October 20, 2005

The Mystery of PSB

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PSB and I met Kerry at Burning Man this year. She is awesome! She started reading the blog when she got back, and recently sent me this in an e-mail:

So what the heck does PSB stand for anyway? Porn star babe? Perfectly snuggly buttercup? Perky Shiva Burnzie? Pulsing sinous brainwasher? Photometrical señorita bugaboo? Prophetic storytelling belle? Did I get any of the words right? Just wondering…..

It’s actually Princess Sugar Britches, but any of these work well too. Except it should be Perky Shiksa Burnzie instead.


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Twin A told me about this earlier this week, which I found fascinating: A new process for creating diamonds and how it’s going to change the gem industry as well as the computer industry (and probably a lot more too!).

Let My People Go!

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Check out this section of yesterday’s Overheard in New York.

I like it because I actually bought Heeb for the first time, as Jamye’s got her picture in it, getting funky with a shofar. Sarah Silverman’s looking hot on the cover, too. You can see Jamye’s picture on her website as well, in her blog. Scroll down to October 10th or so.

October 19, 2005

A quick brag.

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Some people argue that you should never lay down pocket kings at a cash table. I have to disagree.

In this scenario, I had managed to earn a HUGE stack quickly on a 50 cent/$1 table, catching a set over another set, and an idiot calling an all in with my pocket aces against his A2 (there was an two on the board). There was one other big stack on the table, who had less money than me, but still a sizable amount.

The very last hand I was going to play, I was the first to act, with the pocket kings. I put in a $3 raise, it folds around the board to the big blind, who waits a bit, then reraises me to $15. I bump it to $45, and he pushes all in for $180.

If I win this, I’m up a SHITLOAD. But I didn’t like the situation. Why would he push all in unless he had the aces? Unless he had AK, which is really ballsy, or QQ, also balsy since I reraised him (unless he thought I had AK). I just didn’t like it, so I laid it down. He showed his aces, and I did a happy dance in my seat.

Even with the $45 I lost on the hand, I made about $200 in an hour. One of my best returns ever. It helps that I’ve figured out razz as well, to some extent.

Off to the movies to see A History of Violence. I’ve been wanting to see it for a while, though I’ve heard mixed reviews. I think I’m going to love it.

Excellent little poker story

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Here’s part of an e-mail I got from Jonny Z., a good friend of A’s and a pal of mine as well:

last night at SLCC in the early going, i was on the button and jeremy, a loose aggressive player on my right, had raised after a couple limpers. i looked down and saw AA, so i reraised. MJ, in the small blind, was somewhat short-stacked and pushed all-in. everyone folkds back to jeremy, who calls the all-in. i push all-in, putting more of jeremy’s money in. we flip over, and MJ has 99; jeremy has AK. i dont know the stats offhand, but i’m obviously a huge favorite. the flop comes, helping no one– i’m a bigger fvaorite. it was at this point that i realize that my pocket aces are suited. yes, i have pocket aces of clubs. for good or ill, i frantically point this out, halting all action. i am apologized to profusely by the person who had counted the decks, and we rewind all betting. i am assured that karma will get me for my magnanimity, and indeed it does: i wind up +$140 for the night, trouncing everyone.

October 18, 2005

Stupid Work Stuff.

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I’ve been informed that a few of the admins are gossiping that I come in later than everyone else. One of them, who used to support one of the two managers I used to work for (hereby referred to as Indira and Latoya - randomly chosen funky names, plus think of all the extra blog hits we’re going to get when someone googles latoya jackson! Sweet.) said “Indira better not call me if he’s not in yet! She’s a morning person!” These two yentas think that because they come in at 8:15 and leave at 4:15, that’s when everyone else should work as well. Both of them obviously have nothing better to do, so they must try to make trouble at my expense. Of course, what they should actually do is talk to me about it, but instead, we’re back in junior high. It makes me want to go to the cafeteria and sit by myself.

I was told this by another coworker, who I really am fond of as she is sweet and funny and also doesn’t really want to work here but doesn’t know what she really wants to do, during lunch - she treated me to some Japanese food as I had helped her out with some technical problems she was having with our company’s computer conferencing system. I generally ignore the nonsense that goes on around me in the corporate world, but two nights of not enough sleep has left me insanely cranky, and now I am so infuriated I want to put tacks on their chairs. Never mind that one of the two women is now sitting across from me on the farm, and hasn’t been by her desk in three hours but turned her phone ringer up all the way before she left.

