May 15, 2008

Tickets Purchased!

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It’s official - PSB and I are off to Turkey for two weeks!  We leave the day after my birthday.  Actually, I leave the day after my birthday - we’re going to be flying separately, as The Moth will be organizing and running a show in Tajikistan in August (!!!?!?!?) (Mike Daisey is going over as a performer, and the show is apparently going to be a third in English, a third in Russian, and a third in Tajiki), and they will be taking care of her flights.  Exciting!

October 24, 2007

The Honeymoon! Day 1

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It’s only been three weeks, but the memories are starting to fade a little, so I want to get this down already. PSB will have to help me remember any details I forget.

Monday morning, after a scant four hours of sleep (if that), PSB and I grabbed a cab out to JFK and took a Jet Blue flight down to Cancun. We had no problems with getting there, no problems with getting checked in, and our flight had 25 people on it. It was like a ghost town. I think Jet Blue offers their movies for free if you’re on an international flight, so I got to watch “Live Free or Die Hard” (not amazing, but not terrible). I could have dozed, but never really conked out.

We got into Cancun, got our luggage, and began to make our way to where we thought the shuttle bus was, but were quickly sidetracked by someone who I thought was an airport employee providing us with information, but it became apparent very quickly that he was only interested in selling us a timeshare, or at least making sure we went to the presentation. PSB has no patience when it comes to hard sellers, especially when we’re on vacation - she was good at ditching all the ones we kept running into down in the Bahamas - so she led the barrage away from the barkers and got us to the shuttle desk quickly. I stopped to convert some of my cash into pesos on the way - the exchange rate was around 11 to 1, so i had over a thousand pesos, which was sort of mind boggling, until we started seeing how the prices worked.

We found the shuttle bus, which took us out to the Hotel Zone. If you’ve never been to Cancun, the Hotel Zone is where all the college kids go on spring break to drink too much and flash each other all day and all night long. It’s a gigantic strip of hotels shaped in a “7″ pattern. The actual city of Cancun is past the upper left part of the 7, and the hotel zone is the entire 7. (Is there a coincedence that there are seven deadly sins?) Our hotel was about a third of the way up on the slant, starting at the bottom of the 7, a property called the Grand Melia Cancun. PSB and I were a little apprehensive, wondering if it was going to be cheesy, or nasty. We were very pleasantly surprised - it was a gorgeous property, with gigantic atriums with tons and tons of plants, and comfy furniture. We found the check in for the timeshares (as our hotel stay was the wedding gift from PSB’s step dad), and after a little wheedling, we were able to get a room with an ocean view. (As you may recall, I sent the hotel a request for an ocean view in Spanish a few months ago, but totally forgot to print a copy of the e-mail to bring with me. Duh!)

We headed up to our room, which turned out to be quite lovely - it was all marble, with a nice, big bathroom with an awesome double showerhead shower, and our own private patio. We rested for a bit, and PSB got out all of the notes that our friend Leslie had researched for us, so we could figure out what we were doing for the week - there were a bunch of different islands nearby, and some dolphin swims, and ruins.

We then heard a knock on our door. Our bags were already delivered, so we had no idea who it could be - it turned out that it was a woman named Carola said she was here as our guide during our vacation, and if we needed anything during our stay we should come see her. We thanked her for stopping by and said we’d try to find her tomorrow. PSB immediately thought that she was trying to sell us a timeshare, but it didn’t seem like it to me, so I said we should just go and find her tomorrow quickly, and if it’s obvious she’s selling, we’ll take off.

We headed out to one of the hotel’s restaurants to get a bite to eat - there was really an excellent variety of food, including a sushi bar, and everything was really inexpensive, especially for being in such a nice property.

We decided to make it an early night since we were both still pretty zonked from the wedding and the lack of sleep, but we did decide what we were going to do, and would ask Carola about it in the morning. PSB went to sleep pretty quickly, but I stayed up for a bit for a good dose of television, Mexican style. Some channels were completely in Spanish, but a surprising number had shows in English, but the commercials still in Spanish. We got an NBC channel from Florida, but most of the English channels were more like studio channels: Sony, Fox, Paramount. . . and they all had a mishmosh of shows that would all be on different American channels.

