April 29, 2005

Matrimony Is Heavenly, Like Thunder Bunny

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So, we’re like, getting married, and stuff. So with this we must do things like make our wedding invitation. Here is some sample copy that probably won’t make it around to Mom and Dad’s desk.

Our Real Wedding Invite

Bring your Pope!

Behold the glory

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of Captured! By Robots!

One man’s quest to rock us all out via robot death metal (with some hip hop and reggae thrown in). And boy, did he ever. I wasn’t crazy about all of the music, but the spectacle of it all was astounding. JBot’s banter with the other robots is what truly made the show (although he was sick, and his opening band never showed, so I think he was a little out of it - I imagine the banter would have been even better otherwise).

I have been rocked. Aw yeah. Twins A and D were along for the ride (Twin A is the one who introduced us to the insanity), as well as PSB and D’s Squeeze.

Ex-gf sent me an apology e-mail for our hellish IM a few days ago, and suggested that we shouldn’t communicate. What a brilliant idea. I wrote back and said “Oh, but really, I’d love to keep IMing with you so you can go all psycho on me every couple of days! It’ll be just like when we were dating!”

The mega-CD production has begun. I have to start making the labels, and then ask the ladies around here ever so nicely if they will help me label. . . Good thing I’m outta here at 2 p.m.

April 28, 2005

Hooray for Secretaries! Administrative Professionals!

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I was sent this link by one of the 150 random people I end up supporting:

gooooooooooo Administrative Professional!

It amuses me to no end, although I don’t like the implications, considering it’s a woman.

However, the same person who sent me that e-card also sent me some gourmet cookies! I now have the potential to become the fattest administrative professional ever, with a bag of Lindt lindor truffles, a bag of mini Cadbury chocolate bars, a box of Cadbury chocolate bars, a big Lindt chocolate bar, the box of cookies, assorted small chocolate pieces from Las Vegas, and five Creme Eggs all within easy grasp.

*UPDATE* I’ve just been given a small box of Godiva chocolates as well. When it rains, it pours.

Coincedentally, I haven’t been to the gym in MONTHS. However, I’ve managed to lose weight lately. It comes from the “Eat a handful of Cheese Nips for dinner because you’re too busy gambling to eat” diet. I don’t recommend it.

Subway Surveillance

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I learned something exciting today!

So, they’re installing this newfangled computer monitoring/train-driving system on the L, so the MTA can spend more money on technology and less money on labor, and we can hear stupid-ass computer voices tell us to stand clear of the closing door instead of hearing highly-accented immigrant voices Living The American Dream and actually making mass transit a human experience. Right. The exciting part of the newfangled system is these two 2001-looking monoliths that stand at each end of the platform. I’ve been interested in what the hell these do ever since they put them into my station, but it was only today that I noticed… they have screens in them. And each one shows the output of a camera not only at your end of the platform (showing you), but at the other end of the platform, showing that cute girl who’s picking her nose, or that skanky guy with his hands down his pants, or whatever exciting thing is going on in the subway corners where people think you’re not looking.

So, beware.

Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot, Dear Polenblog Readers, but I’ve been crazy busy. I’m project managing and monkeying on a large-scale blinky for Leo, working on my Seder, and helping out on an upcoming party called First Warm, which is going to rock. I am in the midst of writing a review of Haruki Murakami’s Kafka On The Shore, which was so good my brain exploded, and I missed getting off the train at Little Neck.

April 27, 2005

Playin’ hookie

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I woke up with a headache, and figured that the three people who are actually in my office working wouldn’t miss me that much if I took a sick day. So here I am, at the home computer. NICE. My head still hurts, but it’s getting better. I need to go get a bagel, and then do my laundry.

Yesterday afternoon at work, things with the ex-gf reached a new low. We started to IM again, which turned into a two hour long bitch-fest about what a horrible boyfriend I was, how incommunicative I am, how I never gave her compliments, how much I hurt her, etc. Which would be fine if we had broken up last week, but this is SEVEN MONTHS ago already. Hung up, perhaps???? The best part? Yesterday was her birthday, which obviously I ruined for all of the above reasons. Needless to say, she has been blocked on my IM. I’m wondering if I need to block her on Outlook as well. I have this weird fantasy that I end up having to report the situation to Human Resources because of harassment, and I have to get a restraining order, which she then violates, and she gets thrown in jail, screaming “YOU NEVER COMPLIMENTED ME!!!”

I’m going to curse my luck, but I’ve started to climb back up in poker again. I’m at $3600. I’ve found that two things help. One is not playing too many hands, unless it’s cheap. The other is, if I do get hammered on a hand, not to buy in for the full table amount, but for whatever I just lost instead - $25 instead of $50, for example. (If I lose it all twice, the smartest thing would be to go to a different table.) My biggest weakness seems to be not being able to lay down a big hand when it’s most likely beaten. For example, last night I had two jacks as my starting cards, made a decent sized raise, and got two callers. The flop (first three cards) were nine, two, and two (two different suits). I put in a good sized bet, and I get raised. Now, what I should be thinking is, “Hmmmm. What could someone have? Why did I get raised?” but instead I think “Oh yeah, screw you! I’m all in!”, and I go all in, and get called, and lose, because someone had called my original raise with an ace and a two. A slightly loose call that paid off for him. I think I’m also thinking “I don’t want the players to see me raise before the flop, and then fold immediately after. They’ll catch on, and raise me every time.” What I’m forgetting is that we’re on a .25/.50 table - no one is watching stuff like that!!! It’s kind of like when you’re playing pool, and you’re lining up your shot but you’re thinking about your leave (where the cue ball is going to end up), and you botch the shot but get the leave right. Or it’s kind of like in Scrabble, when you’re holding on to the Q and a U but. . .