Fortunately, most of my anger blew over, when someone outside was offering pieces of candy to whoever could figure out the math problem he had written on a whiteboard easel he set up- he’s been out before, and I couldn’t quite figure out either question, but he was so happy to have some people thinking about the problem (and appreciated the fact that I had remembered the last one) that he showed us how to do them (they both involved fractions, something I haven’t thought about since high school, if not earlier). It was really fun.

Last night was another fantastic Moth show at the NYPL, where I got to meet all of the story tellers, whose works I suggest you start seeing/reading if you never have: Eric Bogosian (very nice but a little nervous), Edith Grossman (very cool translator who has two shares a vice with PSB and me: Law and Order reruns), Michael Rips (who stole the show with his story which can be found in his book The Face of a Naked Lady), Flash Rosenberg (photographer/writer/cartoonist/clown/performer), and Dr. Alan Rabinowitz (who, among a myriad of accomplishments, convinced the cabinet of Belize years ago to create the first jaguar sanctuary). Amazing stories all around - awesome job, PSB, as usual! We celebrated with a late night dinner and drinks nearby, where I ended up making Twin A and Nobody But Yours eat everything I ordered, no matter what, including dessert - a fruit and cheese plate, blood orange sorbet, and tiramisu. Mmmmmmmmmm.

October 17, 2005

BoingBoingin’ and PostSecret

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BoingBoing, as usual, has some amazing posts from the past few days, as well as a present someone can buy me!

UPDATE: As long as I’m pushing websites, PostSecret is especially poignant this week. Check it.

Sunday Hilarity!

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I should have guessed it was going to be a good day.

Sunday morning PSB and I were in bed, about to have a, um, personal moment, when the Beast jumped up in the bed with us. PSB said “No, honey, not now”, and put her out of the room, but the Beast was not to be denied - she pushed the door open and jumped back in bed, and settled down into a corner, right when things were heating up. PSB and I both thought it was funny, and cute, and as we started smooching again the thought of her in the bed with us struck us both as amusing, and we both started hysterically laughing. Every time we settled down and tried to kiss again, one of us would start to laugh, and that would set us off again. Neither of us had laughed that hard in a long time.

Afterwards, I headed out to Central Park for the MP3 Experiment 2.0. When I got to Sheep’s Meadow, I couldn’t decide where to go - you were instructed to sit anywhere in the meadow. I looked for a bunch of people sitting in the grass, and found my own little spot, and waited for the signal. It looked like there were a lot of people participating, but you couldn’t be sure - some people might just have been hanging out in the park. At about 3:15, we were given the go sign, and I hit play. After two minutes of cute music with children’s laughter over it, our guide “Steve, the Omnipotent One” introduced himself, and had us look around to see who else was listening. Steve then asked us to stand up, and I could see I was surrounded by people listening as well. We waved at each other, and then up at Steve. Steve then had us do arm circles and leg circles to warm us up a little, and then had us all dance to “Bust a Move” (which, coincidentally, is on my MP3 player right now!). We were then instructed to make our way over to “the Rock” - the big rock in the southeast corner, by way of zombie-walking with our arms out (some people were shambling more than others - I tried to shamble, but realized I was going to be left behind) to the sounds of “Thriller” (invoking Thriller-video-dancing from some of the walkers).

As we arrived at the Rock, We were told to give the person next to us a hug - but when I hugged the person next to me, she looked confused. Steve told us “Ha ha! You’ve downloaded one of four different versions of the Experiment!” (NICE!!!!), and we were introduced to our guides for the next section - the Dolphin, the Sailor, the Astronaut, and the Bumblebee (four American heroes). I was told to go off with the Bumblebee, who had us buzz over to some trees to the Flaming Lips’ “Buzzin” (another favorite of mine), and pollinate them with “Bee Balls” - little bouncy balls with sayings like “Bee Friendly” and “Bee Obedient” on them - by rubbing our balls on the trees. Slightly obscene in the telling, but hysterical in the doing.

We all buzzed back to the Rock, for the next section - a giant Rock Paper Scissors game, with the groups facing off. We were told to throw scissors, and cut another team’s paper, getting us into the finals. We then threw paper, but the other team did too, so it was a tie, and we were told to throw paper again, and the other team threw. . . rock! And the Bees take it! Our Bee leader buzzed around us singing “We Are the Champions, Bees are the Champions!” and we all waved our arms. The other team gave us the finger and looked generally annoyed.