Day 2 coming later today. . . stay tuned!

EDIT: Okay, well, it’s not.  Too much work pouring in at prime blogging time.  Hopefully tomorrow.

August 23, 2007

Off to BRC

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Not like I post that much but I won’t be next week. Back to the Burningman.
One more crazy year in the dust and the hippies. Then its hunker down for school.
Blink on you crazy motherfuckers!
Burn baby Burn as a monkey might say.

July 7, 2007

And back!

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Maine was wonderful.

Pictures and stories to come soon.

I’ve just taken a much needed shower, and am off to bed. . .

June 30, 2007

Final Prep

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I’m tapping out a quick entry from L’s lappy in our Best Western hotel room. We had an awesome drive yesterday. I’d tell you more, but I’m typing one handed and holding my “pastry of the year” cinnamon roll in the other hand, far away from L’s keyboard. . . I was threatened with death if any roll fell into her lappy.

Have a lovely week, everyone!!!

B and D - try and post!

May 16, 2007

The Austin Report - Part 2

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Slightly condensed, since it’s so late:

On Friday, we met a friend of Catherine’s who drove in from Houston - we went out for a very late Mexican breakfast, where I ordered an omelet with cactus in it, which I was really enjoying until I got a big mouthful of jalapeno. Mom used to put everything in the blander growing up, and while I can handle wasabi, for some reason jalapeno puts me in misery. I ate around them as best I could, but I kind of lost my appetite. We then drove out to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, but upon arrival discovered it was closed for the day for a private event. Boo! We headed back into town and parked near the river, and decided to walk down there for a little while, checking out the bridge where all the bats live, all the plants, and a bunch of neat birds (I declared myself the King of the Grackles, similar to Twin A, who years ago declared himself King of the Sea Gulls). I called K a few times, and we made tentative plans to try and meet up before the evening event she had planned. Coming up from the river walk, we looked for a coffee shop that wasn’t a Starbucks, but somehow after walking for what seemed like an hour, we couldn’t find one, and ended up at a hotel coffee shop that was actually one after all. It had couches, and for the next two hours, probably to PSB and her friend’s dismay, I was too tired to go anywhere or do anything, practically falling asleep a few times as I sipped on my mocha. Eventually we motivated ourselves enough to go get some dinner, so I called Gavagirl, who recommended a Thai restaurant somewhat nearby - we headed over and got a table, eventually she got there, and we all enjoyed a tasty dinner. PSB gave Katy Cox, the old Moth violinist who moved to Austin last year, a call, and she said to come meet her at a bar before she was supposed to play (at midnight). Meanwhile, no word from Jefe, who we thought would be done with work and could meet us. We drove over to the bar, but strangely it wasn’t open yet (at 9:30 p.m.???), so we stopped to get some ice cream at Amy’s (MMMmmmmmm!!!), eventually the bar opened and we headed up for a drink. Katy came up, Gavagirl called Jefe to discover that he got held up at work and was completely wiped, and as PSB’s friend was staying at a hotel, Gavagirl drove us back to Jefe’s place (she lives in the same building complex). Jefe’s place was cute, and included two beasts, Mr. Orange, and Toe Vegas, the Laziest Cat in the World. PSB and I conked out shortly thereafter. I was very sad to not to have gotten to see K again, but was so happy to have hung out with her the night before. Hopefully our paths will cross again.

Saturday: PSB had other friends who lived about an hour out from Austin, and they drove in and met PSB, Jefe, and I for an awesome brunch right near where we were the night before, and on the way there, we got to wander into a store or two, including a store filled with kitsch - awesome! PSB’s friends had heard that I like sweet tea, and bought me a gallon of it! It was very kind of them. The best part about it was the brand name: “Chicken Express”. Afterwards, PSB went shopping with her friends, and Jefe took me for a driving tour of part of Austin, and then we went to a billiard hall I noticed during our hikes the day before - the place had a bunch of pool tables, foosball tables, and shuffleboard tables! I would have played shuffleboard, but Jefe didn’t consider them to be much fun, so we cued up instead. After a slow and embarrassing warm up, Jefe and I both managed to put together a few good games. Jefe’s friend, L, from the other night joined us for a bit, then headed off to some sort of fancy shmancy wine and cheese tasting. PSB showed back up, and we solidified plans for the evening - dinner at Baby Acapulco’s, where I would be able to drink an infamous purple margarita, and then go see Katy play in one of her many bands, at a coffee shop just about across the street.