Just kidding.

Anyways. Laundry. Bagel. Mmmm.

Congrats to PSB and the Moth, which sold out 500 seats at the NYPL tonight! Twin D and his squeeze will be there. Not sure about A and/or B.

April 26, 2005

Slacker City

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My manager is off in Puerto Rico until Sunday. While I certainly have things to do, I’d much rather stare at the Internet, or even just stare off into space. Among the fun things that await me, responsibility-wise, is ordering 700 CDs, CD labels, and CD holders, burning 135 copies of each of 5 CDs, labeling them ONE BY ONE, and packing them all up. It’s going to be AWESOME.

I’ve been having some recent weirdness with an ex-girlfriend, who works at my beloved company. I broke up with her eight months ago, it was somewhat messy, but we work in different departments in different buildings, and haven’t even run into each other for like four or five months. So she starts sending me “friendly” e-mails last week, and we end up chatting on IM, but it got snarky and passive-aggressive on her end, which was a warning sign for me. At one point she asked “so when do you go to the cafeteria? I don’t want to run into you”.

So why are we chatting online if you don’t want to run into me?

I tried to stay cordial/friendly, and then logged off the IM. And of course, yesterday I ran into her at the cafeteria. If we hadn’t had the IM conversation (and I hadn’t been exhausted and cranky from too much jew food and not enough sleep) I wouldn’t have felt awkward at all. But not that I knew how she felt, I felt guilty that I was there (although not during her designated “no Twin C time” of 12 - 1) and I felt uncomfortable knowing I was making her uncomfortable. She immediately e-mailed me saying “well, that was awkward, wasn’t it”. (No fucking kidding.) I told her I didn’t think we should be communicating if she still feels weird seeing me. Then she got majorly passive aggressive with me, saying that SHE was the one trying to be friendly, and maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. But I called her on it. And now we hate each other.

Whatever. I’ve tried to stay friends with exes, and for the most part it works, but sometimes you can’t overlook the fact that even if you dated the person, you weren’t necessarily friends with them.

As for my current (and infinitely better) girlfriend, my poor PSB is suffering from the evils of allergy season. Booooo, allergens!

April 23, 2005

A prophecy has been filled

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Sire Kaplan has now fed the sacred giraffe of Florida.
and I am not really sure if its a good omen or a bad one.

A prophecy has been filled ....

Trapped in Little Neck!

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Egad - we’ve missed our train by five minutes, and now are hiding in the basement while assorted relatives are actually performing the second half of the seder upstairs. Somehow we survived the first half of the seder, reading from what is supposed to be a progressive hagaddah (prayer book, for all you goyim in the hizzie), but it’s really just as ridiculous and self righteous as the “old shul” books we use upstate. The food was tasty, at least. And we got a lot of laughs out of the random box of fruit slices (a yummy Passover candy - pretty much just sugar and fruit coloring) my mom brought to the seder.

Poor poor Twin A. He not only managed to miss the train we were all supposed to take out to Queens by two minutes, merely by being in the wrong part of the subway train when getting out at 34th St. (the BACK, A, the back!!!), he then somehow managed to go one station past where he was supposed to on the following train (one hour later). I think he had already enjoyed a few of the four cups before heading out. (He CLAIMS it’s because the book he’s reading is so good.)

The chocomatzah came out pretty well. It’s tasty, although visually not quite as “marbly” as I would like. I will work harder on the second batch for A’s seder, next Saturday night.

Tomorrow PSB gets to experience the upstate seder - we’re hopping on a train early with B. A is going out to brunch with some friends, and D will be coming from Rockland County with his squeeze.

Props to our friend Kara, who had a dance performance on Friday night which was awesome, as usual.

April 22, 2005

No blogging yesterday,

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as the monkeys ate through all the wires in A’s lab, chewing their way until they reached the soft caramel core. Mmmm, technology.

I missed bitching to all of you yesterday, I really did.

First off, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? is BRILLIANT. Please go see it as soon as possible. It’s an amazing play and it’s impeccably acted by Bill Irwin and Kathleen Turner (the other two actors are also fantastic - David Harbour and Mireille Enos - Mireille had one of my favorite moments in the play, where something is said to her and she screeches and you have no idea if it’s out of joy or terror. SOOOOOOO fantastic).

Work is at its regular intolerable levels. Short day today. Seeing my friend Kara’s dance production at Symphony Space. Then two days of Jewin it up, Passover style. I have to run home and cook up a batch of Chocomatzah, the only way to eat matzah!(TM). Basically it’s matzah with about five gallons of homemade caramel on it, then melted chocolate on top of that. It’s yummy, and pretty easy to make (you know I wouldn’t be making it if it was difficult!). Next week, another batch of chocomatzah, as well as perhaps the most bizarre thing I make - coffee boiled eggs. Two dozen eggs go into a big pan (I usually use a turkey roaster) with a lot of coffee grounds, a decent amount of water, some onion skin, and a little olive oil. This gets placed in the oven at 200 degrees for somewhere around 14 - 18 hours. When the eggs come out, the coffee has seeped through and flavored them, and the onion skins have (hopefully) made really cool designs on the shells. I don’t remember where the recipe comes from - I think it’s Romanian? Sarah Braun told me about it originally, I think.

Monkeys have been chewing through the internet here at work, so I have to go check it out.

Here’s a picture for you.

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This is why Big Mike doesn’t talk to me while I’m playing poker.


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