June 30, 2005

More Spruce Photos, and a quick review

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Courtesy of seeJ:

Spruce it up with Spray O’ Spruce!

and the review from nobody:

The thumnails are so small! They’re so small! I don’t have time to
click on all of them! They’re too small! Too small! Oh my! They’re
small! Small! (And trying to click through them super quickly made
this lame browser at work crash like a ton of crashing).

What’s better -

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getting to go to lunch with your team and the manager who has no respect for anyone’s schedule except her own, or having so said manager demand that we change the lunch, and then ultimately just deciding that she will be a half hour late, and we can wait for her, or going to the lunch and waiting a half hour for so said manager to show up, only to have to have a surprise birthday for the fucking big mouth bitch immediately afterwards?

At least there’s cake. Ice cream cake. Mmmmmmmmm. Sweet sweet hatred.

June 29, 2005

Thanks Clark!

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Clark ov Saturn over at ZipZapZop.com gave us a nice little shoutout during his post today.

Twin B was supposed to have blogged about his site weeks ago, but lamed out. LAME.

If you haven’t checked out ZipZapZop, please do so. Clark is very very funny, and his vblogs are creative and informative as well. And he’s a damn fine musician. And a swell guy to boot.

Best Revenge Ever

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Hell yeah! Go get em, boys!

You best be inviting your friends, yo!

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Remember, if we don’t make our goals for the Mad Scientists’ Ball, Twin D gets it. And nobody wants to see Twin D get hurt! So email the text flyer (located below) to your friends.

Remember, Twin D needs your support.

Web flyer is here, also. Yeah.

one for each twin except D

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The Needies!

Happy Birthday Gary Busey!

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Please go to Corn Mo’s website and download “Busey Boy” to honor Gary, and Corn Mo for looking like him. (He doesn’t actually look like him. At least I don’t think so.)

Someone is going to end up with a letter opener in their eye. In prime contention are:

1. the horrible coworker, who’s laugh is a combination of hyena, harpie, and mentally handicapped two year old. No human being should ever be this loud and obnoxious. This is the same stupid fucker who thought it would be amusing to not tell me that I would get trapped in a bathroom if I locked the door (in fact saying “Don’t forget to lock the door!”), and then laughed at me when I got locked in. You are so stupid and obnoxious and I can’t wait to stab you.

2. the super annoying manager, who changes her schedule on a dime and expects everyone else to readjust, with no flexibility on her part EVER. (Nor does she keep her calendar acurate. Jesus fucking Christ, who sucks more, you or your admin? If there’s a blank space on your calendar and you actually have a meeting there, fucking FILL IT IN!) You and your admin are both going to be visiting the optometrist shortly. Maybe the Polendad will squeeze you in.

3. anyone else who asks me to do anything.

Jefe’s job blows as well. Go take a look at Seeing in the Dark and get an example of what he deals with on a daily basis.

We have an intern for the next two months, and while I’m enjoying the fact that I have someone to help me with all the horrible tedious crap I have to do, I feel guilty that I’m subjecting her to it. I mean, I hate doing it, why would I want to make someone else do it?

June 28, 2005

So Much Waiting

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Three days until I move in with my sweet PSB.

Ten days (or sooner) until I find out about the “big news”. (I should really get my pager fixed - then I don’t have to call my voice mail over and over. I’m just being lazy.)

Twenty minutes until I explode at horrible coworker, who is behind closed doors at the moment, but whose hideous laugh will resurface shortly.

An hour before I can motivate to get something accomplished at work again.

I don’t really want to wait for the bottom two. Unfortunately, I don’t have a choice in the matter.

June 27, 2005

Twin B, Your Prayers Have Been Answered.

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The Wake N Bacon.

Found via BoingBoing.

Move Day approaches.

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My roommate rocks. He found someone to take my room, saving me a decent chunk of change.

I didn’t actually get any packing done this weekend. I should be freaking out about it, but I’m not. I have the whole week, plus all of Friday morning to take care of it. I just have to go get some more boxes (liquor store and Office Depot), throw everything in, tape it all up, and go go go!

This weekend’s wedding was fun. The other Twins were all upstate at an old family friend’s wedding, but I went to the chichi NYC wedding instead. PSB and I made some important discovery - I am a stickler for details. Friday night, there was a pre-wedding party in the Village, and PSB told me it was casual. Now, to me, casual means “t-shirt and shorts” - nothing ripped or stinky, but, you know, CASUAL. Alas, PSB had meant “BUSINESS casual”, and I took great pride in being the most underdressed person at the party (but not by much - there were plenty of jeans in the crowd, plus it was so dark you could barely see who you were talking to, let alone what they were wearing).

The actual wedding on Saturday was quite nice - it took place in a lovely loft on 37th St. and 9th Ave. The Moth office could be seen from across the street, so PSB and cohorts made big letters with the bride’s and groom’s names, and put them up in the window, illuminated with el wire and the big heart from the Smooch Dome (thanks Smash and Not That!). They loved it. The food was quite tasty, and I refrained from too much drinking after waking up a bit hung over, then proceeding to have a few bellinis at brunch with PSB, Smash, and Not That.

Holy shit, bellinis are fucking tasty. They blow mimosas out of the water.

I do love the girlie drinks.

Anyway, my other two favorite things from the wedding - 1. playing a game with a friend/party guest where we worked into the conversation as much as humanly possible the phrase “wedding planner”. (The actual wedding planner had been circling around us for the past ten minutes, and he had become a bit smitten.) 2. For PSB and my wedding (date TBD - we’ll get engaged first, and then figure all that out) we are going to play “Hava Nagila”, followed immediately by “Sweet Home Alabama”. (Twin A has suggested a mash-up, which I also think is a great idea).

Finally, a few minutes ago I just (accidentally, I swear) ran my letter opener through the industrial shredder I was unjamming. It was really fucking cool.

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