We headed over to Baby A’s, got our table for three turning into five, and ordered our drinks. The purple margarita came - they’re made with Everclear instead of tequila. I have to say, yes, they’re tasty, and yes, they pack a punch. L and Katy eventually showed up, and we all chowed down - the food was a step above ChiChi’s (if anyone remembers what ChiChi’s is) - decent, but not amazing. We then headed over to the coffee shop for Katy’s show. Here’s the band’s MySpace page. They sounded great. I also got to chat with the singer/guitarist, Jenny, who as I found out, went to Vassar! We tossed Dutchess County humor back and forth for a bit. I had a relatively early plane the next morning, and PSB was still wiped from the show, so we headed back after the show.

Sunday: the purple margarita reared its ugly head. I wasn’t hung over, but I did not feel good. Jefe drove me out to the airport, and on the way, I realized that we had left the sweet tea in the car overnight, and that it was not going to be the best thing to try and put in my suitcase, nor was I going to be able to bring it on the plane, so I chugged as much as I could on the way over. God, it was really really good.

May 8, 2007

The Austin Report - Part 1

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Thursday: Despite my best intentions to be on time, I somehow nearly miss my flight out of Newark. Who would have thought that there’d be so many people flying in the middle of the day on a Thursday? The security checkpoint was the only really slow point, and I power walked to the gate, refraining from elbowing the slow walkers on the moving walkways. They were holding the door for me, even though I still had almost 15 minutes to get there! But I made it, and settled down for the flight. I guess three hours and thirty one minutes is the minimum time you need to be in the air to get a movie and more than just a mini bag of pretzels to eat, because the flight at three hours and thirty minutes, we got the shank. I played Lumines II and tried to sleep a bit.

When we arrived, I got my bag and headed over to the taxi stand. I had googled the distance from the airport and the theater, so I didn’t think the cab ride was going to be very much. Once we started out, however, I saw that it was going to be bad. How bad? $30 bad. For what I thought was supposed to be eight miles. I think in order to avoid traffic, we took a much longer route. I’m not sure which would have been better. My cabbie was a very friendly Brazilian musician, and his chatting made me feel a little less bitter about possibly getting screwed.

We arrived at the theater, the Alamo Drafthouse, which is a big theater with built in tables, where you can order food and drinks during the show - there’s enough room between each row so your server can get in, drop off your booze, and get out fast, to minimize screen or show blockage. It’s a great system, and the whole atmosphere of the place is fantastic. There are huge old movie posters everywhere, and a bunch of video games, and a nice little bar outside.

I found PSB and helped the Moth ladies fold programs until the house opened, and then my friends, the lovely sisters Smith (hereby referred to as J and K), arrived. There were huge hugs and lots of laughs, and I met J’s boyfriend, who was very cool. He’s off to his first Burn this year, but he’s been involved with Flipside for a while now. They all headed in to their seats, and I found mine, and ordered up a steak sandwich and a pear cider, both of which were absolutely delicious.

The show was fantastic - Jonathan Ames told his post Christmas binge story, Ophira Eisenberg told her childhood car crash story, and Edgar Oliver told his “escape from Mother” story. I’ve heard all three before, and they’re all favorites. The other storytellers were Kelley Caleb Hunt, who told an extended version of the story that won him the Moth’s “What’s Your Story” contest on MySpace, Tucker Peterson, a local Austin musician who told a fascinating story about his previous life as an outlaw (he used to rob banks!), and Turk Pipkin, an actor from the Sopranos who is also an author and film maker, who talked about a trip he took to India.

During the show I got a message from Gavagirl, a friend of Jefe’s, who said she was at the show - I tried to look for her in the audience as I listened to her message, but to no avail. I finally got a hold of her after the show, but she was tired and wanted to head home - we made plans to meet up the next day.

