June 27, 2005

BBR Lives!

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So nobody and I had a very productive Saturday, and have almost completely finished the interface for BBR. All that’s left is making stepfiles for the 3 songs we’re going to use at the party, and making sure that all the sounds have been replaced with our sounds. If any of you have a clip of GWB saying “Revolution”, let me know. Though it will probably just be funny to make him say “evolution”, which im sure he says a lot.

anyway, behold the screenshot!


June 24, 2005

Time for a change

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Let it be known throughout the whole of the Universe
and Metaverse that I will no longer be answering to
the name Twin b, Twin B,or B, from now on.
My name is David. I understand this may be hard for
some but see it my way, the wolves called me by my
real name. Why shouldn’t you?
This does mean that I need a new playa name.
Any suggestions?
For me to either ridicule or commend, but
more likely ridicule silently while chewing on my hair.

***this does not apply to Polenbergs but does apply
to their fabulous ladies. Sorry ladies.****

June 23, 2005

Attend Or Perish!

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What is that moving in the corner of the lab? And what of that eerie glow?
The monkeys have an eager gleam in their eyes! The test tubes boil viridian!
The mice are ripping the bars off their cages as the needle on the gene-splicer
tilts towards Overload, and the Victrola begins to emit a seductive squealing…
Why are we so terribly compelled to dance? It is time for…

experiments in synaesthesia

Saturday July 2nd
9 PM - 4 AM Subtonic
12 AM - 4 AM Tonic
107 Norfolk St.
Free Beer from 9 PM - 11 PM, brought to you by Red Stripe!
all proceeds to benefit The Node, making art in Black Rock City, NV and NYC!

with live music by:
Chronic Electronic Orchestra (BML) * Habitrail (Robot Fuel, The Node)
Professor Space Jazz (Heatercore) * The Holy Mobot (Robot Fuel)
Sean Smith (Microcosm) * Live Vocals by Rhiannon (The Shift, Full Cut Bookings)

Jason BK (Blackkat) * Spinoza (The Bunker)
KleverVice (The Bunker) * Vitamindevo vs Bianca
North Guinea Hills * SeanK (The Node)

seeJ (The Bunker, V4, The Node) * The Housewives’ Guide To Anatomy (The Node)
nobody.but.yours (The Node) * chiaki * Chika
Giles Hendrix (The Bunker, V4) * Andy Graydon

Art Installations:
Bush Bush Revolution * Bubbletronics by Anakin Koenig Airways
Blinkytronics by The Node, Spec, and Leo Villareal
And Even More Surprises



That’s right, Polenblog lovers. Be there or forever know that Twins A and B feel spurned by you.

Failing at mailing.

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Here’s a perfect example of the crap at work that I don’t want to do:

I have to mail 115 people a photo of their team (there are 14 different teams), a booklet, and three sets of documents with three loose attachments.

I am staring at the boxes and cursing in my head. A lot.

Feh feh feh feh feh!!!!!!!!!

June 22, 2005

Oh my gawd its Spruce

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I could not resist another one of Kenny Logins, his guitar playing kept me from going on the hunt.
There were so many deer, so many.

The next voice mail. . .

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The casting director just left me voice mail. It seems that they are not coming to New York this weekend, so they’re doing phone interviews. I just left her a message, and am waiting to hear back.

More updates as they happen!

Experiments in Neurosis

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I have not heard back from the Poker Cruise people yet. I’ve left them two messages yesterday, one with my work number, and one with my cell number. And they haven’t called back yet.

Normally this would send me into a crazed stupor where I would bombard their office with phone calls. A lot of phone calls. I don’t think I would leave more than one message, but there would be a LOT of phone calls. But instead, I will be patient. Twin D said “Don’t call them today. You don’t want them to think you’re some kind of freak.” I agree.

This patience is difficult to control. It’s as if I’m being asked to sit on heating pad set on “super-hot” in the middle of summer, and if I move off of it at all, my air conditioner, sitting just out of reach, gets dropped off a building and I have to watch as it smashes into a million pieces. Just like the Lego Castle. And I love my air conditioner and don’t want it to smash into a million pieces, but I’m sure if I just move a little bit I could solve this whole heating pad thing. If I just move a tiny little bit NO IT’S FINE LEAVE MY AC ALONE I won’t move. Dammit.

I used to do this with women I was dating. If I didn’t hear from someone who I liked and had called them earlier, they would get follow-up messages, one every hour and a half or so. Unless I thought of something important between scheduled messages. And that didn’t include the phone calls I would make without leaving messages.

Fortunately I have moved on from that state of mind. Except for now. It’s not as bad as that. But it’s still frustrating.

At least I can call my voice mail over and over and over and it doesn’t annoy anyone.

June 21, 2005


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Just heard back from Reality Poker Cruise, and I have been selected as a finalist.

I have to schedule a time to speak with them this weekend.

Thank you all for your good vibes. And thank you again, PSB and Nobody, for all your help with the audition tape.

June 20, 2005

watch out for the crack

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The move approaches.

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Welcome back, A and B, and all other Sprucifiers! B, awesome pictures so far. PolenMom kept saying how you got up at 5 a.m. one morning to go shoot.

PSB and I look forward to going to the island next year. Good thing the mayor loves you now.

Saturday night was fantastic. Jesse and I had tasty Japanese tapas, then headed over to the Ballroom for a rockin show. D and Squeeze showed up with a huge posse, and we all got lost in the lounge. Richard Cheese, you’re the best. Thanks for a great show. And for getting that girl to flash us all.

Yesterday was a peaceful day with the ‘rents. I threw out more of my childhood - actually, mostly my college textbooks and notebooks. Apart from some amusing ramblings with friends about how boring class was and how I was always fighting with my girlfriend, not much to keep. We also threw away most of our childhood toys - shards of Construx pieces, GI Joe action figures in various paraplegic states, puzzles with most of the pieces missing. . . we really used to wreck our toys. We did find some Garbage Pail Kids cards in pretty good condition - I’m wondering if they go for anything on eBay. I’ll have to check it out.

So, I’m trying to find a moving company for a week from Friday. Does anyone have any recommendations? I’ve sent a couple “free quote” thingies online, but I haven’t heard back from anyone yet. Did I already miss my window? Are they all booked?

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