We got to work. It was really hard - I think B PARK actually weighed 18 pounds - between the weight and the huge finger holes, you had pretty much no control over it. But my money making skills when bowling are top-notch (I won $1900 bowling a strike at a Moonlight Bowl years ago), and eventually, I hit the strike. The B Dollar became mine. I shared its glory with Big Mike by taping it to our fridge. Somehow neither of us ever were so desperate for change when ordering Chinese food that we ripped it off to hand it to the delivery guy. It remained there for years, until I moved out, and now it stays in my wallet, right next to the Josh Dollar, which I did not earn in any way - I just found it at some point.

Ask me to see them both, and you too may bask in their glory.

for the love of Polenbergs and Kaplans

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If u have ever loved, hated, or felt indifferent
towards a Polenberg or a Kaplan!,
Please come and help them move to their new diggs,
this saturday the 3rd around 12/1pm at their new address.
666 (hail Satan) Flushing Ave. Apt 3R

take the G to flushing stop and walk towards bway
or the JM to flushing and walk towards the city (west).

Craft service will be provided and a meal will be
owed/provided to whomever helps.
Twin A and Kissyfur are excempt from this request since
they will be taking Prog from us,
and I know how much they want prog.

Please call and confirm that u are going to help.
moral support is appreciated but physical help moves boxes.

who could refuse this face!

thanks ahead of time!
email me with any questions!

November 27, 2005

A word from our sponsor.

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Well, not really, but I’m going to ask for your help, and it’s easy to do.

Our aunt runs an adoption agency that specializes in children with special needs. They used to get a lot of money from NYC to support them, but funds have been switched and they are relying heavily on donations.

They have set up a donation program through two websites, Amazon and

For Amazon, just go to their website, (I’ve also put it in “Friends of Polenblog”), and click on the Amazon link. It will automatically give a percentage of your sale to Family Focus.

For IGive, go to and create an account, and if you do any other internet shopping, shop through them.

Any support would be greatly appreciated, and if you’re shopping anyway, you might as well do some good too, right?

Coincedentally, the PostSecret book is coming out this week, and they need good sales for their first two weeks - you could support both them and Family Focus by buying their book on Amazon. I plan on doing this, as well as maybe picking up some DVDs/games. . .

It’s been. . . so very quiet!

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Where have all the Polenbergs gone?

Turkey Day was fun, but unusually quiet for us - we are used to 20+ people, with babies and dogs and a general cacophony surrounding the day. This year it was only the immediate family and significant others, but no wives - alas, Kissyfur wasn’t feeling well and chose to remain at home. We ate our 7,000 calories and enjoyed the silence, to some extent. It also warmed my heart that the family sat around watching poker together on tv, alternating with whatever football games were on.

Friday was spent catching up with various old friends - my friend Tran was in from Alaska, where he has gone to work in the legal field to gain some experience before coming back to NYC to work. I went to where he and his wife live - Greenpoint - and we shot some pool and perused movies in Blockbuster, which I always find amusing. I could spend two hours in a movie store - the boxes are 99% of the time better than whatever movie is inside.

We also had friends back at the apartment - Jupie and Scott were in from Denver, and PSB’s friend Steve came and stayed over. I have linked to Steve’s website in “Friends of Polenberg” - check him out. The man has They Might Be Giants ringtones. His blog will be good. (My ringtone is currently “Eye of the Tiger” - I may need to switch it up after hearing parts of “Fingertips” play when his phone rang.)

Yesterday we had brunch with a friend, and met her three kitties, one of whom was a purebred pixie bobcat - an unusual breed with the most interesting cat feet I’ve ever seen - they were huge pads, with big separated toes.

Tonight is poker, which will feature some old faces at the table, as well as a new one - my old friend Justin is coming.

They say that brevity is the soul of wit, but I don’t feel like I’ve written anything even vaguely interesting. I’ve still never even talked about Decom last week - great party, the Node got shanked by having to turn their audio off, fantastic vowledge experience but no sleep again! And I could talk about “seeing the angles” when playing pool, or how back in the old days Big Mike, Twin A and I WOULD spend two hours in the Blockbuster, or how Justin once punched a hole in the kitchen wall in Big Mike and my apartment during a poker game (he was drunk - drunker than I thought), and adamantly denied it every time we brought it up in the future. Come to think of it, I’ve also barely written about Burning Man, and that was months ago already. But alas, instead I will go wash dishes. These stories will have to wait.

November 24, 2005


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Happy Thanksgiving from the Polenbergs!

Enjoy your day.

November 22, 2005

so walking the streets

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Walking down 6th Ave, some dood offers me a Cd. His Cd, hip hop.
I don’t take it although I made the mistake of looking in his direction. So when I
walked on by he started saying that I looked like a narc. ME A NARC!!!!!
Thats right! You’re all fucked, I turned in all u polenbergs in yesterday. The worst
one of the three is accually Twin D, Bufu frogs. Licking frogs, now thats fucked up.

A few little Hussid kids start yelling at me from the hussid bus they were in, they called
me “Mr. Lady”. Thats all just, “Mr. Lady”. Long hair can really warp some peoples sense
of gender. I thought about mooning them or flipping them off but only muddered
“munyucks” under my breath.

One last short one. Dood runs across a street to ask me for money. It where he was
running from that made me snicker, a liquor store. I didn’t help him that day.

“this town needs an enema”
The Joker

A few quick things

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Have you heard that the World’s Ugliest Dog died? We’ll miss you, Sam, even if you were scary looking.

Have you heard that there are between 4,000 and 7,000 calories in the typical Thanksgiving dinner? Your daily caloric intake is supposed to be somewhere around 2,500 a day. It’s INSANE!!!!

Have you heard about the lonesome loser? Beaten by the Queen of Hearts every time. . . (sorry, I couldn’t resist. Gooooooooo, Little River Band!)

UPDATE: one more! Have you heard that A Random Fact about Vin Diesel has expanded? There are now facts about Chuck Norris and Mr. T as well. The top 30 are hysterical for both. My current favorite: Chuck Norris appeared in the “Street Fighter II” video game, but was removed by Beta Testers because every button caused him to do a roundhouse kick. When asked about this “glitch,” Norris replied, “That’s no glitch.” (Thanks to Kid Dynamite for bringing this to my attention.)

Very Cool Video (turn on your speakers)

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November 21, 2005

So. . . tired

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I don’t have the energy or the brain power to write a full post. The Decom was awesome. The comedown is still kicking my ass.

More tomorrow when I’m back to normal.

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