Afterwards, we headed over to a club called Speakeasy, right around the corner. Downstairs was a nice looking bar, but upstairs, where we headed (I still had my suitcase with me - good thing it was light!), was awesome - a big covered rooftop with huge couches, some as big as beds. J and K were already there, and a bunch of Mothies came up, and we just all sat around and drank and chatted for a while. Jefe finally rolled in - he was unable to get out of work to see the show - with a friend of his, and more drinking and carousing ensued. At some point there was some drink spillage, and I ended up with beer on half of my backside and margarita on the other half, causing me to announce to PSB in a moment of drunken hilarity, “Honey, my ass is two different flavors”.

J had to work the next morning so she headed back, and K left with her but came back shortly thereafter. We closed the bar down - they threw us and a bunch of 20-somethings out at 2 a.m. Jefe took off, and K offered to drive us back to our hotel (she’d only been drinking club soda that night), which after a lot of cruising, we eventually found. We made plans to try to hook back up the next day, and then PSB and I headed upstairs to pass out.

March 12, 2007

The Rest of Aspen

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Day 3, evening: After sitting with PSB for hours waiting to hear from a storyteller, PSB can’t go anywhere, but Petra (of Gaijin A GoGo fame, who’s in town for the festival and to visit with family) and I decide to try to get into “Fat City Lounge”, a late night show with more subversive comedy. After a short wait on line, we get in, end up with awesome seats, and are thoroughly blown away by the entire show. Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter hosted, Jonathan Coulton played “Skullcrusher Mountain”, Kirk Fox did a stand up set (who was in the Moth show earlier), two Broadway actresses from New York (whom I’m pretty sure I’ve bowled against at some point) who call themselves TastiSkank sang some songs that were, well, tasty and skanky (in the best way possible), and closing was the wonderfully funny Tim Minchin, who sang and air jammed and played piano and was thoroughly entertaining.

Day 4: In the morning I wandered around Aspen with Petra and we went to a number of thrift and consignment stores. Petra had a gift for picking out Prada items at the consignment store. Everything in the consignment stores was horribly expensive ($2000 fur coat, anyone? $6000 Tibetan chest with a retractable flat panel TV built into it?), but Petra found a few ski items she could use. Then, off to another Moth, this time in a larger space, which was great, except I was videotaping, and had nowhere to sit, and the location I was forced to shoot from was uneven, and any time anyone walked by, the camera shook. It was very frustrating. The storytellers were Billy Baldwin, Marc Maron, Mike DeStefano (already well known in New York for his story - it’s beautiful), Dave Hill and John Oliver. Billy Baldwin went to Binghamton, so I wanted to introduce myself as another alumnus as well, and he was quite friendly, and ended up inviting PSB and I to a Binghamton party/fundraiser at his house in May. We then trudged over to some sort of agent party, where Steven Wright was supposed to be, but when we stepped inside it was horribly crowded and I started to not feel very well, and decided to bail. I went back to our condo and laid on the couch for what I thought would be a short time, but turned into five hours. I eventually felt better enough to go back out - PSB was trying to meet with another storyteller and couldn’t make plans, so I decided to go to something nearby, called “Accidentally Famous”. It was hosted by Andy Milonakis, who I’d never seen before, and like anyone else, automatically assumed he was very young (when I got back and spoke to Twin D, he alerted me to my mistake), and featured the band Bowling for Soup, who rocked out. The whole show turned out to be a really surreal experience - there were nine acts, some of whom were very funny and some of whom were not-so-much, all competing against each other, and were judged by an agent, Nora Dunn (whose facial expressions throughout the evening were priceless), Alexandra McHale, and Jaret Reddick (the lead singer of Bowling for Soup), who did their best to be honest about the acts without being too mean - they did a great job, but you could tell they were holding back (more on this later). A comic from NYC won - he’ll be featured at the Comedy Festival in Las Vegas in the fall. (How sweet if the Moth gets invited to that one too? Too bad all my vacation days have been allotted already!)

Day 5: the weather is finally beautiful - sunny, and a little warmer - and I enjoy my walk to the final Moth show, featuring Mike DeStefano (with the “second half” of his story, kind of), Alexandra McHale (who I now have a crush on, with PSB’s permission), Michael Showalter, and Mary Lynn Rajskub (aka Chloe from 24). (I met Alexandra earlier in the day, and kidded with her, saying “Nice job judging!”, and she said “OH MY GOD, you were there? It was crazy! We were trying to be so nice because people in the audience were booing the commedians!” I had no idea anyone was booing - I was a few rows up.)

