February 22, 2013

A “Create a Song” Challenge

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So about a week ago I created an imaginary earworm. As in, I got a song that doesn’t exist stuck in my head. I came up with the lyric “And you’re so cray cray, but it’s okay-kay” at some point, and then it just played over and over and over in my head. In the hopes of removing it, I commented on Facebook that someone should come up with the entire song. The Prototype came up with the following, which in my opinion is ready for Top 40 action:

You’re so cray cray
But it’s okay kay

Cuz we only just a dick thang
We just a dick thang

Think you got me but you don’t
Gonna catch me but you won’t

Cuz we only just a dick thang
We just a dick thang

Girl you see me Rollin up
Whip cruz low
Wearing Dolce Gabana
Head to toe

You know you goin get wit this
Wanna flip this trick
And though you gonna hit this
No you ain’t goin stick

Cuz you so cray cray
But it’s okay Kay

Cuz we only jus a dick thang
We just a thang

Won’t get what you think you will
Just cuz you foggin up ma grill

Cuz we only just a dick thang
We just a dick thang

Now bay be you buggin now
With that mean look
Cuz I’m all up on some bitches
Offa your Facebook

And though you wanna dis girl
Know what this about
We still gonna get to this girl
Then I goin be out

Cuz you so cray cray
But it’s okay Kay

Cuz we only just a dick thang
Girl we a dick thang

You can try keep up the pace
But girl I got expensive taste

And we only just a dick thang
Yeah we a dick thang

Yeah you cray cray!
And it’s okay Kay

Hey hey bay bay!
Let’s just go do this this tonight
Cuz baby it’s tight!

And you so cray cray cray cray cray
Ok let’s do this tonight

January 25, 2008

The Secret Life of Cell Phones

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via Olga.

March 27, 2006

An Idea

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Sorry, but no abstract poetry from me (at least not today). I came to a realization last week, and want to put it out there for all of you to ponder along with me.

I was staring at my computer at work, playing some dumb internet game to kill some time (it was close to 6 p.m. and I was about to go home anyway, but needed to wait and make sure my manager didn’t need anything done last minute), and I thought to myself sarcastically “I could do this all day”.

While I’m pretty sure that I could actually play Bejeweled 2 Deluxe all day, it’s not quite what I meant. It occurred to me that in terms of employment, I would be really happy if I could find a job where I could play. Not necessarily a game, but something with some sort of structured rules to be followed, and a goal of some sort, and preferably some sort of mental or creative challenge, with or without an element of chance. It could be competitive or cooperative. And of course it wouldn’t be all play, as there’s always meetings and paperwork and dumb stuff. But to find something where I could be engaged like that, would make me want to go to the office every day. I don’t have that in my life, and I know I’d be happier if I did.

The only real analogy I can come up with to explain it is if I was a stock trader - I’m well aware that that sort of position is practically gambling anyway. I’m not sure if that’s the right path for me though.

So now I’m brainstorming. And I’d like you to help. What job could I get where I can play, at least part of the time, preferably most?

Feel free to comment, ask questions if this is unclear, etc. etc. etc. Thanks!

December 16, 2005

brother bacon and sneeker talking smack

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“I read your mom’s blog”
“Your mom’s blog sucks!”


i saw some kid online type this:


cleavage or HUMoungus pectoral muscles,
its up to the view, I reckon.

November 20, 2005

What Is It About Comedown That Makes Us Enter… Idea Time?

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this is a poem that kissyfur and i wrote collaborative-style.
if you do not like the crazy talk, clip on the dotted line, and save for future use.

Once More, With Ubiquity

Big Joe is puffy.
The birds’ feet flew.

The hedgehog snorted through straws.
The mollusk, buried under stones.

How has it come to this?
The plaster cracks off the bell.

Don’t ask, small children,
Or you will be eaten by dolphins.

My nose is stuffy.
Thus intrudes the poetic “I.”

My wife has names for everything.
Sometimes I call her Santa Claus.

I have names for everything,
Except my husband.

I call his goat Miss Fairy
Out of facility with eggs.

He would have beat his swords into plowshares,
But no one makes scabbards for plowshares,

Especially not on weekdays.
It kept me considering why the trees were so loud.

Isn’t green a considerate color?
I called his alligator “Zwieback.”

That made it cute.

October 8, 2005

Idea Time

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to whom it may concern,
even with only one hillside, sad feathery bodies can be hard to find.
with many hillsides, alas.

see greenblat; et. al ‘baby sea robot’

feed me, fat reader.
Mr. Reader and his needs, his needs, HIS NEEDS. How he wearies me!

Mr. Harvey Reader.

Mr. Reasoning Squeezer, don’t misqueeze me!

Hands off the visqueen?

sugar pine candy, laxative, yummy. Burn the tree to seed! (Ewww! Laxative!)
No poet must tell you then to listen to the tree, indeed.

Eat it on the potty, Betty Reader. Don’t be a fucking wuss.

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