To finish up, we were told to blow up a bunch of beach balls and smack them around. Some people could inflate them faster than others, and we got a good number of them blown up, but a gust of wind blew them all away as we were doing it, which was really funny in its own right (I’m sure the park people weren’t pleased with a bunch of beach balls blowing around). Steve thanks us, and had us walk to the fountain to congregate, to “Saturday in the Park”, where some people thought more was going to happen - I just waited to see Agent Todd, who I had met on a job about a year ago and who told me about Improv Everywhere, to tell him how much fun it was and to thank him (Agent Todd has also been to the Polenblog, when he Googled MP3 experiment 2.0 and found my posts). I also ran into Chris, a guy I’ve played some poker with, and on the way back, StacyCats and a few other Burner types, all who had as much fun as I did (Chris said his player was seven seconds behind, so he was a little confused).

I’m not sure if my explaining what happened gives it justice. It was absolutely amazing. I’m definitely getting involved with future projects, and I’m a little annoyed with myself for not doing anything with them sooner. Well done, IE!!!!!

I did have a slight moment of weirdness during the Experiment, as I was 75% sure I saw an ex walking through the park - she has very distinguishable hair, so it’s hard to miss her, and when she turned so I could see her face it looked kind of like her, but she was wearing sunglasses. I know she’s lost a lot of weight since we were together (it was over two years ago when I broke up with her) so I couldn’t be sure if it was her. She was also wearing clothes I wouldn’t necessarily think she would wear. It was just a little odd, as I was told by her when we were together, if we ever saw each other I was not to ever talk to her if we broke up, and I don’t like being forced into that sort of situation. I prefer to remain friends with my exes, if not at least friendly. I understand it can be difficult emotionally. Especially if the other person is kind of crazy, as this ex was (well, maybe not crazy, but definitely intense), and certainly the ex who works at this company (see my entries from the end of April for more information).

My last moment of hilarity happened as I was playing poker online last night (the Sunday night table was cancelled due to lack of available players) - some jackass with a relatively short stack was minimum raising with everything. Minimum raises have another name - “pot sweeteners” - they don’t scare anyone out, and usually mean that at best you have a mediocre hand. Anyone with a real hand (or trying to run a bluff) will want to put in a more sizable raise, to knock out more players - the less players you’re against, the easier it is to win a hand. It’s a $.50/$1 no limit hold ‘em table, so this clown is raising from $1 to $2 - pretty much meaningless. When I pick up pocket kings, I’m psyched. There’s a minimum raise to $2, and then the clown raises one more dollar to $3. When it gets to me, I make it $6 (perhaps a mistake? I should have made it more?), and everyone folds except the clown, who calls. The flop is K75, rainbow. I’m thinking “GOLDEN!!!”. He checks, I check, thinking I am invincible. The turn is a three, he checks, I bet something like three quarters of the pot, and he calls. I figure maybe he’s got a set as well, but I’m going to take his entire stack. The river is a 6, and he bets out big. I see the straight possibility, but think to myself, “How could he possibly be playing a four to the river?”, and put him all in. He calls, and turns over 47 offsuit for the straight. I was so pissed. Insanely pissed. I guess my reraise wasn’t big enough, but how do you call a reraise with that? In retrospect, I bet it all wrong, I should have just bet the flop and scared him off, or put him all in on the turn, but seriously, why even play 47 offsuit? Instead of not saying anything (which is what you should do - don’t tell a bad player he played bad - you want bad players at your table), I taunted him for the next half hour, any time there’s a four or a seven on the board, I tell him he’s winning. Eventually his idiotic play gets him busted (and I don’t even get the satisfaction of doing it - I had a shot on a flush draw that I might not have been getting the odds to call, and missed). I ended up doing okay on the night, but I should not have let that happen. I do have another problem though - I am addicted to Razz, and I’m playing at too high a limit for my bankroll. I shouldn’t play any higher than $1/$2 limit, but I’ve been sitting at $3/$6 limit, and getting my ass handed to me over and over, and most of the time it’s not bad play, just bad luck. I could just be running a little cold, but I’ve dropped a significant amount of money there.

Now I’m at my desk, slacking away - all the managers are at a meeting in Miami for the week, so I don’t have much to do except clean up my desk and schedule some meetings for manager #1.

There’s a Moth tonight at the library which I’m really looking forward to, as I’m going to get to meet one of the higher-ups at the Bronx Zoo, that I have fantasies about working at, instead of here. I’ll also get to meet Eric Bogosian, which will be neat as well.

October 15, 2005

Mmmmmmmm, video games.

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Here’s a great link sent to me by seej -

A perspective on the evolution of video games.

Enjoy! Thanks seej!!!

It’s moved to tomorrow!!!!

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If anyone was going to go to the MP3 Experiment, it’s moved to tomorrow at 3 p.m.

Here’s the webpage again:


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