Before I go on, I probably haven’t made it very clear that, as usual, The Moth shows all are fantastic and are very very well received. Andy Borowitz, who hosted all three shows, constantly said that every five minutes someone was coming up to him to tell him how great the shows were.

After the show, I meet up with Lyndi, a friend of PSB’s (whom PSB has also done some work for) who has some good connections for me when I have a better idea of what I want to do with myself job-wise. We meet in the lobby of the St. Regis, the big fancy hotel that’s a pseudo-headquarters for the festival, where we have a tasty coffee drink, and we kind of talk about job stuff but really just talk in general. Then Harriet, another friend, says “Why are we drinking down here? Let’s go upstairs to the lounge!” I’m thinking they mean some sort of Comedy Festival lounge, but when we get in the elevator, they use their room keys to access a floor I’ve never been to, and when we get to the floor, it opens up to what I realize is the concierge lounge. There’s a ton of couches, a fireplace, and in the back, tons of hors d’oeuvres, and an open bar. By “open”, I mean, there are a bunch of bottles of booze, and you pour as much as you want of whatever you want. JACKPOT!!!! We pour ourselves some stiff drinks and fill up a plate with munchies and proceed to chat away for another hour. Harriet and Lyndi then realize they have to run - they have tickets to a show (Lyndi had also very generously been giving me her tickets that she knew she could not use). It’s perfect timing, as I’m supposed to go find PSB and go see Nilaja Sun (who told a story for The Moth on day 3, and who’s director, Hal Brooks, is a friend of the Moth and is currently directing James Braly in his upcoming one man show) in her one woman show, “No Child. . .”, about her experiences as a teaching artist in NYC. I don’t often use the term “tour-de-force”, but I truly cannot think of any other way to describe Nilaja’s performance. She was absolutely amazing. She played over a dozen different characters, each one very clearly physically and vocally different, and jumped between them flawlessly and seamlessly, sometimes switching between three of four of them in that many seconds. It’s a beautiful and touching show, and it’s currently in an open ended run at the Barrow Street Theater - I urge you to go see it.

Nilaja won the award at the festival for “Best One Person Show” (I didn’t see any of the others, and I’m sure they were great, but I’m positive that she deserved to win), so after the show we took her out for a drink, and then for a sushi dinner, which was quite tasty (I admit now I was a little apprehensive about eating sushi in the middle of an entirely landlocked city), and amazingly enough, was picked up by Nilaja’s agent, who was awesome (she and I have very similar tastes in Japanese food) and happens to live half a block from PSB and I in New York! PSB and I then head over to the closing night party at the St. Regis, but I’m plain tuckered out, so when the other Moth girls show up, I head to bed. . .

Day 6: PSB heads off early to go meet her dad and sister, for a week of skiing! I’m heading back home, but I’ve got a lot of time to kill - my flight is not until 3:30. I head over to the Isis movie theater in the hopes of catching something from the festival, and I am rewarded in the best way possible with The King of Kong, a documentary about world record breaking video arcade game playing. It’s a fascinating story about a man named Steve Wiebe, and his quest to be recognized for beating the world record on Donkey Kong, held for years and years by Billy Mitchell. It should be out this summer - see it!!! The rest of the day - completely uninteresting, which is probably a good thing if you’re doing a lot of flying.

I’m sure I missed some stuff - storytellers, funny happenings, etc. PSB, can you think of anything?

March 1, 2007

Aspen - Day 1 - 3

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We’re up in the mountains, where it’s cold and snowy and travel has been a bitch. The quick story:

Day 1: After arriving in Denver without a hitch, we were about to board our plane to Aspen when out of the blue all flights for the rest of the day were cancelled. Apparently although it was sunny in Denver, it was stormy all the way to Aspen. As there were so many people arriving who needed to get there, buses were chartered, and we all got on for a SIX AND A HALF HOUR RIDE. I would have been better off taking the van again. After all the delays and the trip being so slow due to all the snow and ice, we didn’t get to Aspen until 12:30, about nine hours later than we should have arrived. We got to our condo and passed out.

Day 2: Lots of trying to rehearse with artists who either hadn’t arrived yet or were busy with other shows. We went to one stand up show that was pretty funny. I realize that I’m still pretty sick - stuffy nose and ears and a bit of a headache. As we don’t have any late night plans, I play some poker online and win $60 in an hour. Nice!

Day 3: I’ve still got the headache and the stuffy ears, but my nose seems to be settling down. The Moth puts on its first show, which I videotape. After fighting with the tripod for ten minutes before realizing it’s totally broken, I improvise and stuff a towel under the part that won’t stay steady (right underneath the camera), and it seems to work. The show goes very well, despite all the issues with rehearsals, and featured Andy Borowitz, Nora Dunn (who I met in the morning, in my sweatpants, looking like death warmed over), and Michael Ian Black, who was directed by Jen, who happened to mention that I play poker, and we may try to get a game together later in the week. I’ll keep you posted!

September 6, 2006

Yo, let’s go to hippie glitch-hop camp!

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We are back, insanely tired, lips feeling completely detached from our mouths, feet still aching from the dreaded Playa Foot (first time in 7 burns!), utterly happy.

I think Image Node has two types of years: plateau years and ascendant years. This year was definitely the latter: we overcame a tremendous amount of stress to produce a great theme camp with almost no drama. We had fantastic music, great art, Daud’s bus was incredible, and the sign, after blowing up 4 times, was lovely. It is a shame the NYT photoed us before it went on. Alas. And: Never again will I camp at 6:30 and Esplanade. Easy ice runs are not worth the reduced traffic of being in a relatively dead zone at night.

The price of having such a beautiful new spiffy sign is that now we have to upgrade everything else. Oy! Keeping up with the joneses!

My personal highlights:

It’s 5:00 AM on Thursday. Future Ben (”The Prototype”) says “Hey, you want to go over to hippie glitch-hop camp? It’s right around the corner and I know the guy.” Of course we go. We are not prepared for The Fungineers, who are doing a 4-person acapella avant-hiphop performance with lip-synched puppets. Insanely cute puppets, who are stuck through holes in a backrop with an ideallic river + rainbow + plants and hippie trees etc. The lead MC puppet is a three-horned unicorn, and they’re modulating his voice to do the basslines. They all totally rock. I run back to camp and force Kissyfur to come out and see this. They play a bunch of tracks, including “Dusty Bubbles”, KF’s favorite, and then The King Of Who Knows comes out and tells us about what the kids are all doing nowadays, which is putting their boobs on each other’s eyes. This apparently feels like looking at the sun with your eyes closed. He introduces Vanilla Eyes, who comes out and does a rap called “Eyes Eyes Baby”, in which the boobs of one of the performers are put on the eyes of one of the spectators. Googly eyes are then thrown out to the crowd.

The Waffle: You are going to hear about this over and over again: The Waffle was fucking amazing. ‘I have to go, I am three minutes late to put up more wood. No, you cannot have sex with me.’

Etoy’s Mission Eternity: The best conceptual art I’ve ever seen on-playa. A 10-year plan for a series of networked digital sarcophagi. Displayed on-playa was a 10 foot shipping container completely lined with 2″ LED pixels. They displayed movies and fragments from the life of the Swiss man who invented microfilm. As more of these containers are built, they will serve to archive and perserve our lives digitally, blurring the boundary between life and death. The closest thing to science-fiction that I’ve seen represented as art. Also, they were extremely nice folks.

Wolf + Lamb: They showed up at 4:30 AM after the Burn, and played until 1 PM, and rocked it the entire time, even after our remaining subwoofer shut off with thermal issues. Those guys are scholars, gentlemen, and dancefloor technicians. And they brought an awesome posse with them. Best party of the week.

Ray and Ting’s wedding: Absolutely beautiful. The perfect, meditative counterpoint to our performance-art wedding last year.

Big ups to Camp Oooh! for giving me a deep-playa place to roam to and drink yummy beverages as well. And big ups to all of you out there who rocked it in whatever ways you rocked it. Sorry I never got to You Are That Pig, Twirly.

Pictures soon — my camera interface is in my luggage, which is arriving tonight…

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